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Counting Crows’ nights and days

Counting Crows“Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings”

After a six year stretch since the release of their last album, Counting Crows have returned with “Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings.”

The first half of “Saturday Nights” was produced by Gil Norton, who worked with the Counting Crows in the production of “Recovering the Satellites.” Despite the six-year absence, “Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings” manages to make listeners feel as though they haven’t missed a single second of frontman Adam Duritz’s tumultuous life. Counting Crows have come back big, bringing with them all of the heartache, the ups and downs and the wild drunken nights.

“Saturday Nights” is an enjoyable sort of chaos. The first half of the release is everything that could and does happen on any given Saturday night. Booze, clubs, sex and debauchery theme the first half of “Saturday Nights” and take Counting Crows to a new level of songwriting. Moving away from their usual folk rock style, the Counting Crows open “Saturday Nights” with “1492.” The opening track is perhaps the most aggressive song the band has ever produced and is definitely the closest the band has ever come to writing a hard rock song. “1492” is a guitar-driven rollercoaster in which Duritz recounts a night of sin and decadence involving Italian girls and disco clubs. The remaining four tracks on “Saturday Nights” are equally enjoyable and upbeat.

Once the party has ended and the sun has risen on a new day, Counting Crows return to their traditionally slower-paced sound on the release’s second half, “Sunday Nights.” The “Sunday Nights” portion of the CD was produced by Brian Deck, with the exception of “Come Around,” which was also produced by Norton. “Sunday Nights” is much calmer than its “Saturday Nights” counterpart but is equally as pleasing. “Sunday Nights” contains eight more country-inspired tracks, which Duritz croons through effortlessly.

Longtime fans of the band will probably appreciate the fact that Counting Crows have remained true to their original sound. It can be said that Duritz has the ability to make every word that comes out of his mouth sound like poetry, as though he wrote every song with each individual listener in mind. He has an intensity in his voice that has not wavered over the years, which is why this release will undoubtedly be a success with listeners.


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