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Friday, September 21, 2001     Page: NA

Landview Properties Inc. to Jeffrey P. Hartlieb and spouse, Laurelbrook Estates, Bear Creek Township, $59,900. James G. Durso and spouse to William D. Haas, Bear Creek Township, $126,000. Landview Properties Inc. to Gerald D. Rusinko and spouse, Laurelbrook Estates, Bear Creek Township, $59,900. Elaine Visniski to James V. Hunsinger and spouse, Bear Creek Township, $125,000. Mary K. Nicolai and others to George M. Mehalshick Sr. and spouse, Eagle Rock, Black Creek Township, $85,000. John A. Yeagley and spouse to Amy B. Seyfert, Buck Ridge Lane, Butler Township, $77,532. Frederick E. Peters and spouse to Ronald E. Zanoline Sr. and spouse, Conyngham, $95,100. Corinne P. Zeird to Lori A. Cook, Conyngham, $81,000. Mario Strabinick and spouse to John B. McCarthy and spouse, Deer Meadow Estates, Dallas, $262,500. Helen Boer per attorney to Jay R. Oliver, Druid Hills, Dallas Township, $56,000. Charles A. Wilson and spouse to David A. Talenti and spouse, Northwood Subdivision, Dallas Township, $395,000. Larry K. Lieb to Richard P. Connolly and spouse, Orchard View Terrace, Dallas Township, $81,500. William P. Spurlin and spouse to George J. Piskorik and spouse, Orchard View Terrace, Dallas Township, $154,000. Ray W. Bortz and spouse to James V. Olson and spouse, Ramblewood Drive, Dennison Township, $215,000. John A. Santucci and others to Mark C. Randall, Dorrance Township, $53,000. Joe Thomas Construction Co. to John W. Boyko and spouse, Blueberry Hill, Duryea, $166,000. Healey Development Co. to Henry J. Jasienski, Blueberry Hill, Duryea, $164,500. Dolores Condosta to PC Landholdings LP, Village Realty Co., Exeter, $125,000. Stephen M. Pizzano and spouse to Brian Drust and others, 531 Clover Court, Exeter, $74,000. Carleen Gelli to Michael Wilgus and spouse, Exeter, $60,000. Richard Rosencrans and sposue to Helen Viachas, 280C Marcy Road, Exeter Township, $126,000. Patrick G. Jenkins and spouse to Marcia M. Zaghloul, Highland Woods, Fairview Township, $164,500. Leonard W. Lukis Jr. and spouse to Edgar F. Devine Sr. and spouse, Briar Brook, Fairview Township, $125,000. Toni Rogan to Richard C. and Scheherazade Madigan, Bow Creek Estates, Fairview Township, $414,000. Mary Ann Kopinski to Jamie W. Mahoney and others, Elm Pack, Forty Fort, $105,000. Bonnie S. Adams to Kenneth T. Reese and spouse, Shoemaker Place, Forty Fort, $75,000. Charles Manganiello Jr. and spouse to Frank J. Zoranski and spouse, Liberty Hills, Hanover Township, $220,000. Estate of Catherine R. Cybuck to John J. Medygral and others, Boland Avenue, Hanover Township, $54,000. Center Valley Investors Inc. to Anthony P. Podczasy and spouse, 100 E. Newport St., Hanover Township, $76,500. Richard E. Skrip and spouse to John Westawski III and others, Hanover Township, $65,000. Gerard W. Lisman to Joseph C. Mendygral and spouse, Hanover Township, $90,000. Brian DeAngelo per sheriff to Altegra Credit Co., Main Street, Hazle Township, $55,000. James J. Hornack to Susan M. Gambardella, 645 N. Vine St., Hazleton, $74,000. Robert Fluri to Sonja Leigh Ann Gentry, Hazleton, $310,000. Raymond Ferry and spouse to Thomas Kepping Sr. and others, 430 Lincoln St., Hazleton, $63,000. Emily L. Seybert to Karen Antolick, Hazleton Heights, Hazleton, $73,000. Ronadl Faas and spouse to Joseph G. Fierro, Hazleton, $110,000. Jill A. Moran to Julian A. Greco and others, 123 Dina Ave., Hazleton, $169,900. Leo Matushoneck and sposue to Karen R. Card, 212-14 S. Pine St., Hazleton, $87,500. Anselmo Bonilla and spouse to Amir Mujovic and spouse, 577 W. Maple St., Hazleton, $59,900. St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Congregation to Carmen G. Sciandra, 7 Grand View Drive, Hughestown, $130,000. Janet DiCicco to Gregory C. Slodysko and spouse, 264 Parsonage St., Hughestown, $72,000. Michael I. Gottdenker and spouse to Thomas Mack and spouse, Jackson Township, $798,000. Paul Kazmarek and others to Barbara Rusinko, Ridge Street, Kingston, $67,000. Floyd Chappel and spouse to Judith A. Reggie, Kingston, $83,000. Christian V. Girman and others to Colleen Dillon and others, Garrahan Plot, Kingston, $92,000. Dunmore Properties Inc. to Michael P. Cassic III, 794 Floralon Drive, Kingston, $88,500. Riva Lubin to William R. Gabriel and spouse, 639 Westmoreland Ave., Kingston, $143,000. Edward Mashas and others to David W. Price and spouse, 42 N. Goodwin Ave., Kingston, $78,440. Estate of Delores Dombroski to Nancy Farrell, 60 S. Gates St., Kingston, $75,000. Estate of Glenn B. Stroh to Timothy M. Lawlor and others, Kingston Township, $92,500. Robert W. Barid and spouse to Gary Vandeutsch and spouse, 233 Cliffside Ave., Kingston Township, $110,000. Brian J. Maher and spouse to Mary E. Pope, Kingston Township, Woodside Plot, Kingston Township, $255,000. Joan A. Kafas to Jeffrey B. Evans and spouse, 133 Warden Ave., Kingston Township, $105,000. Francis Baumont and spouse to David Salak and spouse, Dallasview, Kingston Township, $220,000. Fred R. Wisnewski to Brenda L. Suder, Lake Township, $188,400. Mark F. Williams and spouse to John J. Dougherty, Larksville, $53,500. Edward Rincavage and spouse to Ronald Missal and spouse, Linda Drive, Larksville, $123,000. Estate of John Dale Parry to James T. Orlando, Oak Hill, Lehman Township, $70,000. Michael J. Gagatek to Kevin J. Roche, Raub and Miller Plot, Lehman Township, $52,000. Francis J. Wallace and spouse to Back Mountain Recreation Inc., Lehman Township, $240,000. Theodore R. Warkomski and spouse to Theodore R. Warkomski Jr., 121 S. Prospect St., Nanticoke, $87,500. Angelo Mantione and spouse to Allan Cairl and spouse, Williams Street, Pittston, $109,000. Michael J. Ardoline and spouse to Michael V. Gubitoso, 105 Butler St., Pittston, $62,400. Michael J. Ardoline and spouse to Michael M. Gubitoso, Center Street, Pittston, $76,320. John J. Koshinski to John J. Linskey and spouse, Carroll Street, Pittston, $90,000. Mark Rogers and spouse to John L. Estock, Butler Street, Pittston, $61,850. Anthony Montini and spouse to Joseph J. Kuranovich Jr., Pittston, $85,000. Diane L. Artz and others to Scranton-Altoona Terminals Corp., Pittston Township, $58,500. John Horrigan and others to Lizzette Ferrer, Hollenback Plot, Plains Township, $72,000. Marilyn T. Jaskiewicz to Judith M. Lacouture, River Street, Plains Township, $85,000. Raymond Erschen and spouse to Jay R. Stanton and spouse, Rice Township, $85,000. Anthony P. Sayre Jr. and spouse to Peter A. Maransky, Wesley Corners, Ross Township, $67,500. Mark Taranto and others to William F. Phillips, trustee, 605 E. Second St., Salem Township, $65,000. James E. Laubach and others to Daniel Long and others, Salem Township, $52,000. Robert G. Sacco and spouse to Frank D. Ancharski and spouse, Brookhill II, Sugarloaf Township, $166,000. Pro-Ko Properties Inc. to Sara Mullay, 145 Simpson St., Swoyersville, $71,275. Mark A. Turinski to Donald W. Saltz, 177 Simpson St., Swoyersville, $63,250. David Salak and spouse to David A. Petcavage Jr., Maltby Estate, Swoyersville, $75,000. Thomas Wanick II to Marvin Graaf and spouse, Valmont Development, West Hazleton, $86,000. Fairbanks Capital Corp. per attorney to Mary Eileen Gardner, 515 Second St., West Pittston, $66,000. Roberta Shendock to John Moore and spouse, 301 Atherton Park, West Wyoming, $90,425. CIT Group/Consumer Finance Inc. to Edward Charles Heck, West Wyoming, $61,450. Estate of Dorothy L. Kaiser to Mark B. Chappell and spouse, 211-13 Firwood Land, Wilkes-Barre, $65,000. Richard Chabala and others to Thomas Hannon and sposue, Thomas Plot, Wilkes-Barre, $55,000. Stephen Hurwitz and spouse to P&R Management Co., South Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre, $98,000. William W. Spaide and spouse to Terry W. Vieney Jr., Metcalf Place, Wilkes-Barre, $82,000. Wilkes-Barre City to Charles A. Idell and spouse, 93 Madison St., Wilkes-Barre, $50,945. Joseph L. Leoni and spouse to Stanley Petroski and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $85,000. Estate of Martha Druby to Robert J. Redenski Jr. and others, 14-16 Holland Street, Wilkes-Barre, $57,800.
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