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Exeter residents deserve facts on Wal-Mart plans

Independent impact studies are typically required in most communities where a project involving 5 acres or more is planned.

Projects that will be generating about 1,000 car trips a day and creating impervious surface (pavement), which produces water runoff, need to fully disclose the significant effects of these activities and more.

Impact reports revealing projections on factors such as these – traffic, storm water management, local economic impact, pollution, crime, etc. – should be disclosed as public record.

The residents, businesses and concerned residents of Exeter and neighboring communities deserve the right to know how the area will be affected by a proposed Wal-Mart Super Center. An independent (unbiased) contractor who has not had a contract with Wal-Mart for the past five years should be selected by Exeter Borough Council, stipulating Wal-Mart will absorb the cost of the studies.

It is vital to the future of Exeter and neighboring communities to have unbiased facts provided prior to moving forward with any consideration of the development of Wal-Mart or any other project that might have a negative, or non-value added, economic impact on the community. Our futures do not deserve to be discounted.

Money continues its ugly taint of national politics

Never in my rather long life have I witnessed a political debacle such as the one that has persisted in our Congress and administration in the past month.

The public hearings with the chief executive of American International Group (AIG) were disgusting displays by the egotistical incompetent members of Congress. I find the request to provide the names of the private individuals receiving these bonuses really frightening.

During the 2008-2009 campaign period, President Obama received the most money (“bonus”) from AIG ($104,322), while Sen. Christopher Dodd was second (at $103,903). Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain also received large amounts. Should these politicians return this money or be taxed 100 percent, as it is proposed the private citizens be taxed?

These are the same politicians who desire to take over the health care system, while they cannot control or provide oversight for one insurance company. The billions of dollars spent by this administration in two months is actually beyond comprehension; the amount of pork-barrel projects in the stimulus bill and the proposed budget is nothing but ludicrous. Most of this money will go to the “pay-to-play” that is so widespread in our state governments.

President Obama’s political career was birthed in the corrupt Chicago and Illinois political arenas, which he appears to have brought to the White House.

Resident encourages permanent burn ban

It’s trash burning time again in the valley. You can smell it miles away and see the plumes of smoke rise to the sky.

Why do we continue to burn trash? Today there are trash haulers in every area and, of course, recycling options; so, why do we continue to burn?

It’s brush fire season again, and again the local municipalities ban burning for a short period of time. Why not just ban burning of trash?

Dems should rethink plan to scuttle Sallie Mae

As a lifelong Democrat and a President Obama supporter, it saddens me to think that the economic security of my family is endangered by my own party with its plan to eliminate the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program.

I have been an employee of Sallie Mae for 15 years, starting in an entry-level position and working my way up to management. This job has afforded me the ability to buy a home and support my family in these difficult times, provided me with invaluable industry experience and training, and encouraged my personal growth through community involvement and continuing education. Sallie Mae also provided a college scholarship to a member of my family through the company’s Family Scholarship Program.

In the past 18 months, I have been impacted by the economic downturn. My husband, after a 17-year tenure, lost his job due to downsizing. I am the sole provider for my family and the possibility of losing my career over this legislative act is not something I can comprehend.

Politics aside, I have personally experienced universities and colleges opting to step away from government-run programs, specifically direct lending. I believe that Sallie Mae’s performance in the FFEL program stands on its own. Sallie Mae always has provided affordable funding for parents and students.

As industry leaders, I am hoping – as are my 700-plus peers and fellow employees – that we find a way to align to form a viable partnership to meet the needs of all affiliated individuals and institutions.

Reader equates diversity with ‘deviate’ teachings

The National Education Association controls our schools. To it, “diversity” is the code word for pro-gay.

It follows the homosexual agenda that espouses whoever controls the schools, controls the future. It wants diversity-based curricula without parental interference impressed even on preschoolers. It wants indoctrination on sexual orientation and homophobia and stresses role-playing. It teaches kids that homosexual behavior is normal.

The brainwashing becomes more intense through high school, then in college, the liberal professors take over.

The teaching profession with all the young minds is a magnet for gays.

Misericordia University, a Catholic institution, but under the control of liberals, seems to have gone the way of a majority of our schools, hard left. I believe liberal professors are a product of communist-born “political correctness” – instituted to destroy conservative values, patriotism and western culture – and “social justice teaching,” a belief that America is an unjust society and must spread its power and wealth.

Inviting homosexual speaker Keith Boykin seeks to normalize gay and deviate behavior, if not outright condoning it, all in the name of diversity.

I believe the comment from a student that this is 2009 and not the 1940s, referring to morality, comes directly from a professor’s influence. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe college students know much about morality in the ’40s

I don’t want my offspring to be brainwashed by members of society who promote and live deviate lives in the name of diversity. I don’t think practicing Catholics would either.

Parents, be aware of what goes on in your local school districts.

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