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Shred in style

Ladies, I know you want to look good. You feel you should look your best no matter where you are and what the circumstances may be. There’s nothing vain in feeling your best. But will you feel your best if your skin in turning grey from frostbite? Will you look hot when your toes are frozen? Will you turn heads when you’re too cold to turn your own? Obviously, the answer remains no. And although you’ve heard your mom say, “Who cares what you look like, as long as you’re warm” your entire life, you can actually let it go through one ear and out the other. For you’ll be just fine while strapping on your board or skis, and guess what? You’ll look gorgeous the whole way down.

Traumatized by the awful florescent snowsuit you were forced to wear as a child when venturing outside to make a snowman, snow attire might leave an instant bland taste in your mouth before you even try it. The phobia is normal due to the fact that you had to take your new Tretorns in a bag to school and instead wear your ugly Velcro moonboots down your slippery driveway and while boarding the bus. Sure, you could quickly swap them out while on the bus, but everyone saw you doing it, which could be detrimental when trying to build fashion street cred at an early age. I understand this fear. Trust me, believe me when I say I understand. But begin your therapy today by acting responsible while playing in the snow while maintaining your good taste.

Keep in mind that playing on the slopes is completely different than playing in your backyard. Traveling at fast paces on small surfaces down steep inclines should be done with a different caution than building a snow fort. If you don’t know this already, stay in the lodge and drink hot toddies. But for those of you responsible enough to engage in outdoor winter sports, walk this way to The House Boardshop.

Be seen on the slopes, not just fashionably but with safety in mind as well. Bright colors serve a purpose and can prevent other snowboarders or skiers from ramming into you as they make their way down the hills. Remember, this is a rather dangerous sport and can become that much more dangerous if no one can see you or confuse you for an inanimate object. See what The House Boardshop can offer you in the world of fashion and winter fun.

The Volcom Onyx Cargo Snowboard Pants in twill magenta come with two layers of fabric, helping you to stay warm and dry. All the seams are completely taped, and the lining allows your body to breathe instead of sweating away needed hydration. The seat of the pants are lined with mesh as well as the waistband. This keeps moisture out. There is a pocket designed just for your gloves, knee pads that can be removed, flap pockets and adjustable ankles for your boots. They’re perfect for weather protection, and their design keeps you looking in line with your fashion needs.

The Holden Havana Snowboard Jacket in Iguana Camo is a popular Boardshop purchase. It is waterproof, breathable and has taped seams. It has a camo ripstop, and overall looks trendy for this season. Although you might be thinking that camo is designed to hide, this design will definitely be seen against white snow. Pair it with black, brown or a really bright pair of solid color pants to complete your look.

The Forum Aura Snowboard Boots in white and polka dot give you a funky edge to your mandatory board boots. It has self cleaning treads, which lower the maintenance level, and adjustable cell straps. It laces as all standard snowboarding boots do, but the cuff link silver “comes in a streamlined configuration with an internal cage.” This boot will provide all the ankle support you need.

So hit the slopes and look like a professional snowboarder. Do not use all of these shown items as one ensemble, unless of course you want to look more like a clown than a snowboarder. Mix and match these items with other snowboarding attire from The House Boardshop, or purchase similar loud items at your area ski and snowboard shops. You can visit shops such as Country Ski & Sport, Top of the Slope, Bear Creek Ski Shack, The Ski Corner, Rave’s Ski Loft and more to get great snowboarding attire today.


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