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Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi at Target, Nov. 2007


Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi at Target, Nov. 2007


In Northeast Pa., there are a number of occurrences you can always bank on — subzero January temperatures, delicious hot dogs and pierogies and tax-free clothing.

Out West, you might as well drive to Vegas and place money on this: Britney Spears will devour headlines for most of the week.

Just as “Britney-drag” begins to set in on the media, Spears flips the scripts and acts so outlandish that we have to cover it — because if we don’t, someone else will.

This week, Spears as well as her “entourage” — or maybe lack thereof — dominated the news. Manager/pseudo-friend Sam Lutfi leaked a story to the press that Unfitney and paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib were finished. Lutfi went as far as to show the media a restraining order filed against Ghalib, under the pretenses that Spears believed the photographer was selling pictures of the couple.

Ghalib wasted no time in issuing a statement, claiming he hasn’t spoken to “Miss Spears” due to a death in his family. However, I’m sure the validity of his claim was not helped by the fact that he spoke through his photo agency, FinalPixx.

Undetermined in all of this: the reason for Ghalib referring to his alleged girlfriend as “Miss.”

This breaks on the heels of Alli Sims, close friend and reported cousin of Britney, telling US Weekly that she feels Ghalib is bad company for Spears, going as far as to say the paparazzo “creeped me out.”

Think about this: would you date a guy who followed your every move with a camera for eight months?

Once US Weekly published the story on its Web site, Perez Hilton cited an unidentified source in claiming that Sims received $200,000 to speak with the magazine. However, US Weekly responded, strongly denying that it paid anything to Britney’s friend for the scoop.

The Hills filled with scripts?

Apparently, after each episode of “The Hills” airs in the U.K., a disclaimer is displayed, stating: “The following programme may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.”

Just recently, Teen Vogue amicably ended its affiliation with the MTV “reality” show. Before the official announcement, the aforementioned Hilton noted on his site that top brass at the publication were not happy with the show’s effect on the product and therefore had decided to pull the plug.

In the same thread, the celebrity blogger noted that certain actors were being “cast” by MTV in France for upcoming episodes of “The Hills.”

Lauren Conrad told an audience on the aftershow of “The Hills” season finale that this season will continue, following L.C. to Paris.

I would hope that news this show isn’t as real as it may seem isn’t too much too handle. However. just in case, I’ll let this marinate with you until next week.


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