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More mature approach for band

Combining the writing styles of Jawbreaker, The Smiths and Texas is the Reason with the musical composition of bands such as Braid, Explosions in the Sky, and Brand New gives you Doylestown band Balance and Composure.

Currently Balance and Composure — Jon Simmons (vocals/guitar), Dan Kerrigan (lead guitar), Andy Slaymaker (guitar), Matt Warner (bass) and Bailey Van Ellis (drums) — has an EP available entitled “I Want To Be Pure.” The EP’s lyrics are self-reflective and nostalgic and it’s music is full and lush. When listening, the influences of aforementioned bands are quite obvious.

“Making ‘I Just Want To Be Pure’ was sick because we recorded at Skylight Studios with Vince Ratti (of Zolof the Rock and Roll Destoryer), and he is awesome,” said Simmons. “We wanted to make a record that people could relate to and enjoy listening to. We were aiming for a darker sound and wanted to use a lot of obscure instruments. We got the name of the record from the movie ‘Basketball Diaries’; ‘I Just Want To Be Pure’ is in a poem in that movie.”

Balance and Composure’s lead singer and guitarist Simmons may be best remembered as vocalist of The Erection Kids which recorded a split EP with Kingston pop punk band Title Fight. Although Balance and Composure is a complete departure from the previous sound and feel, Simmons is not shy to talk about his past project nor does he regret anything he had done or written with The Erection Kids.

“The Erection Kids were more of a way to be immature and make funny pop punk songs like Blink [182],” said Simmons. “Some of the best years of my life, though. I think with Balance and Composure I just wanted to be serious and have songs with value. I just wanted to change it up and make some new kinda shit that is different. Once I started jamming with Dan Kerrigan on the guitar I knew it was time to start a new band. So I guess we have become a little bit more musically focused rather than singing about my small wiener.”

On July 29 the band will play Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre with Title Fight, I Am Alaska and City Scrapes. It’s a venue that members of Balance and Composure know very well.

“With the Erection Kids it was mostly always awesome because we were friends with the kids down there,” said Simmons. “Balance and Composure have only played two shows there and one had like 6 people watching us and the other had like 100. Both shows were really fun. It’s an awesome venue and some great memories have been made there.”

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