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Week 7 lessons learned

Before I get into the things I noticed from Week 7, I would like to congratulate Favre Rum Defeat for ending my four-game winning streak in Fox Sports – The Game’s fantasy league. Yours truly was hit with the bye week blues and ended up having to start Raiders running back Justin Fargas with Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew in a bye week. It probably didn’t help that four of Rum’s players scored 20-plus points. The Raiders could play clones of themselves, and Fargas still wouldn’t have been worth much. Before I forget, I would like to thank 49ers tight end Vernon Davis for his three touchdown performance against the Texans. I kept him on the bench. Oops! Luckily, I am still sitting pretty at 5-2, and hopefully I can get another win back in Week 8.

Now without further adieu, here is what I thought of Week 7:

1. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub will probably put up a dud or two, but he is a must-start every week from now on. 2. Dolphins running back Ricky Williams still has “it” after rushing for a 68-yard touchdown against the Saints. 3. The Raiders are still bad. That is all. 4. Owners of Saints quarterback Drew Brees were sweating considerably after his second interception against the Dolphins. 5. Look at that. Texans running back Steve Slaton can score near the goal line. And the team keeps Chris Brown around because….?

6. Is Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens’ career about done? Either the Bills offense is holding him back, or his body is doing it for him. I believe it’s the latter. 7. After his performance against the Giants (77 total yards and a rushing touchdown) on Sunday night, Cardinals running back Beanie Wells will get more and more opportunities going forward. He is just that much better than Tim Hightower. 8. Chiefs running back Larry Johnson had a great match-up against a bad Chargers defensive line and flubbed it mercifully. Bashing your head coach and acting like a jackass on your Twitter account doesn’t help, either. Johnson may have played his last game as a chief. Jamaal Charles may have some value still. 9. Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin is making the team’s trade for Roy Williams look bad with every catch Austin makes. As I type this, Austin just got another pass.

10. With news that Jets running back Leon Washington is out for the season after “fracturing his fibula,” the Shonn Greene era will be ushered in sooner than expected. 11. Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson is making a case that he could be the best receiver in the NFL right now. Move over Fitzgerald and Johnson. 12. Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks keeps getting better and better every week. Mario Manningham will have his hands full holding Nicks down next off-season. 13. I hate it when no names like Falcons running back Jason Snelling go off. 14. The return of Cowboys running back Felix Jones made an already muddied backfield even muddier. 15. Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell says he isn’t to blame for the humiliating loss to the Jets by a score of 38-0. Umm, JaMarcus? The Raiders woes start with you.

16. Getting kicked off the Bears was the best thing that could happen to Bengals running back Cedric Benson.17. The dopes that started the rumors that the Rams had running back Steven Jackson on the trading block should have their heads examined. Jackson is the only thing making the offense look one step above inept. 18. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t get enough hype. All he does is turn every single receiver in his offense into a stud. I smell another MVP award consideration again this year.

And don’t forget to bench all your players from the Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Buccaneers and Redskins this weekend as they all have byes. Sorry Benson owners.


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