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Legalize drugs, nation will benefit

The violence associated with narcotics trafficking in the United States can be solved by only two possible options.

The first option is Milton Friedman’s way: Legalize, regulate and tax narcotics. The second option is Chairman Mao’s way: Kill all narcotics dealers and users.

Americans will never stand for option No. 2. The policy toward narcotics employed by the United States over the past four decades is just as foolish as the policy it had during Prohibition. Narcotics are a commodity; people are going to use them in a free society.

The reason violence exists in this industry is because legitimate players cannot engage in the profitable business due to the fact that economic disputes cannot be handled by courts, but rather must be handled by brutal violence.

Who is the government to tell people in a free society what they can put into their bodies? The way to deal with the negative ancillary effects of drug use, such as theft, is to strictly enforce the law in regard to those crimes. The billions spent on current drug enforcement would be spent on matters of greater import; additionally, tax revenue from narcotics would increase government revenue.

Who loses when drugs are legalized? Only the prison-industrial complex – the people who make money by arresting, processing and imprisoning nonviolent drug offenders.

This era of government paternalism is killing our nation, worse than any drug ever could. It is time for the era of personal responsibility, and personal liberty, to rise.

Walkers group at Harveys Lake

Residents of Harveys Lake, whether middle-aged or golden-aged, are invited to join a walking club for exercise and socializing with neighbors.

It is not a dating club, but rather a group offering a chance for neighbors to make good friends.

Depending on the interest and number of participants, group activities will be planned for this summer and fall. Perhaps even a Christmas party.

Men and women, single or married, are invited to contact Sunset117@aol.com or call 639-3299. This group is forming at no charge. And your family dog will love walking, too.

Now there is no excuse to sit home. This is a chance to enjoy fresh air and the lake’s natural gymnasium.

Appropriate walking times will be set for evenings and Saturday mornings.

Global justice matter of survival

Is there an answer to the most important question facing the folks on this planet?

The question concerns controlling rogue states such as Iran, Iraq and North Korea and the potential for mass destruction they represent. The frightening fact is that destructive technologies are becoming increasingly more advanced and more widely available to rogue nations.

Also, materials for biological warfare can be so unobtrusive that no one will ever be quite sure that a rogue nation is not preparing for that sort of weaponry.

Current deterrence is nothing more than a God-given grace period, a brief time for America and the world to work out a humane and permanent solution. The national missile defense system will never be more than a palliative. A determined aggressor can use enough weapons in order that he saturates a nation’s defense. If only one or two missiles penetrated America’s defense, the horror will follow.

So is there an answer? The outline of a solution is clear enough in my mind.

The world must become civilized at the international level. Currently, the international scene is anarchic. Each sovereign nation has the unimpeded right to make war on those with whom it disagrees.

We need to develop a system of law and order on an international scale. The United Nations was a good start, just as the Articles of Confederation was a good start for the United States.

What the world needs now is what our Founding Fathers gave us, albeit on a national scale: an international constitution establishing a democratic federal system of law. This system would include legislative, executive and judicial functions on the world level, with checks and balances to assure stability.

It will be an exceedingly arduous task, but it’s getting late. The time to start is now.

Although internal moral decay might destroy the United States first, it’s mandatory that we focus on the above.

Vote out tax-happy county politicians

Now we hear certain politicians approved a tax on all residents living within a certain distance from the Susquehanna River’s levees.

Our levees were raised during the recent past. No floods since. Who knows for sure if the river will again flood? Certainly not the politicians.

More taxes, in addition to the recent excessive property tax imposed on the residents of Luzerne County? Have politicians considered our residents who cannot afford them? Probably not.

Do they care? Would they rather take their homes and property to sell? Where, then, would the money go? More importantly, where do the owners go? What do they then do?

Politicians must not continue to have the political authority to unilaterally increase our taxes at will.

Senior citizens should have the right and legal authority to stop paying all taxes at age 75. We paid taxes all our adult lives. That’s enough, politicians.

Above all, stay away from a death tax for all our citizens. Such political greed is unconscionable. Let us die in peace! We earned it. Shame on you, politicians.

Why such tax-happy politicians get elected and re-elected, placing such burdens on the citizens, is entirely beyond this writer’s comprehension. Go after them!

Protect yourselves. Vote them out of office no matter who they are. Don’t fear them. Why be beholden to any party? Vote as you see it and as you wish.

‘Diamond’ tips prove to be gems

Baseball is coming into the height of its season and is creating a lot of excitement. Young baseball players are looking for tips that will help them get into the major leagues. Here a number of tips that will help:

• A batter will have an easier time hitting a pitched ball if he swings the bat level with the ground rather than trying to uppercut a pitched ball.

• Pitchers always should make the batter wait before they pitch the ball.

• Fastball pitchers try to throw harder and harder. They should try to control their speed, especially if they are having trouble controlling their pitches for strikes. A good remedy for this is to throw a two-seam fastball rather than a four-seam fastball. It is a little slower but much easier to control and it will save their throwing arms.

• Players who make it to the majors should never make drastic changes in their game. Use what got you there. But listen to tips to determine if they are right for you.

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