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Jobs at Sallie Mae mean choices for students

I am a 10-year employee of Sallie Mae in the Hanover Industrial Park. I am not a supervisor, manager or director; I am an analyst.

I don’t make six figures and I don’t drive a fancy car or live in an expensive house. I, like many others here and in this area, need my job. Sallie Mae employs more than 1,000 people, the majority just like me. Some are single parents who are the sole support of their children.

If the government takes over student lending, there is a chance that many, if not all, jobs here would be lost. There already has been a large number of company closings and downsizing in Pennsylvania. Sallie Mae already has taken the promised steps of bringing jobs back from overseas, which is evident in the amount of people it has been hiring.

On another note, if the government takes over the student lending, there will be no choice of where to borrow money for school. Let’s give these students a choice of what is best for them.

We strive to do our best here to make things easier and more cost-efficient for students. Sallie Mae is always trying to come up with better ways to help students with their loans.

Here at Sallie Mae, it is always about the borrower and how we can better assist them.

Please, tell your congressman, senators and governor to keep the jobs here. Let people have a choice.

Yankees’ lineup loaded with ‘homegrown’ talent

It’s a dreary Halloween afternoon and I just finished reading the commentary from William C. Kashatus pontificating again, this time about the ego-filled Yankees.

He claims that the team has bought a championship while abandoning the Yankee tradition. Well, let’s start with the most humble, professional and traditional “homegrown” Yankee: Derek Jeter! Then let’s mention Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, without forgetting the best closer of all time, Mariano Rivera! All, by the way, homegrown, and all the epitome of professionalism.

I find it interesting that “Phillie fan” Kashatus failed to recall these facts when he penned his column. The team also is led by another homegrown Yankee whose name is Joe Girardi. There are quite a few others, too.

The Yankees find themselves in the World Series just like the Phillies do, by fielding a team of professionals who have put together one of the finest performances in “traditional” Yankee history.

As for the likes of Johnny Damon, who Kashatus states was purchased, the Red Sox made the mistake of thinking he was finished. Just like team cheerleader Nick Swisher was so deemed by the White Sox.

I’m happy and proud to call myself a Yankee fan who cannot allow an incomplete and biased commentary go unanswered.

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