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Monday, December 25, 2000     Page: 2A

The following made contributions to the Book of Dreams project through Wednesday:
    Bendick family; Family of Leona Doughergy, in honor of Leona Dougherty; Forgie family; Hastings family; Jones family; Maslowski family; The Parsonses; Robbins family; Stransky family, in honor of Edward J. Stransky; Zaprazny family; Lou and Teresa, in memory of the crash victims in May; M. Aciukewicz, in memory of her husband John J.; Gina Adamczuk, in honor of Bennie Tomcavage and Elizabeth Demerasky; Mike and Barbara Welles and Corinne Andrejko, in memory of Bernard Kachinko Sr.; Mary and George Andresky, in memory of Harold and Emily Morrow; Patricia and Raymond Balcomb; Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Baldo Sr.; Lynn Baltimore; Michele and Tom Barna; Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bartosiewicz, in honor of Rose De Primo; Gerald and Shirley Bennett, in honor of Alexander and Janice Warnett; Eugene Brady; Lawrence and Robin Brosh; Florence Bryan, in honor of the needy; the Hon. and Mrs. A. Richard Caputo; Dr. John and Janet Carey, in memory of Herb Landon; Matt, Kevin and Kelly Carroll; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Castellani; Heather Cave, in honor of Mina Thomas; Blair Capuisat; Mrs. Marie Chartnitski; B. and E. Chiavacci, in honor of H. Deno Chiavacci; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Chisarick, in honor of David Chisarick; Teresa A. Connors, in honor of James A. Connors; Judy and George Cook; Elizabeth Coolbaugh in memory of Sarah Bisbing; Kendra Cosgrove, in memory of Andy Doerfler and Dorothy Cosgrove; Carol Costell, in honor of Megan Murphy and Jill Moisey; Joe and Nanette Craig; Nancy B. Daibda, in memory of Madilyn Brader; Albert N. Danoff; Ann Marie and Ed Darko; John and Pattie DeLevan; Linda Diamonds; James and Karen Dillon; Bernadine Dorosky, in honor of Justin Dorosky.
    Beatrice Dwyer, in memory of Vance Dwyer; Sharon Ellis, in honor Leo Ellis and Leonard Zawatski; Helen Berryman; Mark Fitzhenry; Mary Ermel, in memory of Robert Henkle; William Faux; Shirley Fisher, in honor of Betty Cornell; Shirley Forney and Mel Nimon; Dr. Louis J. Freedman; Allisia Gennetts; Donald and Diana Getz; Charles and Nancy Giunta; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Glawe; Jill Gower, in honor of Bette Handler; Ann Granteed; Carol and David Greenwald, in honor of Medical Oncology patients; Frank, Ann and Matt Grudzinski; Ed, Ryan, Suzanne Gryskevicz, in honor of Christopher; Charles Haduck; Edward and Sharlene Haduck; John and Susan Halbing and family; John Handler, in honor of Bette Handler; the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James L. Harring; Stephanie Hasinus; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Healey; Bill and Diane Heinz; A. Jennie Hill; Lee and Frankie Holland; Charles J. Hughes; Tom and Charmaine Hughes; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Huttenstine, in honor of Amy Hewitt; Maria, Christina and Gina Insalaco, in honor of Lottie Pupa; Kathleen and Dave Jenkins; Patricia Johnson, in honor of 10-year-old Charity; Annette H. Jones; Donald and Jennie Jones; Jean J. Jones, in memory of John S. Jones; Wayne and Elizabeth Jones, in memory of Bernard Kachinko Sr.; Mary Ann Kachinko and Children, in memory of Bernard Kachinko Sr.; Genevieve Katch; Nancy A. Kazokas, in honor of Mrs. Ann Stark; Jim and Rhonda Keller, in memory of Corinne Keller and Dean Seward; Henrietta King, in honor of Ernest King; Fred and Theresa Kiwak, in honor of our parents; Mr. Douglas Knorr; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Kotalik, in honor of our parents; Pat Kramer; Valma Krapf; Marion Kroptavich;
    Mr. Michael J. Krzeszoswki, in memory of my mother Irene Krzeszowski; Marie Lalko, in honor of Joe Lalko; Mrs. T.C. Laubaugh; Jim Lehman, in memory of Donna Lehman; Ms. Cindy Levinson, in memory of Sara Levinson; Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Linnen, in memory of Mr. Henry Pacholec; Ms. Rose LoBrutto, in honor of Carmen LoBrutto; Janice Lombard, in honor of Dave Lombard; Piera Marotto; Eileen Matrunich, in memory of Russell McDermott, Mary and Joseph Januszko; Steve and Caroline Mazurkivich; Casey and Corey McAndrew; Maureen McHale, in honor of John T. McHale; Wayne and France McOwen; Frank and Clementine Mentrikoski; Arno and Donna Miller; Elsie J. Miller, in memory of Jack Miller; John Miller; Margaret Misewich; Kevin and Rebecca Mooney; Claire Moran; Bettie Ann Morgan, in memory of Jack Morgan; Annabel Morris; Norm Morris, in honor of Marie Kalinoski Morris; Nancy A. Musto, in honor of Patrick J. Musto; Mrs. Edward D. Natt, in honor of Edward D. Natt; John Navalany; Lester, Mary Ann Newell and Family, in memory of John and Delphine Del-Kanic; Paula F. Newirth; Ms. Emily Noveral; John O'Leary; Jim and Tess O'Malley, in memory of O'Malley and McGrail Family; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osisek; Carol Ottaviani, in honor of Bob Ottaviani; Frank and Marie Parente; Nicholas V. Parise Jr., in honor of Helen Lambert; Gerald J. Parry; Mara Pawlenok; Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Pelczar; Connie Peters, in honor of Jerry Peters; Robert and Nancy Phillips; Mrs. Diane Pierontoni; Karen and Rick Pietraccini, in honor of Anne Kray; Helen J. Pisano, in memory of Pat Pisano; H and D Polinchak, in honor of Gwen Masterson; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Polley; Mary Potera; Edward Potkonski; Ted and Susan Riviello.
    Albert and Andrea Robinson; Toni and John Ropietski, in honor of our mom; Norma Ruggere; Mark Santayona; George F. Saxon, in honor of my wonderful wife and family; Pamela Scarano, in honor of Helen Filipowich; Malcolm and Mae Scheeler; Rose Sergi, in memory of the Sergi Family and Arthur J. Kline; Melanie Sherwood; Margaret Sinclair, in honor of James B. Sinclair; Rebecca and David Sitar, in honor of Catherine Yuzwicki; Bernard and Bernadette Slusarz; Barbara B. Smith; Pat and Russ Smith, in memory of Al, Margaret, Loyal; Roz Smulowitz; Myra and Stanley Smulyan; Lillian Speicher; Mrs. Leonard Tabone; Mr. and Mrs. Thad Tarnowski, in honor of brother Raymond; Laura-Nita and Dan Tearpock, in honor of John ``Jesse'' Tearpock; Fred and Shirley Templin; James C. Todd, in honor of William C. Todd; Barbara and Gene Tockach; John Trombetta; Wanda Urban, in honor of husband; Mary Valenti; Ruth Valick; Rose Vennarini; Mrs. Marie Vieldhous; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Vodzack; Verna Weiskerger, in memory of Donald A. Weiskerger; James Welch; J. M. West; Dale Brian Williams, Ms. Helen Williams, in honor of Wilmer L. Williams; Scott Wimmer; Bob and Corey Wolfe; Mr. Vito R. Yanalunas, in honor of Jean Yanalunas, Mr. Tom Youngblood; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zdziarski, in honor of Charlotte Oley; Ed Zukauskas, in honor of parents; in honor of Ray Bennett Sr.; in memory of Michael Bombay; in honor of Jack Brown; in honor of Cathy Askew; in honor of Mr. Theodore J. Pennachioli, Mr. and Mrs. John Karambelas; in honor of Gus; in honor of Helen Kuczinski; in honor of Vera Desko; in honor of Tresena McMullen; in honor of Chet Dalley (father); in honor of Husband Basil; in honor of Pat Kelly; in honor of Alyssa.
    In honor of Sophie Evanich; in honor of all God's children; in honor of Christopher; in honor of Eleanor Swartz; in honor of great-granddaughter; in honor of Helen and John Schott; in honor of Joan C. Wassil; in honor of May God Bless; in honor of Allen Brace; in honor of Kyle T.; in honor of Mrs. George L. Keiper; in honor of Audrey R. Dehaut; in honor of Michael; in memory of Deceased Members of Gordon Family; in memory of Chad Holvey; in memory of Frances Geskey; in memory of Frank and Helen Yavorski; in memory of James W. Scouton; in memory of Jane R. Miskovic; in memory of M. R. Beck Jr.; in memory of my parents and husband, Anna and Andrew Ross and Robert Cavany; in memory of Stephen S. Filchak, Jr.; Albright United Methodist Church Women; Fire House Ceramics; Metcalfe and Shaver Funeral Home, inc.; Order of the Eastern Star Dallas Chapter #396; Stiaccini Heating and Air Conditioning, inc.; Trans World Travel; United Fascist Union; United Penn Bank Retirees; Times Leader; Eastern Penn Supply; Mattress Man; Pride Mobility; Anna Marie and Bruce Bandish; Edwardsville Eagles Junior Football and Cheerleaders; Tom Gula; Joe Amato; State Correctional institution at Retreat; Wal-Mart in Pittston; intellacom; and Tudor Book Shop and Cafe.
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