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Green car glossary

Alternate fuel vehicle — A vehicle powered by fuel other than gasoline or diesel. Examples of alternative fuels are electricity, hydrogen and CNG.

Battery electric vehicle — An electric vehicle powered by electricity stored in batteries.

Electric vehicle — Vehicles that use only electric as power source. Battery EVs store electric power in batteries. Hybrid EVs supplement battery storage with electricity generated from another fuel (e.g. gasoline or diesel ICE). Fuel cell EVs supply electricity to the motor from a fuel cell.

Flexible fuel vehicle — A vehicle that can run on a variety of fuels.

Fuel-cell vehicle — An electric vehicle which relies on fuel cell to power the motor.

Hybrid vehicle — A vehicle that combines 2 or more power source for its engine.

Mild hybrid — Refers to hybrid vehicles that do not meet all criteria for a full hybrid.

Zero emission vehicles — A ZEV-rated vehicle is 98 percent cleaner than the average new 2003 model year car. These include battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


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