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314 locals predict a Packers victory in today’s game

The Steelers blowup has Green Bay Packers fan Joe Walsh right where he wants him at last Sunday’s photo shoot.

photo by bill tarutis

Packers fans Fritz Kremitske, left, and Joe Walsh have fun with Art Bartolai’s blow-up Steeler at last Sunday’s Super Bowl photo shoot.

photo by bill tarutis

Green Bay Packers fans, front row, from left: Meredith and Mallory Yozwiak. Back row: John Poli, Melanie Yozwiak, and Chuck Poli.


They might be outnumbered locally, but still 314 Greater Pittstonians predict a Green Bay Packers victory in today’s Super Bowl.

Comments range from “Everything’s better topped with cheese,” to “The Irish dig The Pack.”

Mike George 34-27 Party at Fuzzy’s

Tom Shannon 27-17 Brett Who?

Margaret Shannon 27-23 Pack is back

Rose Kaspriski 24-21 Memories of Starr & Kramer

Gene Cardoni 27-20 The Pack is back!

Steve Wilson 21-17 Pack attack steals the win.

Lou Manganiello 27-20 Dallas is Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Gene Pisano 31-24 Gotta stop Mendenhall

Chrissy Johnson 35-21 It should have been the Eagles!

Joe Murphy 34-24. It ain’t easy being green

Benny Pritchyk 27-24 GB fans can stop thinking about Favre

Jim Preston 31-21 Steelers D won’t handle the spread offense

Andrew Marmo 35-0 Ben gets taken out early and Rodgers has career game

Darrell Digwood 23-20 Packers leave Steelers with cheese on their face

Neil Nowakowski 24-14 Ben gets 7 citations in local bars after game

Lee Grimes-Calo 21-14 Who is Brett Favre?

Bonnie Grochal 28-14 Cheeseheads all the WAY!!!

Tony Karpinski 30-20 Packers pick apart Pouncey-less Steelers

AJ Grasso 27-21 Polamalu can’t cover everyone

Shawn McGurrin 27-9 Pig Ben turns it over 5 times

Jason Mattioli 28-7 Brett WHO???

Cindy Lynch 24-21 Ben can’t beat The Lynch Mob

Richard Maopolski 37-34 Lombardi’s spirit lives on

Mike Lucarelli 20-14 Packers D will score more than Steelers D will

Jamie Connors 24-17 Big Ben breaks down

Tammy Uhrin 28-20 Tom Brady is HOT!

Mike Skapyak 24-20 Big Ben misses third quarter for bathroom break

Joe Dente 24-20 Clay beats Troy in Hair Bowl

Mike Quinn 33-20 My wife poisons me when she reads this

Carol Pace 28-24 Packers are peaking

Billy Timek 21-17 Aaron Rogers is a regular Houdini

Debbie Skesavage 30-28 They’re a Pack, like wolves

Lee Morrell 35-17 No Pouncey, no good

Gerard Welby 20-17 O-Line woes kill Curtain

Monica Coyne 33 – 10 What’s worse than Steelers in Super Bowl?...Steelers in Super Bowl with Roethlisberger

Fredrica Coyne 32 – 21 Go Packers and give Polamalu a haircut...too "pretty" for a football player!

Joseph Coyne V 27 – 14 The Steel Curtain will buckle under the Pack!

Sugar Ray Nemetz 24-10 Packers have dynamic passing attack

Gary Goodall 27-13 Big Ben gets what he deserves

Mike Martinelli 33-31 Ben to Woodson in two-minute drill

Sheila McGarry 24-20 The Irish dig the Pack

Steve Williams 44-0 I’m serious

Fritz Kremitske 31-24 It’s our turn. Go, Green Bay

Doris Kremitske 27-24 Packers have great offense

Mark Kremitske 35-24 For my Dad & NFC. I’m a Giants fan

Bob Koons 35-27 For my wife Carol and good friend Mr K.

Carol Koons 35-21 Packers have great tradition

Marcia Tomaszewski 31-0 Smash the Steelers and send them packin’

Mark Roney 31-24 Spare the Rod, spoil the child

Frank Shannon 28-17 They take the Lombardi trophy back to where it all started

Mike Montani 27-21 Aaron Rogers wants it badly; D better than Steelers’

Brandon Baker 44-23 I hate the Steelers

Jeanette Supinski 21-7 Watch the Packers break down the Steel

James Templeton 24-17 Small town wins

Denise Levy 36-21 Send ‘em Packin’

Bonnie Breggent 30-21 Watch Jennings go deep

Ryan Bremmer 27-24 How can anyone like the Steelers?

Sabrina Cooper 32-28 Rodger that

Sarah Saporito 28-14 Just to tick Lou off

Chloe Swope 24-21 Just a guess

Haley Triplett 28-24 Everything’s better topped with cheese

Jennifer Witek 36-28 Stealers can’t be winners. What do you mean it’s not that kind of stealer?

Matt Malkemes 38-27 Rodgers will be putting his belt on while Big Ben will be trying to figure out how to get his off

Malcome Bowes 24-21 Go Eagles!

Gary Brown 24-14 Because my girlfriend likes the Steelers

Nodyia Fedrick 24-17 My mom said so

Katie Hitt 28-14 I just love the color green

Tommy Lopes 21-20 The Packers have heart

Mattie Moyer 30-14 I found it in a fortune cookie

Allison Williams 32-24 That’s a football score, isn’t it?

Scott Sypniewski 28-24 Does happy hour end at 6:30 or 7?

Dylan Atkinson 28-14 It’s okay, Ben, Ray Lewis shot someone

Allen Wehler 35-32 Rodgers and Matthews will dominate

Kevin Weiss 24-17 Packers defense will have Feats of Clay

Tommy Romanelli 17-14 He took 200 pounds of Clay and said, hey listen

Cassidy Sherman 21-14 If the Steelers win another one we’ll never hear the end

Karl Rucker 24-17 Ben gets bent

Cody Casey 24-7 Steelers fans, no seven for you

Amy Panzetta 27-21 Should chicken wings be eaten with the fingers, or should the fingers be eaten separately?

Ryan Janesko 28-17 Pitchers and catchers in two weeks

Brett Trichilo 24-17 Rodgers is a cool cat

Billy Grippo 31-21 POWER sweep returns!

Janine Shofran 35-24 For JJ

Joe Nardone 24-21 Lordy Lordy its MVP Jordy

Dom Uhrin 34-17 Raji does that awful dance again

Kevin Bott 24-14 Clay is too much for Big Ben

Dan Irvin 27-20 What if Rodgers was a 49er?

Mary Lynn Murray 28-14 The Pack is back

Cliff Kosick Sr 24-17 --Stick with NFC especially in Cowboy Stadium

Sandy Kosick 28-10 Go Green and Gold, like WA

Cliff Kosick Jr 28-24 Big Ben will be smelling the cheese

Kurt Kosick 31-24 Hide your kids and wife, Big Ben is in the stadium

Lisa Michele Pisano 27-14 For my sister-in-law and The Beef

Patches Pisano 14-7 Meow, I like the cheese

Angelo Dominick 28-21 Steelers are too old

Maryann Stuckus 33-14 I’ve liked them for eons, Sorry Robin

Joe Struckus 21-7 Because my wife is a Steelers fan

Kelley DeLeo 28-14 Come on his name is Aaron Rodgers, need I say more

Rob DeLeo 28-14 Green Bay all the way

Danny Swamp Walutes 21-17 Have to go with the green and gold

Katrina Dillon 31-24 Michelle is wrong

Jimmie Dillon III 24-21 Go Cheeseheads

Jim Dillon Jr. 35-20 Ice in Dallas?

Frank Carey Sr. 35-27 KUUUHHHNNN!

Mike Carey 27-20 Steelers are finally facing a good team in a Super Bowl

Mary Ann Carey 14-10 Whatever Mikey Says

Dolores Carey 7-4 What year is it?

Mike Capizzi 24-20 K.S. will be using his Terrible Towel to dry his tears

Bruce Bartuska 31-29 My closet fan neighbor put a cheesehead and GB helmet out after they beat Eagles

Mike Kosik 34-27 Too much Rodgers. Dad’s got it wrong

Dan Fox 40-6 ‘Cause I like cheese with my wine!

Harriet Truelove 31-27 Vince Lombardi is my hero

Bonnie Edwards 45-28 We’re ready! GO PACK GO!

Dan Lilli 23-17 Rodgers makes GB forget about Brett what’s-his-name

Jorden Sekol 24-21 Clay Matthews is a tank

Kelly Tansley 34-21 Ben choke choke

Debi Sekol 36-30 Cuz Joe P. likes the Steelers

Lisa Burns 28-21 The Steelers will have a hair-raising experience

Donna Marie Comstock 24-21 Drew Whyte told me

Al Scaz 32-24 Rodger that

Dob Scaz 28-20 Packers forever

Bernie Zielinski 18-12 For Paul Hornung and Bart Starr

Nick Strellish 24-22 Packers had it all along

Elaine Bell 28-10 This is for my twin

PJ Pisano 24-14 The cheese rules

Ron Bojarcik 27-24 Can’t stand Pittsburgh

Kayla Kowalek 28-14 Why are they called the Packers?

Clayton Lewis 32-28 I’m from North Carolina so I’m not obligated to support Pennsylvania teams

Kristen Lick 35-28 No jokes about the name please

Markie Morgan 28-14 Mark my words

Jason Henderson 7-0 I’m going the low route

Stephanie Sherman 28-17 I root for the Eagles but I’m sort of a closet Packers fan

Jeri Adkins 28-17 For my Dad. My mom is a Steelers fan.

Nick Owens 28-14 I’m from Michigan so I’m objective

DJ Rothenbecker 38-24 I know, I know, my name sounds like Big Ben’s. So what? I hate the AFC

Sean Thomas 24-21 Say I appeared silent but confident

Kate Jackson 24-17 No, I didn’t used to be one of Charlie’s Angels

Ron Reino 27-23 Packers hair beats Steelers hair

Jack Baranski 27-14 Rodgers will make believers of everyone

Tyler Yankosky 28-24 Troy gets burned all night long

Wayne Yankosky 26-20 Clay. Period

Brad Fenstermacher 35-32 Rodgers takes them down the field in the final minute

Angelina Russo 35-7 A-Rod is an angel

Bob Ryzner Sr. 30-27 Not the Cowboys but oh well

Theresa Ryzner 21-17 Rodgers is a saint, Ben’s a sinner

Rob Ryzner 28-24 God help me

Andy Ryzner 24-14 God help you is right

John Poli 31-27 Rodgers gets his belt

Anthony Trotta 27-25 Clay Matthews Hair

Paula Kashuba 21-14 Cuz my Richie says so!

Joseph DiMattia 25-22 What’s better than a Cheesy Cheese?

Charlotte McAdarra 28-17 Ben get’s trapped in Matthews web

Kevin Shotwell 31-24 Big Ben’s turkey gets stuffed

Doc Fasciana 39-10 Steelers rust in Dallas

Neil Webb 24-9 Clay has better hair

Dave Hughes 28-24 Steelers are due to lose one

Bob Lopata 24-23 It is just their year-GO EAGLES

Jim Lopata 33-27 My brother said so

Jeff Lopata 20-17 NFC all the way

Robbie Lopata 26-20 We’ll be in INDY next year watching the EAGLES win

Cassie Lopata 31-17 All in the family

Joe Mersincavage Sr. 27-22 Welcome to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Mike Kresge 27-24 Clay Mathews will become a household name

Diane Bittmann 21-14 I like cheese!

Mario Cella 34-31 Damn Jets!

John Stolan 21-20 Clay and the Cheeseheads by a hair!

Mike Cummings 24-17 I can’t root against my favorite team

Alex Enciso 34-27 Aaron Rodgers is a beast

Joe Koziol 36-35 No Favre, no problem

Beth Ann Domarasky 24-21 Hate Pitt

Maria Yonki 27-17 Rodgers is hot

Bob Yonki 24-21 Packers rule Stauffer Heights

Deanna Yonki 24-17 Bring down the Steel Curtain

Chris Yonki 24-14 Favre MVP for Packers

Phil Pisano Four Yonki’s can’t be wrong

Anna Romanoski Green Bay all the way

Vinnie Butera 27-24 Overtime

Amanda Wascavich 27-10 NASA said there is life on 54 planets, but none in Pittsburgh

Chuck Kemzura 34-28 Get Ben a Terrible Towel for his tears

Amy Jadus 35-21 Should have been the Cowboys

Tom Craig 27-23 Rodgers on fire

Jay Rowan 24-17 Who cares?

Tim Cotter 24-17 The Pack’s defense will dominate

Lynn Rachkowski 20-14 A.J. Hawk is a rock

Kathy Ameika 31-27 The Pack steels one

Nick Alteri 31-24 Don’t forget Donald Driver

Annarose Salvo 24-14 Aaron is great

Jack Jones 28-20 Cheeseheads are sharp

Sonia Jones 35-17 Packer Steel the show

Carmen Ambrosino 20-16 Steelers can’t steal this one

David Zezza 27-23 Rogers Really Rocks

Barry Finn 27-24 Drew Whyte’s Packers can’t lose

Fred Kurtz 24-21 Packers Pack Powerful Punch

Dr. Bart Burne 32-28 Green/Gold local colors

Dominick Pepe 21-17 Should be close

Debbie Ostrowski 21-19 I really don’t care

Tom “Harry” Blaskiewicz 24-17 I’ve met Aaron Rodgers in person so I have to root for him

John Yakobitis Sr. 24-21 The best are Green-N-Gold

Fran Ankenbrand 28-24 GB and under

Joe Gorman 21-20 Reggie White

John Hennigan 28-21 I like Jo Jo’s beard

Dave Amico 27-23 This win’s for Steve

Michelle DePriest 17-14 Go Pac Go

Lloyd Christmas 27-20 Are those your scores?

Jack Ferrett 38-24 Green over gold

Charlie Lepore 27-24 I was born in a small town

Brennan Higgins 24-17 Let’s go BAY

Joe Gillespie 34-27 For Drew Whyte

Jiffy Ceresi 27-24 What am I, Nostrodamus?

John Poli 31-24 Nobody talks about Jennings

Tom Kraynak 24-20 I’m afraid of the Steelers

Mark DeAngelo 42-31 Let’s go surfin’

Deacon Walsh 27-20 My pool numbers

Ed Pacovsky 31-19 Go Shank

Joe Shank Sherinsky 38-17 To watch Steve Middaugh cry

Big Mike Thomas 27-26 To watch Little Steve cry

Dave Gavigan 31-0 No way Pittsburgh

Diane Poder 27-24 Because my husband picked Pitt

Cody Poder 31-24 For my hero Coach Whyte and Quarless

Eric Whyte 28-14 Do I have to tell ya why?

Bernie Stelacone 34-28 The Packers are packin

Bob Shupp 31-27 Chairge made me

Tom Granahan 20-17 Ben: What happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas

Bob Guilford 28-14 They named the trophy after Vince L.

Frank Yurek 21-14 Raider Nation hates Steelers

Robert Docchio 31-28 Favre MVP

Mary Fran Romanowski 21-7 Go Jets

Kristy Heper 27-16 I saw a shooting star

Richard Guilford 28-14 The Pack is back

Jim Jeffery 24-17 Go Six-Pack go

Martina Genanie 30-24 The Pack is back

Lee Havard 14-10 Favre texts Ryan

Rich White 26-24 Lombardi Trophy returns to rightful home

George Bath 38-33 Sevenpeat is trademarkable

Pat Norwood 27-21 Beefer would kill me otherwise

Margie Norwood 28-14 Go Beefer, Sorry Frank T.

Jim Fearick 20-16 Time for the smallest city to be the biggest

Marian Fearick 31-27 Win one for Big Len

Andrew Yakobitis 21-14 Green and yellow...Green and yellow

Jerry Yakobitis 30-24 14 yrs.since team sportin green won SB

Josette Yakobitis 33-17 Mike Yak’s Packers

John Skip McGlynn Jr. 31-24 Rodgers: A bit of Favre and a little Starr

John Jump McGlynn 21-14 Uncle Doc’s lucky boots

Kevin Booth 27-16 Cry in your towels

Katie Donahue 24-12 Listening to Pitt fans for five years is enough

Mickey McLaughlin 24-16 Green Bay will be hot in Dallas

Allison Booth 14-10 Kevin told me to

Ed Booth 30-13 Down with Rottenberger

Mike McLaughlin 28-23 Rodgers too hot to handle

Mikey McLaughlin 28-23 Still waiting for a Notre Dame championship

Jonathan Casey 21-7 Brett who?

John Petrini 27-20 A-Rod can’t be stopped

Dave Fife 27-24 Raji goes Dancing with the Stars

Lindsey Pagnotti 24-21 Cheese is delicious, goes well with Black-Eyed Peas

Matt Williams 24-21 Uncle Paul’s tears will fall like the Steelers

Alisha Marmo 45-27 I just want to see VC cry over something besides Toy Story 3

JC Mesko 20-17 Favre shows up in full uniform hoping to get in the game

Bob Laity 28-14 It’s easy being green

Karen Nelson 21-17 Say cheese everyone

Mike Stewart 20-13 Ben should stick to singing and drinking

John DeBiasi 31-24 Packers will Driver them crazy

Walt Kozak 37-25 Steelers’ luck runs out

Margaret Klush 45-24 Packers players are cuter

Joey Hughes 24-23 Mason Crosby as time runs out

Dustin Ferrett 23-13 Another peaceful six months in the book

Alan Dente 27-24 Pass the banana cake

Elaint Franks 21-14 Vince is looking down

Corey Gafford 46-28 The Pack is back

Dan Condo 31-20 Packers D shuts down Ben

Paul Boone 27-20 Laredo, Texas snowed first time in 6 years

Joe Pucylowski 28-17 Woodson will make a play

John J. Disanferdinand 34-27 Rodgers ends slug-fest with big play

Phil Falvo 24-21 Close game

Tom Coolbaugh 17-14 Defensive battle

Murph Adams 16-10 Defense rules the day

Brian Vandermark 31-24 They said the Saints were inexperienced

Ed Minci 24-17 The Packers have a running game

Amy Swartz 28-24 I’m rooting for GB, they knocked out my Eagles

Lenny Blandina 37-24 The ride’s over Jay

Billy Rowe 36-21 Sorry Cousin Linda

Lori Cook 24-21 Baby, you can Driver my car

Don Shappelle 27-17 Vegas has GB -2 to lure folks

Kevin Boylan 21-17 Ben’s nightlife catches up

Mark Warunek 38-24 No comment

Mike Butera 30-21 They beat the Eagles, their toughest game in the playoffs

Mike Romanowski 17-14 Clay all the way

Laura Mudlock 21-17 I hope they don’t cramp up

Cindy Lynch 24-21 The Pack is back, baby!

Mike Tracy 27-24 Who needs Farve

Ben Marriggi 28-20 The best offense.

Bob Durkin 59-0 the best defense.

Laura Joyce27-23Packers - Sam would be proud!

Colleen McAndrew 24-17 Packers - Andy would love it

Chuck Montagna 28-14 After the game Polamalu can get his hair cut at Montagna’s Men’s Salon

Heather Clancy 27-14 Ben is like an overgrown teenager

Charles Lopresto 32-16 Joe Pa should recruit in Wisconsin!

Ciaran Bilbow 35-12 Not Aaron Rogers Fault!

Brady Quinn Bilbow 28-16 Lemon picked Steelers!! No chance

Reilly Bilbow 23-13 Someone get me a Similac Sensitive

Patrick Bilbow 38-26 Pack on Lombardi time! Drew White for M.V.P.

Kim Bilbow 33-23 Ciaran plans great parties !!!

Joe Oprendick 13-3 Pack gets revenge for my JETS!

Bridget Brogan 21-10 Go Pack Go!!

Angel Noone 35-21 They tell me Jennings is pretty good

Jill Quinn 16-9 They got two guys from Boston U, the real Fighting Irish

Nicole Tieso 20-17 The cheese stands alone!

Betty Connors 24-17 Go Packers

Linda Victor 24-10 Go Cheeseheads!

Dave Jiunta 28-23 Steelers ripped off Dolphins this season, so Packers will win!

Helen Algar 33-0 Weird score, I know

Ed Breig 27-17 NFC grabs another one

Corey Uhrin 21-7 Chad Clifton is the MAN!

Patricia Mulrooney 34-31 It’s the Cheeseheads turn

Michele Avvisato 24-17 Pack ‘D’ is too much to handle

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