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Medico Olenginski seen as being unduly criticized

In a recent Times Leader article I detected a note of criticism concerning Luzerne County Prothonotary-elect Carolee Medico Olenginski’s comment regarding her office. The implication was that she thinks the office is not good enough for her.

That is not the impression she gives me.

She is to be commended for her fiscal responsibility. She has not even officially taken office yet and already she is concerned about safeguarding taxpayer money. There is such a thing as normal wear and tear and then there is downright negligence and abuse of property.

Maybe the county should implement security deposits on offices.

I am thankful Carolee got elected because I know she, along with Steve Urban and Walter Griffith, looks out for the taxpayer. We need to support the people who look out for us.

More troops in Afghanistan will only help insurgency

President Obama is expanding American involvement in the Afghan civil war with an additional 30,000 soldiers. This decision will return to haunt him.

The mainstream media have failed to alert the public that the war we are involved in is a civil war between the two major ethnic groups – the Pashtuns and the Tajiks. In his letter of resignation, American diplomat Matthew Hoh wrote: “I have observed that the bulk of the insurgency fights not for the white banner of the Taliban, but rather against the presence of foreign soldiers and taxes imposed by an unrepresentative government in Kabul. The United States military presence in Afghanistan greatly contributes to the legitimacy and strategic message of the Pashtun insurgency.”

Additional troops will result in more, not less, insurgency – which can only benefit our enemies.

Unknown to many Americans is that, in addition to tens of thousands of U.S. and allied troops, there are more than 70,000 mercenaries who are employed by the Department of Defense. When added together, these forces now exceed 150,000. The cost will jeopardize any hope of improving our economy or the lives of the American people. And, this does not even take into account the loss of life and damage it will inflict upon the Afghan population.

Almost 100 years ago another war was fought to end tyranny and make the world safe for democracy. Enormous sacrifices were called for. In the midst of the Great War, Tom Kettle, an Irish nationalist and poet, noted, “The world will for the first time understand the nobility, beyond all phrase, of the soldiers, and it will understand also the foulness, beyond all phrase, of those who compel them into war.”

It is time to honor the sacrifice of our soldiers by reevaluating our foreign and war policies, and end fruitless and needless death and destruction.

We must free ourselves from hold of terrorists

It certainly isn’t the first, and won’t be the last time that political correctness has cost us lives, 13 of them. The picture of Nidal Hasan that flashes up on our TV screens shows an unassuming man with soft eyes and a passive smile who looks almost comforting, but who, in reality, is insidious and diabolical. This is the face of radical Islam.

He sometimes wore traditional Muslim attire. He received a “bad performance” grade from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, had an Internet posting about suicide bombings, elicited reports from his colleagues that he often made radical statements and presented a PowerPoint presentation that glorified jihad.

The red flags were there. The U.S. Army, which is supposed to protect our citizens as well as the U.S. government, failed us miserably by not removing this accused murderer from the Army.

Radical Islam is a religion that will never be compatible with Western civilization. Its goal is global takeover and its proponents have a very good foothold in Europe.

Mosques are essentially kept very secret. What religion can be compatible with our society when members are forced to pray, not silently, but physically, five times a day? Who wouldn’t be fearful of people who are clothed in black cloaks from head to toe with what looks like a heating duct on their face? Please don’t interject the dress of Catholic nuns. Nuns in this dress, with their faces fully visible, remained in schools, churches and convents. When nuns became more open and active, they abandoned this kind of dress.

Radical Islam is one of the only religions that does not subscribe to the Golden Rule. This is a political society, not a religious society. It’s time that everyone realizes that radical Islam is a religion that exhorts and honors suicide and mass murder in the name of religion.

I do apologize to the Muslims who are law-abiding and faithful Americans. But, you seldom make your voices heard. You only complain about being singled out.

Well, there is a solution to this problem. Join us; assimilate with us. Forget the fanatical, insular clothing. If you feel that it is discriminatory for us to complain about your eccentricities, than maybe you will never be “Western” and would be happier somewhere else. If you are using your religion as a political tool and pledge allegiance to the Koran rather than to our flag, then you don’t belong here.

The reason the government has tolerated this kind of terrorism for so long is clear. The Islamic nations have held title to our economic future for so long because we are dependent on their oil. We pay a king’s ransom to the nations who so freely send terrorists to our shores.

Our oil companies, banks and politicians have all conspired by doing little or nothing to find alternative energy sources, and profit from this unholy alliance.

Stop being afraid to speak out and speak up. Complacency is our enemy. Your future is at stake, and most of us are basically ignoring it.

Don’t like Sarah Palin? Reader surmises why

Five reasons why women, including Martha Stewart, don’t like Sarah Palin:

She’s pro-life.

She’s pro-life.

She’s pro-life.

She’s pro-American.

She’s better looking than they are.

Trapper tips his hat to fur makers, wearers

The Times Leader’s recent coverage of a protest at RK Furs, Nanticoke, by a handful of activists points out that this firm has the honor of being the area’s only furrier. Hats off to RK Furs for having the perseverance and integrity to carry on the tradition.

My favorite hat, by the way, is made of muskrat fur. I had it made from six muskrats I trapped under the ice in January 1999. It is beautiful, soft, durable and incredibly warm – nature’s best, unmatched by any fabric or fake fur.

I spent Black Friday doing my favorite thing: checking my traps and catching up on skinning, fleshing and stretching fur. It is a hobby, or avocation, I thoroughly enjoy. It is a challenge, a daily adventure with nature and a wise use of a renewable natural resource.

This Christmas, think fur. I know the economy is bad and fur is a luxury for most, but it’s a great gift and you support the fur industry. Santa, you know, wears fur – from head to toe.

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