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The following property transfers were recorded at the Luzerne County Courthouse July 19-31, 2007.

Estate of Ruth J. Martin to Dennis Gallagher and spouse, Trailwood, Bear Creek Township, $70,000.

John Thalenfeld and spouse to Gary Johns, Bear Creek Township, $242,000.

Katherine McCarthy to Joan Joyce, WhiteHaven Pocono, Bear Creek Township, $148,500.

John Truskowski and spouse to Martin Anstett and spouse, WhiteHaven Pocono, Bear Creek Township, $221,900.

Anthony Fornataro and spouse to Gregory Steber and spouse, Country Club Estates, Butler Township, $265,000.

Linda Yeagley to Thomas Fedorko, Brookview Terrace, Butler Township, $227,000.

Clarence Yeagley to Deborah Ladigan, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $137,334.

Sand Springs Development to Joseph Montalbano and others, Butler Township, $179,900.

Bent Creek Realty Inc. to David Seymour and spouse, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $193,900.

Stephen Kardisco to Jose Arias and spouse, Conyngham, $155,000.

Thomas Hanson and others to Nat’l Res. Nominee Service, 24 Doe Drive, Dallas, $410,000.

Nat’l Residential Nominee Inc. to Gary Rogers and spouse, 24 Doe Drive, Dallas, $410,000.

William Akins and spouse to Leonard Valenti and spouse, 39 White Tail Drive, Dallas, $519,000.

Gary Rogers and spouse to Robert Grieves and spouse, 128 White Birch Lane, Dallas, $230,000.

Timothy Guelich and spouse to James Mangino and spouse, Dallas Township, $370,000.

Charles Giardina and spouse to James Hogan and spouse, Dallas Township, $150,000.

Michael Pisano and spouse to Peter Milioti and spouse, Duryea, $66,500.

Arthur Karbowski and spouse to Nolan Hahn, Duryea, $88,000.

Dawood Al-Salim agent to Todd Romanczuk and spouse, 700 Main St., Duryea, $51,300.

Fiore Cremard and others to CCON Development Co., Duryea, $202,500.

Lee, Wah Chun Deip, Minh Tue to Michael Rainey, Edwardsville, $87,500.

Christina Moczydloski to John Eustice and spouse, Exeter, $93,000.

Margaret Zang to William Robbins, Fox Hill, Exeter, $124,800.

John Ferguson and spouse to Myron Prawak and spouse, 516 Morning Glory Place, Fairview Township, $425,000.

Walden Estate Inc. to Jerry Ricrode and spouse, Autumn Hill Estates, Fairview Township, $56,500.

Vincent Scotto and spouse to Hemal Pathak and others, 32 S. Main St., Fairview Township, $179,000.

Estate of Miriam R. Callahan to David Hergan Sr., Forty Fort, $132,500.

Janet Haase to Ronald Grohman, Foster Township, $200,000.

Shantell Ehrhorn to Anthony Comitini, 700 Foster St., Freeland, $79,000.

Norbert Wisniewski and spouse to Tammy Christianson, Hanover Township, $119,000.

Eric Cooper to Marisa Langan, Hanover Township, $88,200.

Edward Blazejewski and spouse to Jeffrey Reedy and others, Hanover Township, $137,910.

Christopher Matras and spouse to Robert Potorski and spouse, Marina Pointe, Harveys Lake, $275,000.

Jeffrey Luizza and spouse to Randall Mark and spouse, Harveys Lake, $675,000.

Thomas Kutzer and spouse to James Harrison and spouse, Harveys Lake, $280,000.

Thomas Kutzer and spouse to Rose Ann Sholtis, Lakeview Terrace, Harveys Lake, $175,000.

Marilyn Shenosky to Diane Hyjurick, Putnam Street, Hazle Township, $140,500.

Lions Capital LLC to MAG of Luzerne County, Hazle Township, $1,050,000.

Anthony Grimaldi and spouse to Xenophon Remboytzias and spouse, Hazleton, $60,000.

Milton Rivera to Ana Iglesias, Peace Street, Hazleton, $116,500.

Donald Brown and others to William Cznadel and others, Hazleton, $130,000.

DKD Rentals Inc. to Rafael Gabin, Hazleton, $53,000.

Charles Vaccaro and others to Jose Mateo and others, 752 Seybert St., Hazleton, $74,500.

Paul Hoats and spouse to Eric Davies and spouse, Hazleton, $50,000.

Camilla Petrilyak to Alisa Gillenardo, Hazleton, $219,900.

Thomas Vercusky to Gordon Smith and spouse, 512-14 E. Cranberry Ave., Hazleton, $156,000.

Gerald Maggio and spouse to Andrea Veloz, Hazleton, $60,000.

Reynaldo Ramos and spouse to Rudis Rosario and spouse, 572-74 Carson St., Hazleton, $169,000.

Vincent Lingertot and others to Paul Roman, Hunlock Township, $475,000.

Kyle Rupp and others to Edward Hudack and others, Huntington Township, $95,000.

Estate of Matthew M. Heidorn to Jamie Weiss and spouse, Huntington Township, $399,000.

Catherine H. Borthwick agent to Bruce Rogers, Town Hill Farms, Huntington Township, $167,000.

Bank of New York Trust Co. to Ada Kozlowski, 39 Shady Rill Road, Jackson Township, $80,500.

William Matalonis to Shawn Juers and spouse, Jeddo, $107,000.

Paul O’Malia and others to Kristopher Jones, Kingston, $117,300.

Edward Zdancewicz to Gina Rinus and others, Kingston, $94,000.

James Mattern and spouse to Roy Kaplan and spouse, Kingston, $169,000.

Gerald Gostynski Jr. and spouse to Jennifer Amos, Kingston, $93,000.

Joseph Zawatski and spouse to Thomas Morris and spouse, Willow Grange, Kingston Township, $190,000.

Matthew Greig and spouse to Karen Phillips, Kingston Township, $142,000.

IL Kesef of PA LLC to Joseph Blazes and spouse, Kingston Township, $200,000.

Hill Brook Corp. to William Charlton and spouse, Hillbrook Farm, Kingston Township, $53,000.

Ann Marie Decker to Bruce Sickel and spouse, Woodridge II, Kingston Township, $635,000.

Estate of Walter E. Mokychick to John Eidam Sr. and spouse, Kingston Township, $220,000.

Larry McLean and spouse to Kenneth Arndt Jr., Windsor Farms, Kingston Township, $550,000.

Kristen Billek to Alberto Lozano, 140 E. Center St., Kingston Township, $142,500.

Monica Condusta to Bernard Uricheck and others, 22 Peachwood Drive, Laflin, $258,000.

Estate of Betty M. Gulick to Barnett Tessler and spouse, 22 Old Mill Road, Laflin, $170,500.

Patrick Gilhooley and spouse to John McDermott and others, Georgetown Townhouses, Laflin, $88,000.

Richard Connor and spouse to Charles Flack and spouse, Lehman Township, $250,000.

Tracy Lee McDermott to Jack Dennis, Lehman Township, $81,555.

Centhalo Properties LLC to Geralding Williams, Village at Greenbriar, Lehman Township, $179,900.

Village at Greenbriar Inc. to Stanley Cimochowski and spouse, Lehman Township, $231,900.

Village at Greenbriar Inc. to George Alles and spouse, Village at Greenbriar, Lehman Township, $231,900.

Ann Marie Gurnari to Richelle Roche and others, Luzerne, $97,000.

Florence Bagonis to Echo Wood, 520 Charles St., Luzerne, $78,000.

Perle Propos to 143-145 E. Main St. LLC, 143-145 E. Main St., Nanticoke, $195,000.

Carolann Toporcer agent to Christopher Pennington and spouse, 331-33 Garfield St., Nanticoke, $55,000.

Christopher Hodle and spouse to Troy Kull and spouse, Dewey Park, Nanticoke, $105,900.

Robert Klish and spouse to David Ehrensperger, College Hill Land, Nanticoke, $132,000.

Household Finance CDC to Kwanthanit Farrell, 267-69 E. Green St., Nanticoke, $85,000.

Dolores Dietle agent to Carolyn Anna Vanzandt, Nanticoke, $75,000.

Gerald Roman and spouse to Michael Tomko and spouse, College Hill, Nanticoke, $122,500.

Ronda Huffman to Ryan Grewe, Nanticoke, $90,000.

Doyle Watts and spouse to Susan Paltjon-Kessinger, 541 Second St., Nescopeck, $108,000.

Earth Conservancy to Kenneth Valaitis and spouse, Newport Township, $65,000.

Nicholas Biscontini and spouse to Samuel Schifano, William St., Pittston, $100,000.

Anthony Lupas agent to SANBRY LLC, Pittston Township, $120,000.

Northeast Development Services to Matthew Herbert and others, Gablecrest, Pittston Township, $339,000.

Matthew Biniek and spouse to Derek Rogan, 9 Chamberlain St., Plains Township, $90,000.

Estate of Raphael J. Bonita to Eugene Bartoli and spouse, Plains Township, $425,000.

Roote Plumbing & Heating to Shamsudeen Ali, 164-66 Oliver St., Plains Township, $85,000.

Luisa Bigler to Malarkey Properties, Plymouth, $110,000.

Jeffrey Williams Jr. and spouse to Andrew Petros, Rice Township, $115,000.

David Smith to Francine Hogan, Rice Township, $280,000.

Bernard Uricheck Jr. to George Elko, 232 Patriot Circle, Rice Township, $129,900.

First Keystone National Bank to Bernard Ciampi, 41 Peach Tree Lane, Salem Township, $95,000.

William Watkins and spouse to Jennie Ruckle, Shickshinny, $75,500.

Christine Kemper to Joliene Jadush, Sugarloaf Township, $132,975.

Drusilla Watson to William Sabolchick and spouse, Swoyersville, $138,500.

U.S. Dept. of HUD to Raymond Leary and others, 34 Park Ave., Swoyersville, $110,000.

Madeline Baron to Michael Kosin and spouse, Swoyersville, $110,000.

Paul Mattioli and spouse to Greg Meyers and spouse, 167 Hughes St., Swoyersville, $124,000.

Salvatore Grasso agent to Marcus Pokrinchak and spouse, Swoyersville, $84,000.

Jason Evans and spouse to Altagracia Hernandez, 469 Ridge Ave., West Hazleton, $57,500.

Estate of Richard R. Shellhamer to Michael Gasper, Ridge Ave., West Hazleton, $84,900.

548 Fifth Street LLC to Mark Karcutski and spouse, Fifth St., West Wyoming, $290,025.

Donald Button and spouse to Maritza Ibanez, 33 S. Grant St., Wilkes-Barre, $62,000.

David Jrodan and spouse to Christopher DeVilleneuve, 228 E. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, $90,000.

Sharon Britt to James Wornyo, Wilkes-Barre, $143,617.

Gary Lupinski to Ian Gonzales, Wilkes-Barre, $60,000.

PUHL Construction Co. to Harshad Patel and spouse, Pine Ridge Estate, Wilkes-Barre, $241,500.

John Barry and spouse to Rey Ramos and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $68,500.

John Jones and spouse to Julian Torres and spouse, Wilkes-Barre, $94,900.

Gregory Allen to Peter Terpak, 67 Anthracite St., Wilkes-Barre, $69,900.

Estate of Vivian Barrera to Mary Alexiou, Capitol Hill Village, Wright Township, $214,900.

William Harrison and spouse to Patrice Wynn, 612 S. Main Road, Wright Township, $95,000.

Eastern Consolidated Management to Christopher Kamowski, Green Mountain Estate, Wright Township, $168,010.

William Anderson and spouse to Michael Zapotoski and others, 23 Rockledge Drive, Wright Township, $214,300.

Frank Orloski and spouse to Toufiq Ahmed and others, Wright Township, $450,000.

Cal Butera and spouse to Thomas Maheady and spouse, Wyoming, $87,000.

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