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Bailout a bane to capitalism

As a capitalist society, the central government should not have to intervene when a market fails.

Why should the taxpayers of America have to pay for the auto industry’s failure? We are putting money into a lost cause.

If a normal person has a small business and it fails, is the government going to come to the rescue and save the business? Where does that leave the rest of us? We are stuck paying taxes to help businesses that can’t make it on their own.

If the government gets involved with all our markets, we are no longer a capitalist society and America is no longer dedicated to the people. It is dedicated to businesses.

They didn’t manage their money right the first time, so what makes you think they can honestly do it this time?

Financiers earn reader’s contempt

I don’t think any single incident in the long history of the United States showed more contempt for the helpless majority than Wall Street and the banking community begging the taxpayers for a lifeline.

Congress awarded them such a lifeline, which they laughed at by giving top executives huge bonuses.

It’s a poor example for today’s young people, showing them you can mismanage any business, be obnoxious about it and still be given an obscene bonus.

Whatever happened to getting bonuses the old fashion way – earning them?

Playground needs everyone’s support

If we are to believe the words of Children’s Defense Fund founder Marian Wright Edelman, “No parent raises a child alone,” then my effort to use my children’s books in trying to help complete the Glen Lyon Playground is missing the mark.

Ms. Edelman also said, “If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much.”

Let me say, first, that I have met some wonderful Glen Lyon residents in this effort. They know who they are. Some of them will help to form a playground committee, headed by Frank Chest, a local contractor who is volunteering his time. Some will be future volunteer monitors at the park during certain hours.

It has been a heartwarming and productive experience to talk with these folks, and it will be equally fulfilling to work with them.

Trouble is they represent barely 10 percent of the Glen Lyon residents whom I have approached.

“I don’t have any children” is too often the reason given for not assisting in the rehabilitation of the Glen Lyon Playground. It is a direct contradiction to Ms. Edelman’s quotes.

Recent news articles about children at peril or gravely harmed are a sad commentary on the fact that we are not doing enough to help assure a good life for the children around us. We must not turn our backs on them.

The book that I have set aside for Glen Lyon folks is a collector’s book – a children’s mystery sponsored by Disney, with beautiful calligraphy and art. There are limited copies remaining, so I had hoped the people of Glen Lyon would see the value of the book, thereby receiving a lasting memento for their assistance.

Newport Township is ready to proceed with the Glen Lyon Playground, receiving $15,000 in grants.

That is not enough.

In order to provide additional funding, I have again launched a campaign to help by using my children’s books.

All books are signed, autographed to a child or donated to a school or library with the donor’s name printed on the inside cover. They are delivered to sponsors or designated recipients by volunteers.

In closing, I quote Geoffrey Chaucer who said in the 12th century, “Idle hands are the devil’s tools.”

We all have seen evidence of that statement today. Frustration by youths who were chased from every area that promised a level playing space engendered mischief that could have been avoided if they had only had a place to call their own. We are trying, and the playground is slowly taking shape.

“I don’t have any children …” Let’s hope that phrase dies a quick death and the kids of Glen Lyon have the support and help of every last resident.

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