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‘Revenge’ is sweet on Emily VanCamp

ABC’s evening soap opera ’Revenge’ holds strong in ratings.

True or false: Everything on television right now is deplorable. Laughable. Fill in an adjective.

Pretty much halfway through the new season, that’s what plenty of folks are saying. Few new shows, including some highly anticipated, heavily hyped types that took off quickly out of the gate, seem to have clear forecasts ahead. Even the pretty and promising not-so-friendly-skies drama “Pan Am” is experiencing mid-season turbulence.

Among the few for whom the future is white-hot bright, however, is “Revenge,” the Wednesday-night Hamptons-set soap opera with Emily VanCamp in a rare bad-girl role. Well, bad girl with whom you can sympathize anyway. (Week after week, we’re reminded that somebody – lots of somebodies – did her daddy wrong years ago, so it’s pretty hard to see this baby-faced “Brothers and Sisters” refugee as Public Enemy No. 1.)

Unless your name is Grayson and you pretty much preside over the sin-loving summer playground of the super-rich. Then you might feel something less than love for this lonely little newcomer who’s slowly but surely been picking off your major players. By picking off, we don’t so much mean killing off as bringing low, very low.

Even if things are starting to feel a little too familiar each week, especially at this point, VanCamp, calculating with that sweet smile, is fun to watch, and the big beachfront house she inhabits all by herself is quite the looker. Makes you want to light the candles, pour the wine and dream your way through this so-called Hump Night. If only you had an ocean outside some exquisite, expansive French doors.

That’s where escape TV comes in. This one figures to be around, feeding our dreams and personal revenge fantasies, I suppose, for weeks, perhaps years, to come.

“REVENGE,” 10 p.m. Wednesdays on ABC.

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