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Rick Santorum

Republican has experience, good ideas

Rick Santorum should be elected to another term.

AS MUCH AS people seem to love to hate U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum these days, we were impressed by him during our editorial board meeting.

Even board members who didn’t vote to endorse him – for the record, it was 5-2 – came out of the meeting with a higher opinion of the embattled senator.

Santorum clearly laid out his thoughts on the Middle East, explaining that he sees Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela as bigger U.S. threats than Iraq. Some have accused Santorum of fear-mongering, but Santorum said he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t warn people about these countries’ danger.

The thing of it is, people know where they stand with Santorum. Perhaps more importantly, he’s consistent in his beliefs, no matter how unpopular they might be.

Though he’s been accused of being aligned too closely with President Bush – another Republican who’s lacking popularity – Santorum gave our board numerous examples when his beliefs and actions have been different than the president’s.

We think that Santorum has the knowledge and commitment to do the right thing for Pennsylvanians during another Senate term.

Santorum’s opponent: Bob Casey

WE’D LOVE TO have a senator with local roots. There’s no denying that someone with an intimate knowledge of Northeastern Pennsylvania could help our area.

We’re also impressed with Casey’s track record as a financial watchdog while serving as state treasurer. He could use his numbers-savvy to address the national debt.

But we were turned off by Casey during our interview. His message felt scripted. He spoke less about what he’d do as senator and more about what an awful job he believes Santorum has done in office.

Casey seemed to know his lines inside and out. But we wondered how deep his knowledge really is about the issues he’d face as a U.S. Senator.


Both candidates are longtime politicians, but Santorum has valuable knowledge about how the Senate works.



We were impressed with Santorum’s ideas and especially how he thinks we can protect our nation from terrorism.



Santorum deftly outlined his platform, rarely attacking his opponent in the process.


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