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Lack of ethics, not jobs drives people to crime

The crime statistics article by Edward Lewis in The Times Leader (Jan. 26) indicated Wilkes-Barre Police Chief Gerald Dessoye blamed the economy for the high burglary rate in 2007.

I am dismayed how often we blame poverty or job losses for poor performance and crime. Just look at the screaming headline “Dishonored” on The Times Leader’s front page (Jan. 27). At the salaries these jurists received, I doubt Chief Dessoye will blame that upon the economy!

Many are poor yet honest, hardworking people who never have contact with the police or court system. Chief Dessoye, the issue isn’t poverty or unemployment. The issue is a lack of morality that afflicts not just the poor but all economic levels.

Today our colleges teach ethics classes. Why? Because, as a people, America has abandoned the source of our Constitution, the source of our laws, the source of our founding faith, our ethics, and our morality: the Bible – God’s word to man for living right.

North W-B Little League open to players, volunteers

I am writing to inform interested parents and guardians that Miners Mills, Parsons and North/East End Little Leagues have combined to form the new North Wilkes-Barre Little League.

We are accepting registrations from players and looking for volunteers to help with this league. Please review the Bulletin Board in the sports section of this newspaper for registration dates and locations.

Legalizing gay marriage called ‘Unholy Experiment’

The founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, called his colony a “Holy Experiment.”

The recent actions by courts of three states, in opposition to the will of a majority of the population in each case, to legalize homosexual marriage could be properly described as an “Unholy Experiment.”

To have the arrogance of redefining the institution of marriage according to their opinions is a direct challenge to God. Time will demonstrate whether the one who established marriage in the beginning will long tolerate the usurpation of his authority and the negation of his plan for the key building block of society: the family.

Actually, this blatant shaking of the fist in the face of God is not new to the present courts. U.S. judges and justices have routinely removed God, prayer and the Bible from public life in recent decades.

The possible reason for the sparing of America in its current moral decadence is the presence of a sizable Christ-honoring population within America’s borders. From the halls of government to the Salvation Army and city missions, we find multitudes of Americans who profess faith in Jesus Christ.

The United States remains the primary sending country for Christian missionaries around the world who are involved in both evangelism and relief and development projects. We are blessed to live in this great nation.

It was Christianity, which recognizes the equality of all people in the sight of God that made America great. The “Unholy Experiment” will inevitably fail.

Hopefully, it will not be ended by the judgment of the one before whom the entire Supreme Court, president and Congress will someday bow.

Covenants said to decree Israel as land of Jews

A lot of people do not know the history of the nation of Israel. If they did, there would be no condemnation of this most prophetic nation.

This nation, because of its unique history, touches all people of the Earth. Its history proclaims it to be one out of many. The only nation initiated into the realm of God’s chosen people.

During Israel’s reign of more than 400 years, covenants were made between its people and their creator. One of the most profound decrees was that this land of Israel was given to the Jews in perpetuity – and that means “forever.” Though the Jews were scattered throughout the world for 2,000 years and were reinstated again in 1949, this did not in any way dissolve God’s promise. The covenant still stands.

It is profoundly stated in the Bible – those who curse Israel I will curse, and those who bless Israel I will bless.

Energy efficiency tips save money, environment

In this economy, all of us are looking for ways to save. What we might not realize is that saving money also can mean saving the environment.

Here are some great ways to save money and energy:

• Unplug electronic chargers between uses. They still absorb electricity from the outlet even when they are not plugged into your phone or other electric appliance.

• Switch to the energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

• Wrap insulating foam around your hot water pipes in the basement.

• Lower the temperature of your house by only a few degrees. Wear a sweater, or purchase a few small blankets. The price will even out in only a few months.

• Use the washing machine only when you have a full load, and the same goes for the dishwasher. If either of the machines has a high-efficiency setting, take advantage of it.

• Take showers instead of baths; they use much less water, especially if you have water-saving showerheads. You can purchase one of those at your local home improvement store.

• When you go grocery shopping, take your own reusable bags.

• Avoid throwaway products such as paper towels. Try to think of how much money you could save if you used a dish towel or sponge to clean up a mess instead of a paper towel.

Please try to integrate a few of these tips into your daily lives. After only a month or two, you will notice all the money you are saving. And it makes saving the environment a whole lot easier.

Be grateful, not greedy to avoid evils of money

It is true we need money to survive in this world.

We must remember the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. We should appreciate what we do have. Greed is not good. We came into this world with nothing and we will leave the same.

It is strange that many wealthy men who lost much of their wealth took their lives, and yet it was found they still had thousands of dollars available to them, proving the love of money can bring much evil.

Student lauds experience gained from internships

People are worried about the economy, health care and two wars. But there is another issue that people, specifically students, are worried about these days: internship coordinators and their failure to adequately teach interns.

Faculty from colleges across the country stress the importance of internships and the experiences you can acquire from them. But doing administrative work the majority of your mandatory hours does not count as “experience.”

However, there are internships in the community worth taking a look at if you have the opportunity and time.

Currently on my fourth internship, I can at least speak with some authority of three internship coordinators and easily recommend Bridget Giunta for any student interested in a position with the mayor’s office in Wilkes-Barre.

Giunta, during last spring semester, provided me with tremendous opportunities for growth and experience in the public relations field. She let me progress as the semester continued and gave me enough work to allow me to build confidence, along with the portfolio I’ve developed.

Better yet, she always asked for my opinions on city matters. Giunta’s approach is one that other internship supervisors should mimic to help this generation of students prepare for life after graduation.

Internships are great for students to develop their skills and confidence, but only if you have a supervisor willing to share his or her knowledge and take students seriously.

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