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Bobby’s of New York is a welcome new addition

Bobby’s of New York, which is actually in Drums, has brought more good taste to the southern end of Luzerne County.


Well what a pleasant surprise this turned out to be.

To say the set-up or concept behind the fairly new Bobby’s of New York on the southern end of our fair county confused us a bit is kind of an understatement.

We showed up without a reservation — on a Saturday night — because when we called what we thought was the number, taken from a Facebook page, the phone rang and rang without answer. Asked, then, if we had a reservation, we were maybe a bit defensive, remembering also that the same Facebook page had led us to believe this fine new eatery kept only early hours. But dinner specials were advertised, so we took our chances. (Credit word of mouth for this move.)

Glad we did. Turns out Bobby’s might have some digital updating to do or some confusion to clear up, but those in the know are still coming out in force. Also turns out Bobby’s is a 3-in-1 proposition: a daytime deli, which is where we apparently (mistakenly) called; a nighttime pub; and a main restaurant.

Inside a small but cozy bar right outside the main restaurant was where we bided our time during our wait for an unreserved table, but we couldn’t complain. Peroni was on tap, and peach sangria was the nightly drink special. The former was especially cold and especially tall, and the latter was similarly generous with a nice kick.

The only small issue was acoustics, if echoes trouble you. Everything is crisp and modern and decorated smartly in this stone-faced building, but its ceilings are low and its main dining room rather open, so things can get a tad loud. (This isn’t really a place for intimate dining.)

Still, the food is bound to please.

A large plate of New York-style cheese ravioli ($10.95) was hot, fresh, obviously homemade and amply stuffed, then dressed in a zingy, zippy sauce that left a lingering impression.

Veal Sorrentino ($17.95) was another stunner, appreciated because you don’t often find this combination veal-eggplant-cheese dish on local menus. This one contained multiple cheeses, adding even more panache to a rich, filling meal.

Paglia e Fieno ($13.95) was a gorgeous, delicious mixture of creamy fettucine, peas and prosciutto that impressed a guest immediately. A dyed-in-the-wool Italian, she raved about this classic Sicilian-style pasta dish and noted the cheese sauce had more of a Parmesan than Alfredo flavor, which she appreciated.

Desserts were equally interesting and enjoyable. Tartufo ($4.95) was coated chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream in a dome shape with a Maraschino cherry on the inside. The chocolate coating, similar to a Magic Shell, was more of a dark chocolate than a milk. We chose it for its rarity/novelty, and it drew raves all around. A cannoli ($3.50), served drizzled and with whipped cream, impressively ceded to the will of a fork, proving flaky while not obnoxious to crunch in public.

A grand opening here is shortly promised, by which time a few kinks with service and, well, phone numbers should be ironed out. We might have come in on this game a bit early, but we experienced no deal-breakers. Instead, our little taste of potentially big things to come merely left us longing for a future visit.

You know, to make sure our instincts were right the first time.


What: Bobby’s of New York

Where: 2 East Butler Drive, Drums

Call: 570-788-1221

Credit cards? Yes

Handicapped accessible? Yes

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