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WVC Boys Soccer Capsules

(State classification in parentheses) DIVISION I Coughlin (2A)

Coach: Rob Havard, 4th season

Home Field: the BOG, Miners Mills

2008 Record: 13-1

Key Players Lost: Joe Rother, Tom Lisofsky, Ray Musto, Rob Sebia, Kevan Nagle

Key Players: Mike Turner, Sr., M; Justin Coskey, Jr., GK; Brian Zingaretti, Sr., D; Dan Post, Jr., D; Tim Long, Sr., MF/F; Jake Karavitch, Jr., M; Jason John, Sr., MF/F; Brian Suchoski, Jr., M/F; Ryan Susek, Sr., M/F; Bobby Sorokas, Jr., D; Jordan Okun, Jr., M/F; Justin Okun, Fr., M/F

Coach’s Comments: “I want the team to come from modesty, but I guess in the conference we may have a target on our backs.”

Crestwood (2A)

Coach: Pasquale Calabrese, 8th season

Home Field: High school

2008 Record: 7-7

Key Players Lost: Keith Snyder, Mark Hamlin, Derek Stein, Joe Sanfilipo

Key Players: Nick Desperito, Sr., MF; Mike Rerick, M, Sr; Kevin Kupris, Sr., M; Jim Moran, Sr., D; Ryan Pisaneski, Sr., D

Coach’s Comments: “I think we are going to compete. It all depends if we don’t get any injuries. I believe we’re going to do better than last year.”

Dallas (2A)

Coach: Chris Scharff, 12th season

Home Field: High school

2008 Record: 12-2

Key Players Lost: Tim Ropel, Kevin Pierce, Alex Slocum, Dave Zurek, Andy Besecker, Tom Youells, Jackie Ellis, Eric Fritzges, Colin Grube

Key Players: Eric Cannon, Sr., F; Scott Webb, Sr., MF; Christian Pyros, Jr., D/MF; Zack Duder, Jr., D/MF; David Miller, So., F/MF; Drew Schaub, Jr., GK

Coach’s Comments: “The weird thing is I lost a lot of guys but had a pretty strong team last year, so we went pretty deep. So it kind of feels like I didn’t lose as much. We hope to reach districts and make a run at it. I’m sure it won’t be easy, and Class 2A is a little stronger this year. But as usual, I think we’ll give it a run.”

Hazleton Area (3A)

Coach: Dan Cunningham, 1st season, 3rd overall

Home Field: Harman Geist Memorial Field

2008 Record: 4-10

Key Players Lost: Alex Yepez

Key Players: Alex Chacinski, Sr., MF; John Kurija, Sr., MF; Sam Pozzessere, Sr., GK; Jared Genasevich, Sr., D; Max Pozzessere, Fr., F; Tyler Bicking, Fr., F; Vince Hormack, Fr., F; Danny Mendoza, Fr., D; Logan Yacowatz, Fr., GK; Cruz Finnecum, Jr., M/F

Coach’s Comments: “We have a pretty good team. The team I have now is stronger than the team I had four years ago that went to the District 2 (Class 3A) finals. But on any given day we could lose to anyone else.”

Holy Redeemer (2A)

Coach: Sal Leggio, 2nd season

Home Field: Eddie White Field, Plains Twp.

2008 Record: 7-7

Key Players Lost: Nick Latosek, Vince Sperdutto, Robert Dogal, Harry Schall, Matt Suchocki, Jim Finkernagel

Key Players: Gary Verazin, Sr., GK/Mid; Jared Kukosky, So., M/F; Bryan Brown, Jr., D; Dan Geraghty, Jr., MF; Robert Wingert, So., MF; Patrick Kalish, Sr., D; Stephen Ruch, Jr., D

Coach’s Comments: “We are still a relatively young team with plenty of returning starters. We are looking to build off last season and our playoff appearance.”

Tunkhannock (2A)

Coach: Scott Benedict, 2nd season

Home Field: Tewksbury Field, Digger Drive, Tunkhannock

2008 Record: 2-12

Key Players Lost: Cody Bevan, Joe Saunders, Josh Seigel

Key Players: Ryan Karnopp, So., F; Thomas Damiani, So., M/F; Kelley Healey, Sr., F; Gavin Colley, Jr., D; Jordan Poindexter, Sr., D; R.J. Barr, Sr., GK

Coach’s Comments: “I am hopeful we will be middle of the pack because I think we have the talent to do so. I do not think we will see blowout games like we did last year. I’m 100 percent sure we will improve on our record from last year.”

Wyoming Seminary (A)

Coach: Charles Carrick, 3rd season

Home Field: Forty Fort Soccer Fields, Wyoming Ave. (Cabbage Patch)

2008 Record: 0-14

Key Players Lost: Mason Astaneh, Duncan Campbell

Key Players: Ben Adrian, Sr., D/M; Oliver Xia Sr., F; Dylan Leftkowitz, Jr., M; Matt Smith, Sr., D; Chad Adonizio, Sr., M; Artur Kocheuv, Sr., M; Justin Nguyen, Sr.; Chibueze Onwunaka, Jr. D

Wyoming Valley West (3A)

Coach: Aaron Littzi, 3rd season

Home Field: Spartan Stadium, Kingston

2008 Record: 11-3

Key Losses: Bill McGuiness, Kris Moules, Brandon D’Angelo, Darren Dolan, Nick Needle, Adam Fleischer, Cody Meredick, Kameron Keene

Key Players: Joseph Schmid, Sr., F.; Nathan Snedden, Sr., D; Korbin Keene, Sr., D; Jeff Grodzki, MF, Jr.; Ryan Wisnewski, D, Fr.; Badou Sanyang, D, Sr.; Connor Dolan, MF, So.; Chris Cousin, F, Sr.; Tony Wasilewski, D, Sr.; Nick Wilson, GK, Sr.

Coach’s Comments: “We lost eight starters and we’re going to be really young. Obviously we’re going to be underdogs this year. It’s a new experience, but it’s good to be underdogs this year.”

DIVISION II Berwick (2A)

Coach: Janet Henger, 1st season

Home Field: Salem Soccer Field, Berwick

2008 Record: 8-8

Key Players Lost: Shane Kitzmiller, Matt Saxton, Sam Goome

Key Players: Mike Henger, Sr., F; Corey Klinger, Sr., F; Dakota Crouse, Sr., D/M; Randall Jones, Sr., GK; Dan Jones, Sr., MF; Conner Owens, Sr., M/D; Mike Clemons, Sr., D; Kelby Lindsey, Sr., D; Giovanni Perla, Sr., D; Julio Sura, Sr., F; Jordan Webb, Sr., M/F; Terry Moore, Jr., M; Jayden Moyer, Jr., M/D/GK; Kyle Venditti, So., M/F; Julio Ayalla, Fr., F; Zachary Mitchell, Fr., D; Isaac Moyer, Fr., M/D; Arlinson Reyes, Fr., F; Andrew Woznok, Fr., D; Brandyn Leeson, Jr., M

Coach’s Comments: “Their expectations are to take the division. This is their senior year and they have been working hard at it. My expectations are to keep this team running as a team together, to win as many games as they possibly can and be good at what they do.”


Coach: Chris Litzenberger, 1st season

Home Field: Coal Street Park, Wilkes-Barre

2008 Record: 3-13

Key Players Lost: Maurizio Illiano, Gary Gaughan, Gabe Sosa, Kevin Duong

Key Players: Ray Godlewski, Sr., D; Edgardo Flores, Sr., MF; Kevin Sosa, Jr. F; Steve McCann, Jr., F; Tyler Boback, So., MF; Kyle Kogoy, Sr., M; Joseph Prednis, Jr., D/MF; Ethan Petyo, Sr., D; Matt Kasper, Sr., D; Phil Richards, Sr., GK

Coach’s Comments: “We have put in a good system and we’re trying to change the losing aspect. Playoffs are a realistic goal for us. Winning the division is a lofty goal but not unattainable. I’ll be surprised if we don’t make some noise this year.”

Hanover Area (A)

Coach: John Nealon, 2nd season

Home Field: High school

2008 Record: 8-8

Key Players Lost: Vinny DeMichele, Raul Ortiz

Key Players: Ryan Thomas, Sr., M; Matt Lukachinsky, Jr., F; Pat Garrison, Sr., F; Austin Bogart, So., F; Dan Tomko, So., GK; Kevin Bly, Sr., D; Nick Krueger, Jr., MF; Kyle Gavlick, Jr., MF; Pat Cook, So. D

Coach’s Comments: “Everyone has a positive attitude right now. We had a really good year last year. They think they can do pretty well this season. I just have to make sure they keep working hard at it so they don’t ease up.”

Lake-Lehman (2A)

Coach: Mike Kostrobala, 4th season

Home Field: High school

2008 Record: 13-2-2

Key Players Lost: Jimmy Dalkiewicz, Brad Kabosky, Codie Dawes

Key Players: Matt Bevan, Sr., F; Danny Precone, Jr., M; J.J. Karlowicz, Jr., M; Casey Dawes, Sr., M; Jay Dawsey, So., M; Kevin Cope, Jr., D; Brady Sutliff, Jr., D; John Butchko, So., GK; Chris Edkins, Fr., MF; Zach Manganella, So., D

Coach’s Comments: “We’re looking OK. We’re still fairly young, but we got potential. We’d like to compete for the division championship and qualify for districts and see how far we go from there.”

Meyers (A)

Coach: Jack Nolan, 4th season

Home Field: Gibby Field, Wilkes-Barre

2008 Record: 10-5-1

Key Players Lost: Jon Montalvo, Felix Ngolo, Nick Giesto, Steven Knooren, Jason Zych

Key Players: Jeff Frail, F, Sr., Ron Missal, M, Sr., M; Ron Ott, Sr., D; David Oram, So., GK; Tim Zaccone, Sr., D; Ryan Naperkowski, Sr., D; Chris McGavin, Jr., D; Matt Hromchak, Jr., D; Max Rottennecker, Sr., MF

Coach’s Comments: “We have to replace the leading scorer in the league the last two years (Montalvo). Defensively, we’re looking really strong. One area I’m not overly concerned about is defense.”

MMI Prep (A)

Coach: Justin Vincent, 2nd season

Home Field: Community Park, Hazle Twp.

2008 Record: 0-16

Key Players Lost: Niklas Anthony

Key Players: Zachary Haupt, Sr., MF; Justin Dacher, Sr., MF; Robert Dougherty, Sr., GK; Ryan Scirrotto, Sr., F

Coach’s Comments: “The last two seasons we were kind of working toward where the team wants to win. The seniors I think are ready to start showing the rest of the team they can win. I think we reached the point as a team where the expectations as a team are going to be much higher.”

Nanticoke (2A)

Coach: Mark Matusek, 21st season

Home Field: High school or West Side Park (West Grand Street, Nanticoke)

2008 Record: 13-1-2

Key Players Lost: Josh Olzinski, Robert Bertoni, Jason Zmijewski, Mack Martin, Joey Zannetti, Will Grabinski, Keith Moran, Ian Bukowski

Key Players: Joey Zwiebel, Sr., D; Josh Lukaszewski, Sr., F; Mike Yalch, Jr., D; Dustin Robaczewski, Sr., D; Alex Pawlush, Sr., MF; Cody Bukowski, Jr., MF; John Mavus, Sr., GK; Paul Zannetti, Jr., M

Coach’s Comments: “We graduated eight starters and only have 11 returning players from last year, but they are coachable and saw what it took to accomplish to win the last few years and what it took to get there.”

Pittston Area (2A)

Coach: Pat O’Boyle, 1st season

Home Field: Pittston Primary Center, Rock Street, Hughestown

2008 Record: 11-5

Key Players Lost: Jeffrey Gavlick, Nick Webb, Joe D’Amico, Kevin O’Dell

Key Players: Mike Blasi, Sr., C/MF; Dylan Kester, Sr., D; Brian Werts, Sr., GK; Danny Scatena, Sr., F; Zack Bell, Sr., MF

Coach’s Comments: “They’re coming off an 11-5 season and I don’t see why we can’t stay at that minimum.”

Wyoming Area (2A)

Coach: Roberto Sosa, 5th season

Home Field: Tenth Street Elementary School, Wyoming

2008 Record: 4-12

Key Players Lost: n/a

Key Players: Matthew McDermott, MF, Sr.; Michael Romanoski, Sr., GK; Eric Brazon, Sr.; Kevin Bott, Sr.; Mark Bulgelholl, Jr., MF; Ian Scrobola, Jr., MF; Nathaniel Brague, So., F

Coach’s Comments: Assistant coach Sam Fuller says the team has strong senior leadership.

“We have 11 seniors on the boys team so we are hoping that experience helps us win games,” Fuller said.

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