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Bob Casey must never learn, because he’s at it again. You would have thought that he would have learned his lesson in 2002 when he lost to Gov. Ed Rendell because of his issueless campaign and negative mudslinging. However, Mr. Casey’s most recent negative ad shows he’s trying the same tactics again.

Mr. Casey’s ad, portraying Sen. Santorum as anti-woman, is nasty, mean-spirited, and inequitably false. Mr. Casey would have Pennsylvania voters believe that Senator Santorum outlines his anti-woman policies in his book “It Takes A Family.” Mr. Casey flashing a page number to prove his point.

However, if you actually go to page 94 of Senator Santorum’s book, you see that Sen. Santorum is not against women, but for families. The point Sen. Santorum makes on those pages is that the government should be more pro-family. As a father, isn’t this a statement Mr. Casey should support?

I urge Mr. Casey to take down this ad and stop lying to the voters of Pennsylvania. Sen. Santorum is pro-woman, pro-children, pro-man, and pro-Pennsylvania. Sen. Santorum has delivered time and time again by lowering our taxes, strengthening our communities, and improving our educational system.

Don’t believe me? Take it from Governor Rendell who told the “Weekly Standard” that “Santorum delivers.” Because Sen. Santorum stands by women, this woman stands by Rick.

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