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Try plank in new way

Make the most of your routine by trying a new position, working core.

The plank is a great static exercise. It’s how you work it that makes a difference. Begin on your knees for this exercise variation that works your core abdominal muscles.

Position your feet on a small Swiss ball and begin the exercise. Push up off the floor and extend your legs until your body forms a straight line.

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A few years ago I wrote about the plank, a great static exercise. Many readers told me they loved it so much that they added it to their exercise routine. So, here we go again.

OK, now you’re worried that I’m recycling topics. Not so! Just go with me here.

First, assume the position.

Aha! You thought I meant the traditional position.

Surely, you’re too conditioned for that. Let’s get on the ball and make things interesting.

This version of the plank not only builds endurance and works your entire core isometrically, it really challenges your transverse abdominus — the deepest layer of abdominal muscle that wraps around your entire midsection — as well as your lower back.

Start by kneeling on your hands and feet with your wrists shoulder-width apart and directly below your chest. Then, position your feet with your toes down on a small Swiss ball.

To begin, push up off the floor by raising your hips and extending your legs until your body forms a straight line from head to heels with just your feet and toes balancing on the ball. Contract your abdominals and breathe normally for 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure to maintain head and spine alignment during the exercise. Pause for about 10 seconds between the sets. Complete three sets.

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