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No Bang! quiets the noisy business of drying tennis shoes in a clothes dryer.

The product uses straps and heat-resistant suction cups to adhere the shoes to the dryer’s inner rim or the back side of the dryer door, so they’re held in place during the cycle. It also can be used to protect delicate items such as plush toys from damage caused by tumbling.

No Bang! sells for $5.99 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered at http://www.unseenontv.com (in the housewares section) or 800-851-6030.


Q: I’m moving to Florida, and I need to pack some dishes and put them in storage because I can’t take them with me. The storage unit is unheated. How should I protect them?

A: The people at Lenox provided this advice:

Stack the dishes in a box with protection between them. A couple of newspaper pages, folded to fit, should be enough padding if you’re not shipping them.

If the dishes are porcelain or bone china, temperature extremes should pose no concern. However, if the dishes are earthenware or dolomite, wrap them in plastic so moisture doesn’t get in and cause mold.

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