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Turkey Hill store sparks a battle

With respect to our veterans, two battles brought to our attention in movies were in the Korean War -- Pork Chop Hill -- and in the Vietnam War -- Hamburger Hill. In Plains Township, under much different circumstances, we have just seen the “Battle of Turkey Hill.”

This battle occurred when Turkey Hill proposed the construction of a new Turkey Hill at the intersection of Main and Carey streets. We respect the opinions of those who opposed this development, but we feel the vast majority of Plains Township residents favor this project.

What other community discourages commercial development in its downtown district? Commercial development brings some additional traffic, but it also brings potential customers to nearby businesses.

Additional people in our business district will see the opportunities available to shop and dine locally. If they enjoyed patronizing other local businesses, this will bring additional customers.

There is also concern about safety.

Congestion is dangerous at the current location with South Main Street, Maffett Street and Abbott Street and the proximity of Helen Street.

This South Main, Maffett and Abbott intersection will be safer and less congested with the elimination of traffic entering and exiting from the current Turkey Hill parking lot.

Tractor-trailers now must use Maffett and South Main streets to back into their loading dock. These trucks also take over half the available parking spots, causing more danger.

The new location is at an intersection that is controlled by a traffic signal and will have loading and unloading off street.

There are plans for left turn lanes on North and South Main streets to alleviate traffic congestion.

Turkey Hill has offered several off street parking spaces for customers of other businesses. According to plans, the green area we know as “The Brick” will become larger.

Opponents of the new Turkey Hill have used the incorrect term of “super store.” This term was used to scare and intimidate others into opposing this project.

Please visit the new Turkey Hill stores in Pittston, Mountain Top or Plymouth to get an idea of how the Plains Township store would look.

Although the “Battle of Turkey Hill” was not one of military conflict, the majority of the Plains Township Board of Commissioners believes it was a battle of the “Parking War.”

Student: Respect all veterans

As a youth growing up in America with strong family ties and social and religious convictions, I find the unappreciative spirit of my peers toward the veterans of the United States of America, both past and present, a bit disturbing.

At my school, recently, we had a Veterans Day assembly, that was actually a fantastic program. The school brought together local veterans and honored them at the event.

As I previously stated, it was a wonderful program, except for the lack of participation and attendance by the students. The general attitude of most of the students prior to the program was how they couldn’t wait to leave school early to miss the “stupid” Veterans Day assembly.

The lack of respect that these men and women of the armed services get is very upsetting.

We can’t forget the service that these men and women have offered to our country to protect the freedoms that we have.

I know where this country would be without a military and am grateful to every person who has fought for and supports the armed services of the United States.

New blood in Swoyersville

Congratulations to Stephen N. Nowroski on his recent candidacy for a council position in the borough of Swoyersville.

Congratulations also to those residents – young, middle-aged and elderly – who not only expressed a need for change, but exercised their right to vote accordingly, welcoming some new blood.

Swoyersville is a borough where there is very little interest in running for office and most officials are either appointed to a vacant position or run unopposed.

Although Stephen Nowroski was not elected, he lost by a narrow margin of 11 votes, 51 percent to 49 percent.

Not counting absentee ballots, the difference was a mere six votes.

Considering the fact that this young man is a new resident in the borough and he was able to accomplish this without the help of extended family and the party machine, he should be proud of his accomplishment.

In fact, he opposed the party machine in a borough that is dominated by registered Democrats.

I only met Stephen Nowroski a few months ago and have only spoken with him several times. To say I am impressed would be an understatement.

This young man is not only happy to be a borough resident, but he is very interested in what is and what is not happening. I see a young man of extraordinary character far beyond his 26 years of age in his thinking, belief and conviction.

The borough should be proud to have him as a resident. I know I am.

It is my sincere hope that other young residents in town will see the need to get involved. The younger generation will face a lot more challenges than my generation.

President Obama getting bad rap

I don’t see why the press keeps faulting President Obama’s actions.

I believe that Obama is trying to undo all the many wrongs that Bush did to this country in eight years in office.

I believe that Bush should have been impeached after two years in office.

He’s an oilman. Does that ring a bell?

We all know the predicament we are in now, and only severe pressure will get us out.

I believe Obama is trying to do that.

The secretary of the treasury should be immediately replaced because he worked with Bush, and that started the beginning of the financial disaster we have now.

In fact, Obama should get rid of all of Bush’s so-called “helpers” and get people that know what they are doing in offices to correct all the problems that Bush caused after eight years in office.

Next, Obama should have every member of Congress, Senate, judges, and everyone in a political position checked for any external business, partnership, owners, etc., to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

There are likely many politicians with outside businesses who are profiting while in office.

If we get rid of all the politicians who have outside connections, very few will probably remain. This may be the start of a new United States of America.

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