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The following property transfers were recorded at the Luzerne County Courthouse April 1-12, 2007.

JCS Creative Homes LLC to David Meeker, 49 Wyoming St., Ashley, $73,000.

Veronica Ann Kobylus to Michael Hanson and spouse, Avoca, $73,500.

John Dombroski and spouse to George Kovalik and spouse, Avoca, $55,000.

Jerome Majeski to Wadia AlDaoud and spouse, Laurelbrook Estates, Bear Creek Township, $89,900.

William Smith and spouse to Radu Pacurariu and spouse, Oak Hill Park, Bear Creek Township, $255,000.

Richard Somma and spouse to Marcia George and spouse, Bear Creek Township, $202,990.

Michael Mehalshick and others to Ronald Panko and spouse, Laurelbrook Estates, Bear Creek Township, $380,000.

Robert Tasso and spouse to Valery Belikov and others, 70 Sandspring Road, Bear Creek Township, $360,000.

Carl Kresge and others to Thomas Bonn, Bear Creek Township, $244,000.

Jason A. Brobst to Denis Sorokoumov and spouse, Black Creek Township, $55,000.

Michael Klym and spouse to Frank Galdieri, Valley of Lakes, Black Creek Township, $143,500.

John Yeagley and spouse to Jeffrey Carahalla and spouse, Brookview Terrace, Butler Township, $249,900.

Sand Springs Development to Ronald Sandt and spouse, Chestnut Village, Butler Township, $184,893.

Derid Pollard to Richard Lefferts and spouse, Sleepy Hollow Estates, Butler Township, $218,000.

T.J. Investments Inc. to CMC Development, Butler Township, $300,000.

Fannie Mae to David Crabtree and spouse, 538 W. Butler Drive, Butler Township, $114,900.

John Yeagley and spouse to Dirk Saar and spouse, Brookview Terrace, Butler Township, $294,900.

Lawrence Higgins to Tower 80/81 LLC, Butler Township, $1,550,000.

Sand Springs Development to Sameer Tiwari and spouse, Butler Township, $182,200.

Victor Greco trustee to Jolie Loeble, Country Club Estates, Butler Township, $68,000.

Fannie Mae to Thomas Makuch, 14 Circle Ave., Conygham Township, $52,500.

Walter Billings and spouse to John Halbing and spouse, Dallas, $152,750.

IFS Properties LLC to Clark Cavanaugh, 275 Huntsville Road, Dallas, $166,000.

Mark Anderson and spouse to John Bobeck, Dallas Township, $329,900.

Estate of Eleanor B. Crinnion to David Dziak, Dallas Township, $95,000.

Landview Properties to Joseph DeGraba and spouse, Goodleigh Manor, Dallas Township, $149,900.

Estate of Jeanne Hughes to Leslie DelGaudio, Overbrook, Dallas Township, $108,150.

Anthony Ruggere and spouse to Lisa Zavada Rizzo, Dallas Township, $146,000.

Cheryl Chin and others to David Krawiec, Dupont, $82,400.

Delbert Blackwell agent to Rocco Valvano, Duryea, $68,000.

Maurita Bartnikowski agent to Stephen Casmere and spouse, Duryea, $85,200.

Michael Cheek to Brian Wesolowski and spouse, Edwardsville, $169,000.

Jeffrey Allen and spouse to Bernard Tkaczyk and others, 102 S. Thomas Ave., Edwardsville, $187,250.

Brian Zabriski and spouse to Bobbi Jo Kapalka, Edwardsville, $95,000.

Stephen Harmanos to Jolene Carey, 23 Memorial St., Exeter, $172,500.

Albert Conner and spouse to Paul Gomberg, Washington Avenue, Exeter, $112,000.

John M. Giambra and spouse to David Banas and spouse, Exeter Township, $82,650.

Richard Brannigan and spouse to Christopher Timinski and spouse, Exeter Township, $210,000.

Lana MacGowan to Robert Ostrowski and spouse, Exeter Township, $213,000.

Stanley Zalot trustee to Matthew Shimp and spouse, Fairmount Township, $59,000.

Richard Conner and spouse to Sirva Relocation Credit, Fairview Township, $264,000.

Sivra Relocation Credit to Thomas Murphy and spouse, Fairview Township, $236,000.

Scott Killian to William Schmidt and spouse, Fairview Hills, Fairview Township, $141,500.

Bruce Davenport to Lucrecia Perez, Kirby Estates, Fairview Townsihp, $203,520.

Prudential Relocation to Brian Jameson and others, 155 Sutherlan Drive, Fairview Township, $275,000.

Eleanor Reilley to Joseph Reilley and others, 37 Brook Lane, Fairview Township, $60,000.

Leon Davis and spouse to Jeffrey Stanton and spouse, Bow Creek Manor, Fairview Township, $285,000.

Michael Welles and others to Louis Bloss and spouse, Forty Fort, $125,000.

Anthony Cresho and others to Gerald Pambianco and spouse, 110 Welles St., Forty Fort, $110,000.

Frank Piazza and spouse to Donald Ide, Forty Fort, $110,000.

Susan Dauksis to Anne Gill, 46 Welles Place, Forty Fort, $120,000.

Marilyn Lupinsky to Nicholas Bocchiaro and spouse, Forty Fort, $122,000.

Michael McQuigan and spouse to Kevin Daley, Foster Township, $75,000.

Tamirat Lapp to Anthony Raiola and spouse, Hickory Hills, Foster Township, $126,000.

Andrew Pritt to Daniel Osko Sr., 186 Buttonwood Heights, Hanover Township, $80,500.

Patrick Belusko and spouse to Jon Mertis and spouse, Eleanor Park, Hanover Township, $154,000.

George Morio to Anthony Podczasy and spouse, Liberty Hills, Hanover Township, $275,962.

Mitchell Jenkins and spouse to Thomas Gibbon Jr., Hanover Township, $80,000.

Joseph Yedloski and spouse to Jennifer Wilk, 97 E. Newport St., Hanover Township, $56,500.

Eugene Onacko and spouse to Donald Kemp, 2489 S. Main St., Hanover Township, $74,000.

Double Z Enterprises to Eugene Ziemba and spouse, Harveys Lake, $226,500.

Monica Washko agent to Ryan Scarcella, Hazle Township, $76,500.

Altagracia Marte to Eduart Lopez and others, Gravel Run, Hazle Township, $138,020.

Mericle Properties to 572 Oak Ridge LLC, 572 Oak Ridge Road, Hazle Township, $3,642,984.

Raymond Jackson and spouse to Axis Northwood Storage, RR1000 Church St., $2,070,000.

Raymond Jackson and spouse to Axis Northwood Storage, 1000 Church St., Hazle Township, $130,000.

Robert Friedman and spouse to Robert Studwell and spouse, Eagle Rock, Hazle Township, $75,000.

Michael Cramer and spouse to Shane Delmonico and spouse, 8 Crest Road, Hazle Township, $187,500.

Matthew Bayzick and spouse to Arvi Realty LLC, Humboldt Park, Hazle Township, $125,500.

Estate of Ann Marie Houseknecht to Michael Onuschak and spouse, Hazle Township, $206,000.

Paul Walter and spouse to Thomas Krouse, Hazle Township, $1,150,000.

Paul Walter and spouse to Donna Krouse, Hazle Township, $1,150,000.

1060 Peace Street LLC to Rankall Skuba and spouse, Hazle Township, $245,000.

Betty Zazycki to S and N Enterprises, Hazle Township, $635,000.

Vincent Barth agent to Johelen Delvillar, Hazleton, $70,000.

Edward Bruno and spouse to Alejandro Anziani and others, Hazleton, $80,000.

Estate of Ann Fanelli to Delvy Diaz, Hazleton, $119,100.

Gary Eichhorst and spouse to Dixon Francixco, Hazleton, $132,500.

George Devaney and spouse to Johnny Vargas, 962-64 Grant St., Hazleton, $137,800.

Robert Croll and spouse to Rafael Pinales and spouse, 81 S. Cedar St., Hazleton, $51,500.

Joanny Rojas to Felipe Torres, 735 McNair St., Hazleton, $51,500.

Estate of Mary R. Murphy to Kelvin Paulino and others, 731 W. 5th St., Hazleton, $75,900.

Ramon Almanzar to Juan Montero, 334-36 W. 6th St., Hazleton, $149,000.

Estate of Carol M. Manganelli to Robert Soley and spouse, Hazleton, $111,000.

Robert Miller and spouse to Jason Wood and others, Hazleton, $55,000.

Vooinca Balan to Johannie Alvarez, 889 N. James St., Hazleton, $187,000.

Lucas Hernandez to Eddy Polanco, 586 N. Vine St., Hazleton, $51,500.

Robert Fornataro to Craig Riggall, Hazleton Heights, Hazleton, $82,500.

William Strzelecki and spouse to Todd Shawver and spouse, 295 W. Country Road, Hollenback Township, $289,000.

Deborah Moir agent to James O’Day and spouse, Huntington Township, $112,000.

Barry Sypniewski and spouse to Leo Del Serra, 20 W. Sunrise Drive, Jenkins Township, $245,000.

Mericle Armstrong Road LLC to Lowe’s Home Center Inc., Jenkins Township, $28,700,000.

Charles Wezner Jr. to James Morgan and others, 189-91 Page Ave., Kingston, $110,000.

Anne L. Sabra agent to Mary Kaplowitz, 807 Floralon Drive, Kingston, $105,000.

Marlene Porter to Christopher Moore and spouse, 33 S. Goodwin Ave., Kingston, $93,000.

Estate of Elizabeth J. Lukatch to Joseph Orloski and others, 528 Hamilton Ave., Kingston, $95,000.

Eric Wanchisen and spouse to Anne Kotarski, 23 N. Dawes Ave., Kingston, $170,000.

Shivpreet Shweta Uppal to Louis Tedesco and spouse, Windsor Farms, Kingston Township, $70,000.

William Jones and spouse to Mark Anderson and spouse, Kingston Township, $527,000.

David Usavage and spouse to Linda Jolley, Kingston Township, $105,000.

George Mizzer and spouse to Mark Milligan, 91 Mt. Airy Road, Kingston Township, $188,000.

Linda Root to Dale Root and spouse, Kingston Township, $98,900.

Besarion Tsintsadze and others to Patrick Steidle, 177 Haverford Drive, Laflin, $94,000.

Stillwater Kesef LLC to Mark Oley and spouse, Lake Township, $60,000.

Regina D. Evans to Leon Genetti and spouse, Luzerne, $66,900.

John Gainard and spouse to Beth Pelletier, Luzerne, $80,000.

Lee Makowski and spouse to Travis Rhoades and others, 1106 S. Market St., Nanticoke, $89,000.

Anthony Shon and spouse to Dante Bloise and spouse, 26-28 W. Grove St., Nanticoke, $78,000.

David Hughes and spouse to Wayne Booth and spouse, Nanticoke, $69,500.

Alvin Berlot and spouse to Erik Thiel, Nanticoke, $51,000.

Jeffrey Davidek to Pilar White, 623-25 S. Walnut St., Nanticoke, $115,000.

Irene Surratt agent to Dennett Krolikowski, Nescopeck, $89,900.

Dennis Seward and others to Jeremy Hoyt, Nescopeck Township, $192,500.

Marie Peahota to Walter Lyon Jr. and spouse, New Columbus, $85,000.

J.B. Thomas Real Estate Group to Christopher Fox and spouse, 361 Pine Creek Road, New Columbus, $75,000.

Estate of Helen Burman to Bryan Hess and others, Nuangola, $90,000.

Paul Biscontini and others to Fahey’s Holding, Pittston, $170,000.

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