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ALL MY CHILDREN: After making love, Jesse, who has been on the run, confided to Angie how unknown assailants wanting information beat him up. Frankie finally saw his father and the family committed to staying together, unaware that danger may have followed Jesse. The bones discovered in the bomb shelter were identified as a man Angie dated, who had been murdered. Erica was arrested for insider trading, with Samuel determined to convict her and send her to jail. Falsely believing JR would never agree to be his bone marrow donor, Richie had JR kidnapped. Kendall learned she’s not pregnant and that Aidan was hired by Zach to be her bodyguard on the book tour. Coming: The past won’t stay buried.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Craig returned from his wild goose chase just long enough to rig Paul’s car to explode, then left for the Cayman Islands. After Carly realized Parker fired only one shot, she and Jack tried to prove that it was Kit who shot Sam. Aaron finally testified that Sofie was willing to give up her baby. Emily wasn’t pleased to find Chris comforting Sofie. Ameera told Noah and Luke that her late mother was Col. Mayer’s lover in Iraq, and she fears for her life. Matt secured a job at the Lakeview and made inroads with Alison, reporting his good news to someone on the phone. Coming: Trying to help Parker creates danger for Carly.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Taylor told Nick that she blames Brooke, not him, for the failure of their marriage, and is moving on. Much to Nick’s shock, Taylor intended to take baby Jack with her. Katie urged Nick to get over Brooke and consider going back with Bridget. Stephanie’s PI took a photo of Eric naked at his love nest and sent it to the papers. Stephanie saw the photo and flew into a rage over Eric’s lies, vowing to send Storm to prison. Although deeply upset at the prospect, Storm wouldn’t hold Donna responsible, believing Stephanie would have held it over the family indefinitely. Coming: Eric intends to stand by Donna.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo survived the crash, only to learn that his father didn’t make it. Kayla was in pain, but kept her fear of losing the baby to herself, until they were rescued and the doctor told Kayla to avoid all stress. Someone left Steve a note warning, in graphic terms, that Kayla will never have his baby. While waiting to be found, Belle and Shawn made love, while Chloe and Philip considered it, but decided they shouldn’t. When John couldn’t remember Marlena after they had been intimate, she declared no more sex until his memory returns. John intended to find out what he’s entitled to as Colleen’s son. Coming: A beloved family man is laid to rest.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Michael dropped the gun while trying to get rid of it and accidentally shot Kate, who was in serious condition following surgery. Sonny thought the Zaccharas were responsible, but later believed there could be a connection between Kate’s shooting and the disappearance of Michael, who woke up on a cargo ship. Despite everyone, including Scott, thinking he’s the text-message killer, Logan maintained his innocence. Lulu got closer to Johnny but couldn’t shake her feelings for Logan. Ian offered to secretly treat Nikolas with an experimental drug. Marianna returned the deeds to Ric and shared with him her dire situation. Luke gave Tracy the clothes Monica wore on the fateful night. Coming: Sam undergoes a terrifying ordeal.

GUIDING LIGHT: Will was sent to juvenile lockup after he -- with Cassie’s help -- began destroying their surroundings. While Jeffrey cautioned that incarcerating Will now might spare him from jail later, Cassie began flirting with a guard, and Will uttered murderous intentions about Jeffrey. Beth encouraged Rick to throw blame onto Cassie for the paternity test swap. Aware that Harley and Cyrus were having sex in the car, Marina pointed Frank, Rick and Buzz in their direction. Natalia left Gus, which he shared with Olivia. Bill found out that Jonathan may have killed someone in California, but before he could tell Lizzie, she announced her and Jon’s impending marriage. Coming: Will is more out of control than ever.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: To save Jessica, Jared grabbed for Allison, as they both fell over the balcony. Jared was saved, but Allison deliberately let go, falling to the pavement, intending to take her secret to the grave. Lindsay managed to stop Nora from reading her confession. Ramsey replaced Bo as police commissioner and immediately threatened Todd. Cristian and Sarah made love. Dorian urged Jared to keep his secret, or else they could both be sent to prison for fraud, but the lie tormented him. Adriana headed to Paris on a business trip. Langston and Cole couldn’t stay away from each other. Coming: Starr is headed for heartbreak.

PASSIONS: Ethan was devastated when it appeared that Theresa is really dead, while Pilar vowed to make those responsible pay. Gwen had to make a deal with Juanita to save herself. Paloma put her own life in danger trying to save Noah, only to leave him confused when she pushed him away. Ivy felt guilty on learning of Theresa’s death, while Sam remembered how cold Ivy could be. Fancy feared she’s going crazy. Meanwhile, Marty found the implant controller and unknowingly manipulated Fancy. Coming: Eve may be vindicated at last.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: With Hope gone, Vic remained cold to Victor, only to surprise him by turning up in Genoa City. Vic agreed to work for Victor, occupying Nick’s former position, but will be going by his middle name, Adam. Jeff shocked Gloria when he accepted Jack’s offer to buy out their share of the house. Gloria attempted to launch her plot to frame Jeff for poisoning her, but thanks to his spy camera, Jeff told her he’s onto the scheme. However, Jeff didn’t know that Sharon saw him hiding the camera. Victor turned down Neil’s request to invest in Nick’s new business venture, and pulled the Beauty of Nature account. Kay asked for Amber’s help in writing her book. Coming: Victoria is ready to get back to work.

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