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Sean Bean (top) and Sophia Bush (bottom) star in ’The Hitcher.’

AP photo


Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, language and some drug use.

What it’s about: A young woman must get over the death of her fiance and learn to live and love again, and maybe not be such a stick in the mud.

The Kid Attractor Factor: Jennifer Garner, some funny stuff with Juliette Lewis and Kevin Smith.

Good lessons/bad lessons: You never really “know” somebody until you’re executor of their estate.

Violence: A fish is stomped. To death.

Language: A bit of profanity, here and there.

Sex: Three or four fairly suggestive scenes.

Drugs: A joint makes an appearance.

Parents advisory: If they’re old enough to date, they’re old enough to see it. And want to see it.


Rating: R for strong bloody violence, terror and language.

What it’s about: College sweethearts pick up a hitchhiker and live to rue the night they did.

The Kid Attractor Factor: Terror, gore and Sophia Bush in a mini-skirt.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Never hitchhike. Never pick up hitchhikers.

Violence: Graphic and plentiful.

Language: Pretty rough.

Sex: Discussed, flirted with.

Drugs: None.

Parents advisory: For the 15-and-up horror fan in your house.

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