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Yoga therapy article lacked local angle

I would like to respond to a Times Leader Health section article titled, “Ohmm … Yoga therapy treats mind and body” (Oct. 28).

I commend you for featuring so boldly an article that presents alternatives to our preventative health care.

It was very clear that this article was syndicated, re-printed from the Contra Costa Times, located in the Bay area of California. Unfortunately, the average person in the Wyoming Valley area who read this article with interest, and a new gleam of hope in possibly getting help for their particular condition, was left empty-handed, as this only featured yoga therapy in California with no mention of its availability in our area.

As a local certified yoga instructor who is finishing up her certification in Phoenix Rising yoga therapy (the very therapy featured in this article), I was disappointed that there were no local resources listed.

Phoenix Rising yoga therapists are offering services as close as Allentown, Bethlehem and New Jersey. Also, there is a growing number of talented certified yoga instructors in the area for those people looking to create well-being in their lives.

Please consider adding follow-up resources or local resources for syndicated articles so that readers can make mindful and educated decisions about their health, as well as to give readers the perspective that not all innovative and preventative health alternatives are available only on the West Coast.

Levee maintenance fee won’t float with taxpayer

I cannot believe that the Luzerne County Commissioners have come up with a plan to charge area residents $40 a year to maintain the levee system.

They should have used the pork money from the stupid portal project instead. I would like to know when the new flood plane maps are coming out, because I am probably not even in the flood zone anymore.

I pay $385 a year for my flood insurance, and I am not going to pay more. When the levee system was built we were promised that our insurance rates would either go down or be eliminated.

Still waiting.

Writer issues reminder on Crestwood voting

The Crestwood School Board has ignored the fact that more than 50 percent of callers responding to the phone survey were opposed to construction of either a new high school or an addition.

The board has taken a position that the 25 to 30 percent of callers in favor of a building addition gave them a mandate to construct it. And so, they are holding a referendum to do so.

Remember this: The cost of any building project must be placed on a referendum and voted on by the citizens of the school district.

At present, that referendum is being placed on a special ballot to be voted on in a special election and scheduled to be held on approximately Feb. 3 – not in today’s general election.

That is why I am asking you again to remain vigilant. Mark your calendars.

And remember to vote “no.”

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