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Writer endorses reform of health care system

I am in favor of revamping our health care system. The reason is this: not everyone has a college degree, and many workers take jobs -- such as servers, hostesses and other part-time work --that provide no benefits for people young and old to survive.

Medical costs are very high. A simple cortisone shot ran my insurance company and me close to $500. This is outrageous.

I am with President Obama in reducing costs, guaranteeing all Americans the right to choose their plan and having a public insurance option – as long as it is affordable.

Reader urges landowner not to give up property

I’m with you, Ed Spencer (“Susquehanna Warrior Trail: Obstacles in path,” July 26).

Don’t give in; once you give them what they want, they will only want more. You have your rights. They are trying to use local media to shame you into it.

My family had land taken from us and no good has come from it.

Governor blamed for state workers’ hardship

Mr. Governor, I don’t understand. Is budget preparation not part of your job description?

Do the people who mingle at the Capitol not run under the same standards of conduct and work rules as the rest of the commonwealth’s employees? Are you even aware that there are such standards signed by “your” Office of Administration?

Do you realize how many state employees have been disciplined for breaking those specific rules and standards? Are you aware that we are disciplined and must fight for fairness when we don’t have a project completed in a timely manner or do not finalize a task that is part of our job description? A day – no let me correct that, an hour – is too late and grounds for discipline.

Do you realize that good, hardworking people are having their lives turned upside down by the indolent attitudes of both yourself and the people who are working with you and around you?

This was and is your responsibility; these are the tasks that are given within the job description.

Do you realize how much your hardworking employees have given up over the past nine years only to have the state turn and slap us in the face by not being prepared to pay us?

You were all aware, well in advance, that you would have people working for no pay as a result of a budget impasse, yet you allowed it to happen.

You have no idea what we are being put through.

Representative angry about union ‘bashing’

When did it become bad to be a unionized American worker?

I recently stopped at a local tire and auto store because I needed tires and an alignment. I requested a price on a specific American-made brand of tire. The gentleman behind the counter suggested I look at a different brand that was on display in the lobby.

I told him I was looking for “made in the U.S.A.” tires for my vehicle and that I couldn’t put “made in Korea or China” on my truck. I stated that I realize it might be an odd request, but that is what I want. He said, “I’ve had that request before, but it’s getting harder to find such products because so many companies are being forced to move out of the country and overseas.” I explained that’s why I wanted that particular brand.

He then said, “Just imagine what tires would be costing you if you had to pay for those high union wages.” At that point, he was reminded that he should keep his opinions to himself and I decided to spend my money elsewhere.

I was quite offended by the comments made that day and I’ll explain exactly why.

I earn “union wages.” I am a member of a local labor organization. I support my community and my country. Organized labor is without a doubt the largest organization in this country that still fights for the American worker every single day. I would rather spend my union wages on small local businesses every day, than spend anything in the national “middle-class-killer stores.”

The daily actions of labor organizations benefit workers. They help to maintain fair wages, safe working conditions, proper training and the reality of a comfortable retirement. Our actions also benefit the unrepresented worker. Area wages, standards and working conditions are all improved by our efforts.

So, the American worker, union or not, is a resource that I personally fight for every day. When a local construction project is announced, we are at the meeting. Whether it’s a school board, planning board, zoning board, etc., we are urging those officials to use local labor.

When a county project is announced, we are at the commissioner meetings urging them to use local workers.

I regularly spend time in our state capital working with officials from the state Department of Labor and Industry and the federal Department of Labor to secure jobs and training for Pennsylvania’s workers.

So when did it become a bad thing to be an American worker in a union? Why is it so popular to bash someone who is striving for, or has already achieved, a better standard of living? Why are the autoworkers or the teachers frowned upon for making a good living?

Why is it easier to try to pull someone down, than to say, “Wait a minute, that seems to be working out for them … maybe I should look into that for myself”?

Why are people so quick to turn their back on their neighbor if that neighbor has made different choices and is succeeding?

I wish I knew.

Reform shouldn’t benefit health care ‘parasites’

Given the bleeding of public funds for the indigent in our emergency rooms, President Obama will never garner enough support for his health insurance plan until he makes it very clear that there will not be coverage for illegal immigrants.

In addition, taxpayers are tired of working their butts off to support self-abusers who collect SSI for problems associated with obesity, smoking, and alcohol and drug abuse.

President Obama needs to fine-tune his reform programs to remove these parasites who often have doctors certify that they can’t work because of their self-abusive nature. He also needs to punish these doctors, who fear losing their patients, if they don’t agree to stop enabling these parasites.

Go to any church, supermarket or recreation area. Handicapped spots take up the majority of the parking. And who uses them? Not the elderly, not the lame; it’s the obese and the smokers.

Frankly, taxpayers are tired and don’t want to part with another dime unless it’s pried out of their cold dead hands.

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