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There’s a man I know, some say this man is made of iron. Some say this man is the definition of health. I would say this man is the model for dedication. The Iron Man Carl Eddy is an electrical engineering professor here at LCCC and has just made the record books. He went 2,635 consecutive days without taking a single sick day. That’s 18 years!

“If I’m not here I’m dead,” says Eddy.

He credits this to his ability to just say no to cake. He is just one example of the amazing people you’ll meet here on our campus.

On Oct. 1, the first issue of The Outlook will be on campus. The newspaper now has new advisors, a new editor and a whole team of designers.

A lot of good things are happening around here, and it’s hard to find anyone that’s not having a good time making it happen. I see the future of Nanticoke being one that includes a reputation for being a “college town.” With that I will go on record saying that you may want to buy stock in togas before it all goes down. The time is at hand people seize the day!

On Oct. 16, the Unabomber’s brother David Kaczynski’s will be on campus. He’s here to speak out on the conflicts he had to deal with upon finding out his brother Ted Kaczynski was the infamous Unabomber.

Be sure to pick up an issue of The Outlook, and for your own good, please, just say no to cake.

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