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Ed Rendell

Not perfect, but proven leadership

Economic progress has characterized Ed Rendell’s first term.

PENNSYLVANIA IS A better place because of Gov. Ed Rendell’s leadership.

We believe he’s the logical choice to lead the state for another four years.

Yes, Rendell made a mistake – a big mistake – by supporting the legislators’ pay raise. Property taxes haven’t been reduced that much under his leadership, though the gambling law he supported may help. And the state’s open records law, which makes it easy for those in power to get away with concealing information, hasn’t been bolstered by Rendell.

However, there have been many bright spots in Rendell’s first term as governor. Unemployment has fallen. The number of businesses, and jobs, has risen.

Rendell has shown his commitment to children by investing in pre- and full-day kindergarten programs and after-school tutoring. In addition, he’s helped the elderly by expanding the PACE and PACENET prescription programs.

And although he was stung this week by a news story that said his campaign bus runs on diesel, not a more environmentally friendly fuel like his opponent’s bus uses, Rendell has been a champion for environmental issues through Growing Greener II. That program encourages farm and open space preservation, and cleaning polluted rivers and streams.

Rendell’s opponent: Lynn Swann

LYNN SWANN SAYS all the right things.

He wants lower property taxes, more welfare recipients to go to work and to create more jobs. He says he’d help low-income and minority children perform better in school, and improve all children’s reading and math skills.

And like other conservative Republicans, he wants to fight crime and help farmers, veterans and first-responders.

But we don’t feel comfortable having someone in such an important job without some sort of track record that shows he can achieve these goals.

Sure, it’s admirable that Swann is a Pro Football Hall of Fame member and sports broadcaster. But these achievements aren’t enough for us to endorse him.


Football player vs. longtime legislator with proven track record? No contest.



Rendell’s proven that he has good ideas and can make many of them a reality.



Both candidates present themselves well, though Swann seems more sarcastic than knowledgeable about key issues.



No Contest: An excellent choice

Strong: A good choice

Close Call: Two good choices

Weak: Two disappointing choices

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