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I’ll be in seventh heaven


Since 2009 when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl title, fans of the Black and Yellow (Gold), Black and Yellow (Gold) have waited for this moment.

A Seventh Heaven.

Or A Stairway to Seven.

Or Lucky Seven?

Maybe a 7-in-‘11

Ah I got it, the Seven Bridges Road.

Whatever “seven” saying you come up with, there is no debating it, the number seven is going to have quite an impact on Super Bowl XLV tonight in Dallas, Texas.

It also has bearing on my prediction.

First and foremost, the player that wears No. 7 for the Steelers is going to play the game of his life tonight. There is no doubt in my mind that Big Ben is ready to come full circle tonight.

The mainstream media will play it off as redemption for Big Ben’s off the field shenanigans, but to me, it will be redemption for him as a quarterback, not a person.

In his first SB win, Roethlisberger was atrocious. I believe he had the worst quarterback rating in SB history. Then in win No. 2 – which I had the pleasure of watching in person – Ben should have been the game’s MVP. But for the second time in his career, a Steelers wide receiver earned the award.

So my feeling is Big Ben wants this win and the MVP real bad, and he is going to go out of his way to make sure he and his teammates walk out of Big D with the hardware. I got Big Ben throwing four TDs tonight. I’m not overly impressed with a Packers defense that has lost to the Lions, Redskins and Dolphins this season.

The other sevens that will come into play?

Let’s get creative.

On offense, Rashard Mendenhall No. 34 (3+4=7) may not rack up big numbers, but he will keep the Green Bay defense honest with 77 yards rushing on 17 carries and score the first TD of the game.

Mike Wallace No. 17 (there’s a seven in there) will catch 7 passes for 177 yards and two big touchdowns. Another Steelers WR candidate for MVP. But not this night my friend.

Hines Ward No. 86 (8+6 divided by 2=7) smiles all the way to ring number three with seven catches for 77 yards and a TD.

On defense, Troy Polamalu No. 43 (4+3=7) will pick off not one, but two Aaron Rodgers passes, and come up with leap-over-the-line sack.

James Harrison No. 92 (9-2=7) is a beast on defense. He has waited two months to unleash his fury again, and will do so. There will be no INT returns for TDs, but the Silverback registers three sacks and knocks A-Rod for a loop.

And finally, lets not forget The Beard. Steelers defensive end Brett Kiesel has been growing his beard for seven months now. It’s time the Diesel shaved. Maybe he will be able to use the Steelers seventh Lombardi Trophy as a mirror when he does this week.

So remember, everything the Steelers do, they do big….

Steelers 35, Packers 21

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