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Don Sherwood

Despite mistakes, experience counts

Don Sherwood is the best candidate for this seat.

YES, WE’VE LED the pack when it comes to criticizing Don Sherwood.

And we stand by previous editorials that said he should release the settlement terms with his mistress and took him to task for preaching about family values while failing to live up to them.

But the majority of our editorial board members could not in good faith endorse Chris Carney.

We were disappointed by his lack of in-depth knowledge about 10th District issues.

And, we were more impressed than we thought we’d be with Sherwood’s insight on national issues such as Social Security and his work toward local goals including widening Interstate 81 and creating jobs.

Our editorial board was nearly split on this decision. It was a 4-3 vote, with some members feeling strongly that supporting Sherwood means supporting President Bush’s efforts in Iraq.

Sherwood stands firmly behind Bush and doesn’t regret invading Iraq. However, we were not impressed with the strategies Carney said he’d advocate in Iraq if elected.

So we stand in this space calling for a vote for Sherwood. We hope he learned a lesson during the problem with his mistress and that he’s a better man for it. For now, he’s the best we’ve got for this job.

Sherwood’s opponent: Chris Carney

WE EXPECTED TO like Carney better than Sherwood. We’ll go so far as saying we wanted to like Carney more than Sherwood.

But we needed to see more aptitude than he displayed during his editorial board meeting – especially because he’s a political science professor and former Pentagon counterterrorism adviser.

Keep Carney on his scripted remarks and he sounds OK. But get him to veer off ...

Consider: Carney gave our board an impassioned speech about how he was inspired to run after seeing Sherwood on the day that Congress voted on the Terri Schiavo case. Carney said that Congress shouldn’t have gotten involved in the issue.

Fair enough. So we asked, how would Carney have voted if he’d been in Sherwood’s shoes when the Schiavo issue came up?

Carney said he probably would not have shown up for the vote.

Hmm. That’s not the kind of person we think should represent the 11th District.


Carney has valuable military and teaching experience. Sherwood has a long history of public service.



Sherwood impressed us with his insight on local and national issues.



Sherwood presents himself well, giving thoughtful and down-to-earth insight.



No Contest: An excellent choice

Strong: A good choice

Close Call: Two good choices

Weak: Two disappointing choices

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