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May is National Bike Month. How much do you know about bicycles and biking?

1. In the event of a crash, a helmet can reduce serious head injuries by how much?

A. 65 percent

B. 75 percent

C. 85 percent

D. 95 percent

2. If you run across a dog that seems aggressive while biking, what’s the best thing to do?

A. Continue pedaling and ride past the dog; quick pedaling decreases the likelihood of getting bitten.

B. Yell at the dog to startle him into backing off.

C. Squirt water from your water bottle at him; he’ll take a drink and back off.

D. All of the above.

3. What’s a “hardtail?”

A. Bike slang for an uncomfortable seat.

B. A downhill track, which is hard on your “tail.”

C. A mountain bike with front suspension only.

D. A mountain bike with rear suspension only.

4. What year did Bike Month start?

A. 1952

B. 1956

C. 1965

D. 1971

5. What number of rotations-per-minute (rpms) should you aim for to bike most efficiently?

A. 50

B. 70

C. 90

D. 110

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