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Just askin’….

Why in a state where it is said 11 percent of the population can’t afford to keep their homes warm do people who purport to care about such people do all they can to stop drilling for natural gas, the least expensive and most efficient fossil fuel?

Around 600,000 households in Pennsylvania, that’s 11 percent of all households in the state, are eligible for heating assistance from the government. More drilling will help keep the price of natural gas down and make it available to more people.

But no we can’t have that. No, we have to stop the evil, greedy gas companies from drilling for the gas while making the evil, greedy rich people pay for everybody’s gas at an inflated price.

New York is worse. There 8 million households are eligible and they have a moratorium of drilling.

Why does the DJ think people who just listened to “I Fought the Law” by the Bobby Fuller Four and “Time Won’t Let Me” by the Outsiders care about Justin Bieber or even know who he is?

I’m listening to GEM 104.5, a golden oldies radio station and the DJ is talking about Justin Bieber’s love life.

Where does Ed Rendell get off calling us a nation of wusses, when he’s the one turning us into wusses?

According to Rendell, Pennsylvanians are too weak and incompetent to teach and care for their own 3 and 4 year olds without him doing it for them. According to Rendell millions of Pennsylvanians are too weak and incompetent to heat their own homes, pay their own rent, and buy their own food without him doing it for them.

Why does anyone think calling the sidewalks in the West Side a trail is a good idea?

Pennsylvania, you know the state with the $2 billion deficit, handed out almost $1.5 million over the last two years for grants for a West Side Trail. Here’s what the trail is: it’s ordinary citizens of the West Side boroughs buying, through their taxes, sidewalks for their neighbors who just happen to live on a street that has magically turned into a trail. And, of course, those citizens who do not happen to live on the trail and need new sidewalks will have to pay for their own.

Wyoming Avenue and Eighth Street are not trails, at least not since the Iroquois were walking ‘em. West Wyoming is like $300,000 in debt because the treasury was robbed and we’re giving the borough money for a trail?

If the state has money to give away, which it does not, then why don’t they give to West Wyoming to get out of debt?

Why do the same people who wring their hands over the notion that Walmart is killing local small mom and pop retail businesses not care that casinos are killing local mom and pop taverns?

Beer distributors are worried about their businesses being hurt by Wegman’s and other superstores getting beer licenses. Do they care about what the casinos are doing to the mom and pop taverns? They should.

Why do we continue to elect legislators who vote to promote casino and lottery gambling while blessing the police to harass mom and pop taverns for running Super Bowl pools?

That goes for poker games at the club or any other form of gambling where the state cannot take most of the money.

Why are Obama and the Democrats saying the message of the November elections is Americans want Democrats and Republicans to work together in non-partisan ways?

When Democrats lose elections they never say the message is a repudiation of their policies, but rather the message is Americans want them to work with Republicans. But when Democrats win the message is always: we won, deal with it.

The Democrats idea of non partisanship is for Republicans to capitulate to Democrat ideas.

How is it that those scoundrels Bush and Cheney are still able to manipulate oil prices to enrich their oil buddies after two years out of office?

Gas at the pump is headed to $4 per gallon. It has to be the fault of Bush and Cheney, right? That’s what Nancy Pelosi and the rest of you liberals out there said the last time oil and gasoline spiked like this. Here’s exactly what Pelosi said in 2008: “The price of oil is at the doorstep; $4-plus per gallon for oil is attributed to two oilmen in the White House.”

So where is Pelosi now and where are the angry letters and blogs now blaming the president?

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