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Property transfers

The following property transfers were recorded at the Luzerne County Courthouse Oct. 21-17, 2006.

Robert Antonczak and others to Sue Brennan, Larkmount Manor, Larksville, $150,000

Paul J. Cybul trustee to Michael Culver, Pine Drive, Lehman Township, $118,000

Nancy Rittenhouse to Kevin Cote, Lehman Township, $72,000

Eric McCabe and spouse to David Fleury and spouse, Lehman Township, $185,000

Conservation Fund to PA Dept. of Conservation, Lehman Township, $171,280

Estate of Louise May Edwards to David Malesky, Lehman Township, $65,000

Michael Kamowski agent to Michael Taylor, Nanticoke, $86,900

Estate of Alma T. Golomb to Helen Smith, Nanticoke, $115,000

Romona Mera to John Sabecky, Nanticoke, $76,000

Gary Powlus and spouse to Ryan Heath and spouse, Nescopeck, $63,000

Dennis Peters and others to Rachael Belalis and others, Nescopeck, $83,000

Mary Chmielewski to Paul Barrett and spouse, Newport Township, $82,000

Vito Lauro and spouse to Benjamin Schonfeld, Newport Township, $70,000

121 Main LLC to C & C Holdings Enterprises, 121 W. Main St., Newport Township, $110,000

Stephen Kolbeck and spouse to Leif Jones and others, 190 Mill St., Pittston, $65,000

JM Renovations to Rodney Durant Jr., 38 Pine St., Pittston, $76,000

Joseph Giardina and spouse to Alison Byrd, 52 James St., Pittston, $120,000

Frances Soriano and spouse to Nadine Pembleton, Plains Township, $110,000

Robert Orlando and spouse to Stephen Novak and spouse, 76 New St., Plains Township, $128,500

Paul John Pasonick to KD Land LLC, Plains Township, $60,000

Estate of John P. Wysocki to Ronald Pachucki and spouse, Skidmore St., Plains Township, $79,000

Gene Marianacci and spouse to Paul Matalonis, Plains Township, $62,000

Gregory Astorino to Lamar Moll and spouse, River Edge East, Plains Township, $154,000

Mayalen Donahue to John Yusko and spouse, Plymouth, $52,500

Walter Voychuk and others to George Becker III, 28 North St., Plymouth, $63,900

Martin Behm and spouse to Andrew Massey and spouse, 44 Catalpa Ave., Rice Township, $227,000

Grant Homes at Mountaintop to David Mallory and spouse, Ice Ponds, Rice Township, $525,000

Felix Cimakasy and spouse to David Koslop and spouse, 3731 Church Road, Rice Township, $85,000

Patricia Bauter to Elizabeth Grounds, Rice Township, $116,000

Ice Lakes Limited to Presidential Land Co., Ice Lakes, Rice Township, $78,755

Ice Lakes Limited to Presidential Land Co., Ice Lakes, Rice Township, $78,755

Ice Lakes Limited to Presidential Land Co., Ice Lakes, Rice Township, $74,005

Presidential Land Co. to William Pesavento and others, Ice Lakes, Rice Township, $101,900

Lee Stahl and spouse to Sandro Sorge and spouse, Salem Township, $84,000

Dennton Achey and spouse to William Bauer, Salem Township, $115,000

Marion Henger to Barry Sharbaugh and spouse, Allen’s Dev., Salem Township, $123,000

Robert Evans and spouse to Mary V. Pearson, Salem Township, $133,500

Richard Conner and spouse to Michael Porambo and spouse, Sugarloaf Meadows, Sugarloaf Township, $276,000

Daniel Griffin to James Shaw and spouse, Swoyersville, $80,000

Estate of George E. Vozniak to Robert Knell, Swoyersville, $101,000

U.S. Dept. of HUD to Richard Gumbravich, 67 Watkins St., Swoyersville, $62,000

Stanley Price and spouse to Jlan Properties, Swoyersville, $151,000

Juan Tejeda to Jose Cuevas, Green Ridge, West Hazleton, $152,000

Claudio Lazarte to Miguel Gomez, 428-30 W. Green St., West Hazleton, $90,000

Robert Janosky to John Wilbur and spouse, West Pittston, $77,840

Donald Lloyd and spouse to William Gregory and others, 226-228 Warren St., West Pittston, $117,500

Edwin Severn and spouse to Bryan Banks and others, 298 West 6th St., West Wyoming, $100,000

Alan Gasuk and spouse to Theresa Miller, White Haven, $299,000

Property Acceptance Corp. to Ram Murti and others, 412-416 Main St., White Haven, $150,000

Usha Mohammed to Sharena Khan, Wilkes-Barre, $170,000

Thomas Ondrea and spouse to Jonathan Grochowski and spouse, 364 S. Meade St., Wilkes-Barre, $75,000

Eleonora Culicea to Robert Button, Wilkes-Barre, $79,900

Eric Smith to Orlando Prado, 102 Waller St., Wilkes-Barre, $79,475

Estate of Sophia F. Martin to Christopher Abraham, 28 Stucker Ave., Wilkes-Barre, $55,000

Bruce Simpson to Satie Ramjit, Wilkes-Barre, $65,000

Estate of Catherine L. Fuller to Wyoming Valley Health Care System, Wilkes-Barre, $150,000

Charles Rhodes and spouse to Stephen Kapolka and spouse, 67 Oliver St., Wilkes-Barre, $75,000

Elizabeth Bator to Leonard Stewart and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $82,000

Ernesto McFaline and spouse to Desiree Davila, Wilkes-Barre, $69,500

P. Joseph Ruddy and spouse to J. Claude Samedi, 52 Marlborough Ave., Wilkes-Barre, $120,000

Brian Morrissey and others to Brianne Mosca, Firwood Lane, Wilkes-Barre, $58,493

Gaetano Serpico to Charles Parente agent, Wilkes-Barre, $125,000

Gaetano Serpico and others to Charles Parente agent, 129-200 N. Main St., $175,000

Edward Pitcavage to Lawrence Thompson, Wilkes-Barre, $92,000

Carol Swithers to Pasqual Perez, Wilkes-Barre, $79,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank trustee to Tonya Coniglio, 16 Evergreen Hills, Wright Township, $250,000

Patrick Hayes to Kristen Paulshock, Wright Township, $132,500

Paul Pukatch and spouse to Gary Prezkop, Deerfield Acres III, Wright Township, $400,000

Jeffrey Dudek and spouse to Pistoia Realty LLC, 150-152 Third St., Wyoming, $138,900

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