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Does a ‘high number’ really matter?

ABC’s “Momma’s Boys” has become my Monday night guilty pleasure. Three eligible bachelors are in a mansion with 30-plus bombshells of all body types, colors and religions — with the men’s mothers.

They meet, entertain, date and eliminate just like every other bad reality-based dating show, but unlike the others, the three maternal figures try to prove that they know what’s better for their sons than the men do themselves.

All went typically well until a Pandora-like crystal box arrived containing CIA-style background files on every sin the girls had ever committed: Massive debt, divorce, plastic surgeries, photo shoots in men’s magazines, etc.

It made me think: Would I care if a woman that my mother loved — and I too saw as a perfect choice — had been in Penthouse, had not one but two breast augmentations, or slept with the equivalent of the third fleet? Would I even want to know?

I’m no angel — I’ve done some incredibly dumb and, at the same time, amazing stuff. I am as proud of (and partly ashamed of) all my ex-girlfriends. I confess that I’ve been well fooled and deeply embarrassed in several of my relationship attempts, but if a person I’m involved with really wanted to know it all, I’d tell her — everything.

If you and I are dating, I am curious about all of your past indiscretions, but if you’ve been in Playboy, had liposuction, or bedded the entire men’s college chamber choir, I would prefer to discover that after I have unearthed the things I feel are important first.

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