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Writer feels ordinance is unfair

Dear Editor:

This message is in response to a very controversial issue that has divided my family with neighbors and township officials and, finally, our legal system. I have been through numerous township meetings and magistrate hearings regarding the purchase and operation of an outdoor wood/coal furnace in Shavertown.

After my home was flooded a third time, I sought help from Kingston Township’s Road and Bridge Department regarding the runoff and flooding condition in front of my home and how it affected sump pumps from working properly. I was concerned about my basement being flooded again. I applied for and was approved for a FEMA loan to replace my furnace and to regrade my property to redirect the water flow away from my basement.

After consulting with Kingston Township’s zoning officer, I was given approval to install a wood/coal outdoor furnace to supply heat and hot water to my home. Having burned wood and coal in the past and having been told by the zoning officer that Kingston Township is a wood/coal burning community, I felt this would not be a problem.

Kingston Township supervisors passed an ordinance against such furnaces after I was given permission to install this outdoor furnace. I have presented township officials and Judge Peter Paul Olshefski a settlement proposal, only to have the Luzerne County Court order this unit shutdown. All operations have ceased, as directed by the court system.

Kingston Township supervisors have claimed they are exempt from any liability. This is truly not fair.

Ed Gryskevicz

Lehigh Street, Shavertown

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