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The following property transfers were recorded at the Luzerne County Courthouse Oct. 1-12, 2007.

Dianna Jagodzinski to Coby Williams and others, 20 Davis St., Ashley, $129,000.

Fannie Mae to Olin Evans and spouse, 4 Conyngham St., Ashley, $139,900.

Edward Schrader and others to Teresa Broody, 89 Carey Ave., Ashley, $62,000.

Teclo Baldoni and others to Christopher Stash, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $161,140.

Kevin Vile to Daniel Crosby and spouse, Edge Rock Drive, Butler Township, $150,000.

Frank Wright and spouse to Andrew Williams, Butler Township, $134,900.

Mary Gabriel to Bill Werkeiser, Beech Mountain Lakes, Butler Township, $117,500.

John Turri to Robert Hludzik and spouse, 587 E. Butler Drive, Butler Township, $165,000.

Scott Horlacher to Robert Robinson and others, Butler Township, $93,500.

Adrian Janeczek to Robert Moisey and spouse, Butler Township, $50,000.

Wayne Crockford to Ismet Basuljevic, 62 Main St., Conyngham, $78,000.

Alan Cameron and spouse to Jeffrey Kubitz and spouse, 2 Sidehill Trail, Conyngham, $239,500.

Thomas Kindred Jr. to Robert James, Courtdale, $56,900.

Ronald Dombroski settlor to Jennifer Ann Dombroski and others, Elmcrest Woods, Dallas, $50,000.

Wyoming Seminary Methodist Church to Audrey Coffee, Orchard East, Dallas, $105,000.

Karen Blaum to Jaime Blandina, Fairview, Dallas, $150,000.

Joseph Kwiatkowski and spouse to Patrick Liberaski and others Ondish Hills, Dallas Township, $253,900.

Phyllis Zapoticky to Christopher Phillips, Dallas Township, $154,900.

Richard Angelicola to Paul Smith and others, Dallas Township, $77,500.

Garrett Moser and spouse to Stephanie Casey, Dupont, $87,900.

Michael Sohanic agent to Helena Casimiro, Dupont, $85,000.

Joseph Velehoski and spouse to Jeffrey Hughes and others, Main St., Duryea, $135,000.

Deborah Clark to Jason Tribbet, Exeter Township, $117,500.

Estate of Mary Agnes Mantione to Steve Seeley and spouse, Exeter Township, $89,900.

Kevin Nolty and spouse to Robert Dick and spouse, Forty Fort, $130,000.

Charles Weaver and spouse to William Wright and spouse, Foster Township, $102,000.

Charles Rudolph and others to Timothy Schweikert and spouse, Foster Township, $212,000.

Bernard Gilligan and others to Thomas Hill and others, Hickory Hills, Foster Township, $154,500.

Stanley Yurkon and spouse to Martin Musto and others, Franklin Township, $129,000.

Alan Finlay to Crossroads Shopping Center, Hanover Township, $1,450,000.

Peter Uzups and spouse to Melissa Yateshin, Hanover Township, $102,000.

Kimberly Forney to Alexander Gonzalez, Hanover Township, $77,000.

Teresa Novak to Jason Lyons, Warden Place, Harveys Lake, $127,700.

Richard Marshall and spouse to Anthony Tate and spouse, Hazle Township, $50,000.

Estate of Benedicta Ann Chisnell to Gerald Shemanski and spouse, Hazle Township, $167,000.

Michael Reitz and spouse to Leonard Kucinski and spouse, Eagle Rock, Hazle Township, $515,000.

Emmanuel Perez and spouse to Juan Vasquez, Hazleton, $115,000.

Wayne Tomaino and spouse to Nancy Santos, Hazleton, $136,000.

Rocco Bognet and spouse to Mario Lithgow and spouse, 656 Pardee St., Hazleton, $236,000.

Michael Barber and spouse to Ramon Cabral, Hazleton, $150,300.

Neal Valiant and spouse to Brian Sterenchock, Hazleton, $74,200.

Lea Furgio and others to Jose Delgadillo, Hazleton, $98,500.

Robert Kocoski and spouse to 160 North Church St. LLC, 160 North Church St., Hazleton, $340,000.

John Brunda and spouse to Donald Spevak, Hazleton Heights, Hazleton, $75,700.

Thomas Jenkins to Barbara Stine, Stauffer Heights, Hughestown, $115,000.

Brandi Lechleitner to Travis Davenport and others, Huntington Township, $65,000.

Robert Masci and others to Jeffrey Andrews and others, Sutton Hills, Jackson Township, $388,000.

James Brodosky and spouse to Joseph Shane and spouse, Jenkins Township, $83,000.

Stephen Pompella and spouse to James Davis and others, Kingston, $93,000.

Estate of Joseph P. Yurcho to Housing Dev NEPA, Kingston, $78,000.

Sheri Como to Amy Shovlin and others, Rutter Avenue, Kingston, $181,800.

Bernard Tyaczyk and others to Jean Miller, Kingston, $124,000.

U.S. Dept. of HUD to Man-Ching Anna Tin, 102 N. Pioneer Ave., Kingston Township, $89,000.

Chase Home Finance agent to Glenburn Group, 117 Armstrong Drive, Kingston Township, $115,000.

Ray Brud Jr. and spouse to Joseph Michaels and spouse, Kingston Township, $159,000.

John Rusnak and spouse to Mary DeCinti, Laflin, $82,500.

Village at Greenbriar to James Simila and spouse, Greenbriar Drive, Lehman Township, $320,000.

Denise Reilly agent to Brian Thomas and spouse, 547 Miller St., Lehman Township, $82,000.

Household Finance CDC to Doris Hartless, 352 E. Field St., Nanticoke, $58,000.

Wayne Driebelbis and spouse to Mohiuddin Sheikh and others, Nescopeck Township, $150,000.

Estate of Ala Aziz Al-Mashat to Joseph Corradini and spouse, Nescopeck Township, $79,500.

Gregory Endress to Leon Nethercott, Newport Township, $70,000.

US Foodservice Inc. to USF Propco II, 13 Rutledge Drive, Pittston, $9,950,000.

James Fitzpatrick and spouse to Taffera Realty, Pittston, $175,000.

Brian Amos and spouse to Virginia Troupe, Pittston, $96,000.

Glass Brokers Inc. to Rocco Limongelli and others, Pittston, $82,500.

Richard Missett and spouse to Tara Garubba, Lagrange Street, Pittston, $114,000.

Robert Giardini and others to Charles Keller and others, Pittston, $50,000.

Paulette Sellery agent to Marina Clarke, Pittston Township, $140,000.

Landtec LTD to Robert Spencer Jr., Plains Township, $188,900.

Chuck Hess to George Mehal and spouse, Plains Township, $94,148.

Henry Reap and spouse to Jose Alfaro and spouse, 316 Maffett St., Plains Township, $55,000.

Roger Swigart and spouse to Frank Pascucci and spouse, 69 Rose St., Plains Township, $76,000.

Estate of Lorraine B. Doblix to Louis Zuzelski Jr., Skidmore Street, Plains Township, $55,000.

Carl Coates and spouse to Robert Mullery and spouse, 25-27 Major’s Alley, Plymouth, $119,600.

Estate of Stella L. Zionkowski to Joseph Emelett, Plymouth Township, $68,000.

Kadin Thompson and spouse to Joel Upright, 3415 Church Road, Rice Township, $173,000.

Richard Buzen and spouse to Jeremy Adkins, Ross Township, $74,800.

Brian William and spouse to Stephen Merlina and spouse, 101 Skurat Road, Ross Township, $280,000.

Carol Taranto to Joseph Svendson and others, Salem Township, $87,500.

Christopher Harmon to Ray Lavare, Blue Ridge Trail, Slocum Township, $144,000.

William Slusser and spouse to Advanced Concrete Systems, Sugarloaf Township, $90,000.

Scott Luchi and others to Phillip Foley and spouse, Larock’s Mountain Estate, Sugarloaf Township, $184,576.

Robert Jackson to Steven Laudano, Sugarloaf Township, $133,000.

Wilbur Shuman and spouse to William Parise and spouse, Sugarloaf Township, $60,000.

Daniel Miller to Charles Romanowski and spouse, Swoyersville, $65,000.

Thomas Grace to Thomas Petrikonis and spouse, 11 Stock Ave., Swoyersville, $139,900.

G. Joyce Baker trustee to William Peden and spouse, Shickshinny Lake, Union Township, $439,900.

Thomas Mattie and spouse to Donald Suckstorff, West Hazleton, $50,925.

Estate of Pasquale J. Decusatis to Macimo Rivera and others, Oakmont Acres, West Hazleton, $142,500.

Elizabeth Benyo to Kreisl Real Estate, West Hazleton, $90,000.

Alquidamia Del Carmen Reys Nunez to Milagritos Aguilar, West Hazleton, $117,900.

Robert Judd and spouse to Charles Gillis, West Hazleton, $160,000.

Carol Wesley agent to Lawrence Darby, West Pittston, $64,900.

Fannie Mae to Michael Krakosky and spouse, 435 W. Eighth St., West Wyoming, $90,500.

William Marcato to David Koziel, West Wyoming, $225,000.

Thomas Petrikonis and spouse to William Start and spouse, West Wyoming, $170,000.

Gerald Meighan and spouse to Dennis Hoeft and spouse, Ferretti Drive, West Wyoming, $295,000.

Lorraine Mundie to Terence Kimmey, 231 Wilkes-Barre St., White Haven, $85,000.

Orange Tree Properties to Metropolis Realty, 402-04 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, $85,000.

Estate of Stella Schuster to Patrick Bly and spouse, 414-16 E. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, $95,680.

Victoria Dressler to Norberto Valentin and spouse, Dana Estate, Wilkes-Barre, $77,000.

Robert Orlando and spouse to Samuel Soanes, 280 Brown St., Wilkes-Barre, $77,000.

Kristin Weinkopff to Frank Gadomski, 32 Edison St., Wilkes-Barre, $130,000.

Joseph Dreier and spouse to Tallison LLC, 62-66 N. State St., Wilkes-Barre, $180,000.

Michael Stallone to Jo Ann Schaffer, 235 New Elizabeth St., Wilkes-Barre, $70,000.

Betty Brown to Yvette Magistro, 171 Old River Road, Wilkes-Barre, $62,830.

Amanda Crich to Damon Moore and spouse, 117-19 Prospect St., Wilkes-Barre, $120,000.

Jimmie McCarroll and spouse to Gerardo Guerrero and spouse, 13-15 Sherman St., Wilkes-Barre, $87,500.

Louis Alaimo and spouse to Melanie Ulivitch, E. Thomas St., Wilkes-Barre, $55,000.

Building Association NEPA to Dinesh Patel and spouse, Pine Ridge Estates, Wilkes-Barre, $280,000.

John Shoemaker and spouse to Wyoming Hose Company, Wyoming, $135,000.

Joseph Fumanti and spouse to Manci Realty Co., Wyoming, $145,500.

Doris Rosencrans to Kimberly Herrera, Wyoming, $83,500.

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