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Friday, July 02, 2004     Page: 2C

The Times Leader publishes property transfers of $50,000 or more. Information is supplied by Realtor Record Reports of Kingston.
    Vincent Krefski and spouse to Melissa Alynn Swartz trustee, 724 South St., Avoca, $71,116.
    George Hrabousky to Robert Bowers Jr., Bear Creek Township, $80,357.
    Anthony P. Sidari to Anthony Sidari and spouse, Valley of Lakes, Black Creek Township, $60,000.
    Clyde A. Zehner & Sons Inc. to Sugarloaf Golf Club Inc., Black Creek Township, $147,118.
    Brian Stasko to Paul L. Kluck, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $111,900.
    John Yeagley and spouse to Naweed Najib and spouse, 17 Sunnyside Drive, Butler Township, $194,000.
    Digiovanni Builders Inc. to George W. Perlick, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $122,000.
    Sand Springs Development to Sylvia Kordish, Fox Hollow Village Condo, Butler Township, $157,000.
    John Bigelow and spouse to Stephen Frederick and spouse, 62 Police Grove Road, Butler Township, $105,100.
    John Yeagley and spouse to Cary Howe and spouse, 5 Sycamore Drive, Butler Township, $171,488.
    George Hmelak and spouse to Brian Reynolds and others, 27 Nicely St., Conyngham Township, $57,000.
    Gregg Kolendowicz and spouse to David Roberts and others, White Rock Terrace, Courtdale, $128,500.
    John Churchfield and spouse to Thomas W. Hannigan, Elmcrest Woods, Dallas, $242,000.
    Louise Frantz per attorney to Andrew Sweitzer, Dallas, $125,000.
    John Gorda and spouse to Mark PA Route 415 Associates LP, Dallas, $50,000.
    Ryan Blazure and spouse to Sterling Lamoreux, Dallas Township, $84,460.
    John Thomas and spouse to James Carr and spouse, Wedgewood Acres, Dallas Township, $260,000.
    Roger R. Rymer to William Sauers and spouse, Dallas Township, $170,000.
    Edward Dructor and spouse to Reese Realty & Property Management LLC, Duryea, $89,500.
    Stephen Kort to Sean Tracy and spouse, Edwardsville, $126,175.
    John Lushefski and spouse to Eric J. Mott, Edwardsville, $61,100.
    Arlene Straub to William Heinzlmeir and spouse, Scarborough Ave., Exeter, $159,000.
    John N. Survilla to Christopher Harding, 202 Schooley St., Exeter, $57,500.
    Michael Thomas and spouse to Leo Sperrazza and spouse, Lincoln Ave., Exeter, $95,000.
    Debra Skesavage to David Dukes and others, Exeter Township, $124,000.
    U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev. to Daniel Wombacker and spouse, Hex Acres, Exeter Township, $93,000.
    William Pebola to Jeffrey Fusco and spouse, Exeter Township, $159,900.
    Basil Karanikos and spouse to Sharyn Gunn, Bow Creek Estates, Fairview Township, $400,000.
    Richard Gros and spouse to Albert Yonkovitz, Highland Woods, Fairview Township, $165,000.
    Bruno Parlante to Donald Savner and spouse, Fairview Township, $139,900.
    R T Builders Inc. to Dolores E. Herring, Fairview Township, $157,000.
    Mary Ann Evans to Darrell Mayhue and spouse, Lincoln Heights, Hanover Township, $115,000.
    Estate of Marilyn K. Snyder to Diane E. Thomas, 156 Red Fox Lane, Hanover Township, $92,000.
    Margaret H. Bicknese to Catherine Lavenduski, Hanover Township, $95,000.
    Seltzer's Enterprises LLC to Eric Sprau, Harveys Lake, $56,000.
    William Hayes and spouse to Cesare Gallo and spouse, Harveys Lake, $597,500.
    Richard Hixon and spouse to Randall Jones and spouse, Harveys Lake, $140,500.
    Marina Commons at Harveys Lake to Malcolm Burnside and spouse, Harveys Lake, $229,900.
    Frank Cameron per attorney to Angela Symonds, Hazle Township, $50,000.
    William Mingo and others to Aurora B. Robbins, Beaver Brook Village, Hazle Township, $126,500.
    General Realty Co. to Patrick O'Donnell and spouse, Park Crest, Hazle Township, $130,079.
    Eagle Rock Resort Co. to Edward Hong Chung and others, Eagle Rock, Hazle Township, $61,000.
    Kalman Podlipnik to Kathleen O'Holla, 1423 E. Broad St., Hazleton, $79,000.
    Lulzim Berisha to Romon O. Moronta, 216 E. Chestnut St., Hazleton, $50,000.
    Mary L. Ward to Claire Wexler, Hazleton, $70,000.
    Gregory Cussatt and spouse to James E. Harry, 706 W. Seventh St., Hazleton, $71,500.
    Beneficial Consumer Discount to Michael R. Monahan, Huntington Township, $75,000.
    Joann Wenzel to James Weiss and spouse, 162 Cemetery Hill Road, Huntington Township, $82,000.
    Michael Toole and spouse to Donald Espenchied and spouse, Meadow Crest Manor, Jackson Township, $165,000.
    Donald DeRemer and spouse to Susan Kaufer, Meadowcrest Manor, Jackson Township, $245,000.
    James R. Uhl per agent to Jennifer Dressler, Kingston, $150,000.
    Lawrence Walsh to Stephen Shaw and spouse, Sycamore Place, Kingston, $105,000.
    Stella Kozma per attorney to Matthew Larkin, Kingston, $79,500.
    Sean Tracy and spouse to ZYPS Development, 135 W. Union St., Kingston, $69,000.
    Karen M. Cozzi to Donald Perrin and spouse, Kingston, $69,000.
    Estate of Janet Potters to Antony Gifoli and spouse, Kingston, $90,000.
    Woodridge Associates to John Simons and spouse, Woodridge II, Kingston Township, $97,500.
    Loraine Reimard to Matthew Greig and spouse, 37 Harris Hill Road, Kingston Township, $118,000.
    Donald J. Muller and spouse to William Feldman and spouse, Midway Manor, Kingston Township, $155,000.
    Susan Kaufer to Albert English and spouse, Kingston Township, $155,000.
    Ocwen Federal Bank to Nelton Zuppa and others, Laflin, $149,600.
    Russell Zimmerman and others to Glenn Johnson and spouse, Lake Township, $79,500.
    Gary Thorne and spouse to Paul Furtak and spouse, Larksville, $230,000.
    Shirley Duffy to Tracy Lee McDermott, Lehman Township, $59,000.
    Olga Prushinski to Gerald Roman and spouse, Nanticoke, $85,000.
    Mary Siepietowski to Amy Strassman, Newport Township, $95,000.
    L.F. Brands Inc. to William Pambianco Jr.. and spouse, Pittston, $75,000.
    Helen Barna to William Cook and spouse, 19-21 School St., Plains Township, $62,000.
    Stella Cappellini to Tobias Jacobs and spouse, Plains Township, $175,000.
    Michael D. Kubicki to Mark Bogdon, Plymouth, $80,000.
    Anthony Halchuk and spouse to Robert Haraschak, Rice Township, $179,000.
    Northeast Development Group LLC to Kevin Foley and others, Village at Mountaintop, Rice Township, $97,910.
    Estate of Dorothy Richards to Charles Brooking and spouse, Blytheburn, Rice Township, $75,000.
    Stanley Teater and spouse to Jeffrey Lutz and spouse, Laurel Lakes Village, Rice Township, $150,000.
    Piast Home Builders Co. to Kevin Colo and spouse, Rice Township, $225,000.
    Eric Goyne and spouse to Frank R. Bonath, Ross Township, $65,000.
    Ronald Olmstead and spouse to Wilbur Grozier and spouse, Salem Township, $119,500.
    Victor Greco and spouse to Cheryl Sweeney, Country Club Estates, Sugarloaf Township, $90,000.
    Leonora Nazarek to Sam Lo and spouse, West Pittston, $116,000.
    Carol L. Ravert to David Baggett, West Pittston, $84,900.
    Eugene G. Slusser and spouse to Robert Semon and spouse, West Pittston, $93,000.
    Michael Ardieri and spouse to Samuel Supey and spouse, 372 W. Eighth St., West Wyoming, $92,500.
    Anne Marie Collins to Audrey Marshall, White Haven, $67,000.
    Philippe Ouellette to Gregory Panatieri, 1416 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, $60,000.
    John Evanchick and spouse to Jeff Austin and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $60,000.
    Vivianhn Sudal and spouse to Vu N. Quach, 251 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, $65,000.
    John Nolan and spouse to Richard Wheelan and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $77,000.
    Walter Raven and spouse to Keith Ellis and others, 53 Johnson St., Wilkes-Barre, $118,905.
    Grace Ivers to Marta Marian Cholewa, 114-16 New Alexander St., Wilkes-Barre, $90,000.
    Michael Moyer and spouse to James Loftus and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $69,750.
    Jaremiah Hightower and spouse to Michael Litt, Wilkes-Barre, $70,000.
    John Schenck and spouse to Judy A. Welch, 171 Jones St., Wilkes-Barre, $53,000.
    Estate of John Kortis to George T. Elko, 74 Nicholson St., Wilkes-Barre Township, $72,500.
    Evergreen Hill Estates to Jason Puso and spouse, Evergreen Hill, Wright Township, $272,000.
    Margaret Gimbi to Richard Anthony and spouse, Wright Township, $85,000.
    Michael Henry and spouse to Brant E. Kintz, Wright Township, $133,000.
    Estate of Joseph T. Pizano to Monica L. Cozzone, Wyoming, $125,000.
    Cap's Auto Sales Inc. to Charles M. Reilly, Wyoming, $50,000.
    Harry Eustice to John Jadus, Wyoming, $67,000.
    Gustave Undorf and spouse to Charles Kapral and spouse, Yatesville, $143,000.
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