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Domorasky joins PA 100 Win Club

Senior become 14th member of prestigious group

PA wrestler Michael Domorasky was honored for joining the Patriots 100 Win Club. He is pictured with his parents and grandfather.

If you ever thought 100 is a relatively small number, then you haven’t met Pittston Area wrestler Michael Domorasky.

The senior 119-pounder has accumulated 100 wins in his four year career at Pittston Area. His accomplishment is something only 14 other wrestlers have accomplished in the history of Pittston Area wrestling.

“What does it mean to me to have 100 wins? Think about it, 100 wins. 100 wins is a lot a lot of wins,” Domorasky said. “You have to win 100 matches, not just wrestle 100, but win 100. That’s pretty tough to do considering you don’t win every match you wrestle.”

Domorasky has been wrestling since the fifth grade and will be the first to admit that he wouldn’t have gotten 100 wins without the help of many people. Among those people are mostly coaches and teammates, but one person who Domorasky looked up to while at Pittston Area was former standout and fellow 100-win member Matt McAndrew.

“Matt McAndrew was my workout partner all year last year when he got his 100 wins,” Domorasky said. “So watching him do that made me want to get 100 wins even more. I love Matty.”

Domorasky also credits his success in the sport to some of the coaches he has had.

“Pat O’Hara (also member of 100 win club) taught me the sport of wrestling since fifth grade,” Domorasky said. “Coach Giampetro probably plays the biggest role in my wrestling career. He would get me so motivated and amped up. I love the man.”

His favorite strategy when approaching a match is to think that no matter what he can’t lose.

“I go into a match saying, ‘I can’t lose,’” Domorasky said. “I also love to get tilts and get guys on their back for back points and hopefully pin them.”

Patriots Head Coach James Woodall has nothing but praise for Domorasky.

“We tell kids right from the beginning that if they stay out of trouble and work hard throughout their wrestling careers, they have a great chance at 100 wins,” Woodall said. “Domorasky is a great kid to coach and has really stepped up this year as far as leadership. He deserves to be honored and has done a lot throughout his wrestling career.”

Domorasky still has many matches left this season and is confident about how the team will fair the rest of the season.

“We work hard every day and we wrestle hard and deserve every win we get,” Domorasky said. “I love my teammates and this is probably the best team I have been on of my four years here.

“The season isn’t over and we’re going to go out with a bang.”

Pittston Area 100 Win Club

1. James Woodall…145 (2000)

2. Jason Woodall…140 (2000)

3. Dave Woodall…137 (2006)

4. John Laboranti…120 (2004)

5. R. Robinson…118 (2004)

6. Anthony Barbie…117 (1995)

7. Jeff Dunn…116 (2006)

8. Frank Barbie…114 (1993)

9. C. Roccograndi…109 (2009)

10. M. McAndrew…109 (2010)

11. Robert Woodall…108 (1998)

12. Pat O’Hara…105 (2002)

13. Steve Barber…103 (2004)

14. M. Domorasky…101 (2011)

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