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Who do you think deserves blame for higher gas prices?

I would love to think that members of my generation enjoy the company of their parents as much as I do. All would do well to remember that parents are the ones who raise children, not villages.

In my home, villages were what my dad and I used to set up under the Christmas tree complete with electric trains.

When mom and dad were growing up, movies cost 12 cents. Did you get that? Twelve pennies. A dime got you five songs on a jukebox, a nickel got you three cigarettes and a quarter got you a hamburger.

Am I still allowed to mention cigarettes and hamburgers? After all, this is a healthier world, right?

When I was growing up, hamburgers jumped to $1.25 and cigarettes were an outrageous $1.50 a pack! I guess that was President Reagan’s fault.

After all, isn’t it President Bush’s fault that gasoline costs $4 a gallon now? Then it must have been President Carter’s fault for double-digit inflation during the late 1970s, right?

Perhaps I’m the only one who has accepted the fact that every commodity rises in price, including gasoline.

Perhaps I am the only one who can’t reconcile the gas price complaints of a person who drives their child to a school bus-stop two blocks away. Or the diesel-burning school bus carrying nine kids. Or the outdated traffic-signal sequencing that renders your vehicle idle as no one is coming the other way.

Or how everyone loves a capitalist society, yet contributes to the abuse of it at the same time. And than blames it. Perhaps we really do live in a consequence-free environment. perhaps there will always be someone else to blame.

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