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The Feature Films


“The feel good movie of the year” Examines seven diverse individuals whose lives all cross paths in the ecstasy-riddled Los Angeles underground party scene. “Rolling” is a turbulent journey that takes a tough yet entertaining look at this unique drug phenomenon. With the pace and style of a documentary, the 99-minute feature film captures the essence of ecstasy culture, exposing the delicate balance of relationships and responsibilities with chasing this drug-induced euphoria. The screenplay is by former Scranton resident, Cody Parrish Thompson.

“Rolling” won Best Feature at the 2007 San Francisco Independent Film Festival. www.rollingmovie.com

“Saint of 9/11”

This documentary presents the life story of Father Mychal Judge, a gay Franciscan priest and FDNY chaplain who lost his life in the World Trade Center attacks. “Saint of 9/11” is narrated by Sir Ian McKellen and weaves interviews with friends, colleagues, congregants, the poor, AIDS victims, firemen, President Clinton and leaders of the gay Catholic movement, all who talk about how their lives were made better by Father Mychal’s example of loving and serving others before yourself.

“Saint of 9/11” was winner of Best Documentary at the 2006 International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Philadelphia and an official selection of the 2006 Tribeca Film Fest and 2006 Montreal Film Fest. LA Weekly called the film “Magnificent.” www.saintof9-11.com

“Steam Cloud Rising”

“Steam Cloud Rising” tells the story of popular and athletic Hugh, who struggles to contain his true sexual identity at a high school in the ’70s. Hugh also fights to get the town’s nuclear power plant to disclose the truths of its releases. Ultimately, both have a meltdown. Based on actual events relating to the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in Middletown, Pa. The film is by Harrisburg’s Eric Spaar. www.ericpictures.com

Shorts highlights:

• “Gay Pioneers” Produced in collaboration with PBS-affiliate WHYY, “Gay Pioneers” documents the first organized gay and lesbian civil rights demonstrations in the late ’60s.

• “Justice for ALL” Produced by the HRC, this film informs diverse groups about the importance of a fair and balanced judiciary.

• “Red/Blue” examines a young woman’s decision to come out or succumb to societal pressures to “play straight” and marry her ex-boyfriend.

• “The Ghost of Kingston Hall” Teens get more than they bargained for when they meet the ghost of Kingston Hall.

• “The Entity” The past comes back for revenge.

• “President Swap” Animated parody of the “Wife Swap” TV show where President Bush switches places with the president of the “Saved by the Bell” fan club.

• “Love Sam” Young woman copes with the tragic loss of her sister.


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