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Locals predict a Steelers Super Bowl win, 469-314

Prizes to be awarded to prognosticators who come closest to actual score

Sal Aita, 4, and Pat Aita, both of Pittston, predict a Steelers win.


Bob Lewis, a.k.a. ’Stretch,’ arrives at Pittston Area High School Sunday afternoon for the Steelers photo shoot. Bob paints his Steelers mobile himself.


Louis Galli, 8, of Pittston, wears a glove given to him by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward after the AFC Championship game two weeks ago in Pittsburgh.


Annie and Tom Jackson of Moosic, left, and Linda Bucci of West Wyoming, make it clear whom they are rooting for.


Brothers-in-law Joe Walsh, left, and Bob Lewis are friendly foes today.

photo by bill tarutis

Four month old Michael Daniel Boyle, has been a Steelers fan his entire life and predicts that Ben & Troy will bring the Vince Lombardi trophy home with a final score of 21-20. Michael is the son of Michael and Catina Boyle of Drums. Young Michael gets his gold and black steel blood from his mom and his Grandpa Charles Boyle of Luzerne.

Submitted photo

Rooting for the Steelers is a family affair. Front row, from left: Emma Rinaldi, Madison Mullen. Second row: Megan Ruda, ’Joebacious’ Ruda, ’Mickelicious’ Ruda.

photo by bill tarutis

Emma Rinaldi of Avoca shows her team spirit via a nifty little Steelers fan.


Steelers fans far out numbered Packers fans at the Dispatch photo shoot at Pittston Area High School last Sunday but everyone played nice. Here, opposing fans posed for a picture. Mallory Yozwiak, left, Meredith Yozwiak, James LaMarca, Pittston Area High School Vice-Principal Art Savokinas, John Poli, and Chuch Poli.


Greater Pittston is a lot closer to Philadelphia than to Pittsburgh and, truth be told, this is much more Eagles Country than Steelers Country. But not this week and certainly not today.

According to prognostications published today in The Sunday Dispatch, Greater Pittstonians predict a Steelers victory in today’s Super Bowl XLV by an overwhelming margin of 469 to 314.

The 783 predictions are far more than the 695 published the last time the Steelers went to the Super Bowl.

Their comments range from “Seventh Heaven,” referring to a seventh Vince Lombardi trophy for the Steel City, to “After all, we live in Bensylvania,” referring to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Following is the list of those who predict a Steelers win today. Those who envision a Packers victory begin on page 9.

Those who predict the exact score, or come closest, will be eligible for $25 gift certificates for Saints and Sinners tavern and the River Street Ale House.

Edmund Serafin 27-17 Punxy Phil predicts 52 more weeks of World Champions

Margaret DeSalvo 24-17 Lucky No. 7

Chet Kaspriski 27-20 The new Steel Curtain

Eileen Dewey 21-17 I’ve been right-on before

Greg Dewey 24-21 I don’t know how she does it

Shirley Cardoni 30-21 Smackers those Packers!

Joe Karcutskie 20-17 Roethlisberger will not pull himself from the game because of an injury

Maria Karcutskie 28-21 My husband is “usually” right, generally speaking

Gianna Karcutskie 20-17 Because Dad knows best

Kayla Karcutskie 20-17 Because Dad knows best

Maria Darbenzio 31-26 Save me a seat in the Saints section

Mark Darbenzio 24-20 What exactly are they Packin’ anyway?

Freddie Macosky 28-24 The cheese has holes in it

Jacob Sheperis 17-14 Late field goal

Aiden Sheperis 24-3 Defense dominates

Tom Zenobi 24-20 Packers receivers can’t hold on to football

Regina Manganiello 30-21 Steel knives cut through cheese

Gina Manganiello 28-24 One fist of iron, one of steel

Jason Potter 27-17 Like my cousin Harry, I’m a wizard

Mark Zambetti 28-24 Stairway to Seven

Carla Cusumano 24-17 Let’s bring trophy #7 back to the Burgh!

Brian Budzak 26-10 Ben is backyard football at its best!

Chris “The Rock” Muracco 17-13 Harrison makes Rodgers’ body feel like Favre’s

Cary Beavers 23-20 New overtime rules finally come into play

Chris Riviello 24-10 Big Ben’s got the arm Favre used to have

Matt Maniskas 34-24 Harrison finds way to anger Goodell again

Brandey Terruso 30-27 It’s a nail biter!

Mark C. Fuller 28-26 Ben finds a way (as always)

Bobby Vieira 24-10 Rodgers no match for the Steel Curtain

Nikole Argonish 28-24 Kalvin says so!

Mary Pat Martarano 28-21 LaMarr brings the Wood!

Warren Welsh “Welker” 59-53 Shootout at the OK Corral

George Engleman 42-9 Leroy Knowles said so

Brian Morris 27-20 Packers haven’t seen a defense like the Curtain

Anthony Piccolini 20-17 No running game for Pack (E-A-G-L-E-S!!)

Charlie Maira 28-14 Big Ben is #7 and Chi-Chi Maira Sr. wore #7

Maribeth Humphrey 28-24 Big Ben strikes again!

Kristine Lenceski 28-21 Disney has the Terrible Beach Towel for their guests!

TJ Ralston 27-24 GB can’t go the distance without Favre

John Gatto Jr. 24-20 Stairway to Seven is complete

Carl Agostini 24-23 A missed extra point costs Pack

Diane Whitelavich 34-26 Polamalu seals the win with INT

Jerry Pace 20-16 Another ring for the Rooneys

Ayva Lisowski 33-28 I like Legursky!

Tyler Guilford 17-13 Get Tyler Grisham off the practice squad

Bruce Gilford 28-21 Bruce Arians for President

Bruce Silveri 35-21 The Silverback scores again

Anthony Terruso 24-21 FG with no time left to win

Coach Musto 31-20 Sorry Drew

Bill Parsons 24-14 A “Hairy” game

Joann Goy 24-17 Can’t sack Big Ben

Kelli James 34-21 The cheese isn’t real, it’s Cheez Wiz

Sean Rooney 27-17 Steel beats cheese

Jeff Aulisio 5-3 Falcons will get there someday

Christian Pilosi 31-24 Ben unleashes vertical passing game

Terry Serfain 24-21 It’s Steel Curtains for Green Bay

Jason Zemo 31-17 Seventh Heaven

Joe Coyne IV 27-20 Watch the Steelers "cut some Packer cheese"

Clarice Coyne 27 - 19 Steelers will have plenty of towels for Green Bay’s tears

Justin Coyne 28 - 17 "Seven is Heaven"

Mike Lettieri 33-27 Look for a Black and Gold party – Big Ben included

Marty Mattei 36-34 I see it clearly from the Rockies – a FG as time expires

Jane Guariglia 38-24 No contest

Noah Johnson 14- 0 My Eagles suck so I go with Uncle Chris’s Steelers

Joe Moskovitz 21-19 Everybody go long

Mary Ellen Nealon 21-14 Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Big Ben’s a winner

Linda George 24-14 Why is the Bay Green anyway?

Noah Katz 20-10 Russ Giglio fines the Steelers $200K for outhitting the Pack

Patti Williams 33-0 I’m a Space Cat

Karen Cella 24-17 Ben cleans their clock

Bill Siedel 21-13 Whatever happened to that Farve character?

Mary Ann Slezak 35-27 For my son Davie Steelers prevail

Dave Slezak Sr. 35-30 Black & Gold for Jr. Tough defense difference

Devon Slezak 27-24 Steelers all the way for Davie

Callie Kipp 37-17 Black Eyed Peas, what, they run out of wrinkley old white guys?

Allison Kipp 35-24 Steeler’s rule

Sally Tomaszewski 27-17 St. Jude will help those Steelers win

Mike Magda 27-17 It’s time for Ben to win #7

Stan Magda 24-21 Troy Polamalu and Dick LeBeau

Tony Gober 36-12 Where is Green Bay, anyway

Nick Sheridan 28-21 This ain’t the old days

Sheri Metz 34-27 Hines Ward is a sleeper

Sharon Blandina 27-23 Coach Tomlin’s got a plan

Renay Starinsky 27-21 Knockin’ on 7s door

Tracey Marso 28-21 Go Penguins…I mean Steelers

Adam Siegel 28-17 Uncle Buggsie said bet the house

Kristen Atwell 36-21 They put French fries ON the sandwiches?

Amy Dadzan 30-28 Last second drama

Chris Gregory 32-21 Wasn’t Bing Crosby from Pittsburgh?

Chris Kirby 27-14 Yes and he was part owner of the Pirates

Joe Surdel 30-15 Pittsburgh’s got The Point

Matt Mapes 27-17 Scheme all you want, you gotta block and tackle

Lisa Hynick 28-14 Gotta love a town that has a bar in a church

Ricky Hynick 24-17 Hines Ward knows 57 ways to score

Jay Atherholt 23-18 Brillant Holmes!

Elaine Turner 30-21 Heath Miller, I love your candy bars

John Swirek 34-28 Super Bowl no. 7

Kalin Mulligan 67-33 Those are my favorite numbers

Rory Andrews 30-24 I don’t know much about football

Brendon Brisk 24-17 Wish Jimi Hendrix could be the halftime show

Jerry Coyle 36-30 By the fourth quarter the Steelers will be just Troying with them

Brittany Petty 34-28 Nope, no relation to Richard … or Tom

Jessica Mink 21-14 Mink as in stole. Steelers as in steal. Get it?

Eric Carey 35-28 I don’t give a you-know-what

Albert Fereck 35-17 Polamalu’s hair. ‘nuff said

Josh Slosky 28-18 They steel the title

Matt Simoncavage 36-27 Pittsburgh steels the cheese

Kristopher Olshefski 33-27 Six-burgh, but not for long

Jenna Bauer 24-21 Thanks, Malcom

Erin Bytheway 42-17 Thanks, Patrick

Mike Chinikaylo 30-6 Pass me another Iron City

Christina Cruz 26-24 Just don’t like Green Bay

Amanda Konopelski 28-14 ‘Cuz it’s the Steelers

Patrick Noonan 36-21 Brett Favre sexted me

Michael Torbik 35-28 It’s a black and gold thing. You wouldn’t understand

Trish Reznick 36-24 It was proven Vick hurt puppies. Ben was only accused

Courtney Yakabouski 26-17 Not just butt-kicking hair, butt-kicking period

Robert Byczek 27-23 Packer fans will miss Favre

Brian Lewis 30-26 Because we live in Bensylvania

Louis Abod 24-12 I love the Steelers

Anthony Geraci 17-10 What’s a Packer anyway? Sounds gross

Kathleen McKenzie 49-25 Steelers rock

Ryan Miscavage 24-21 Big Ben will handle Green Bay like he handles young girls in bars

Ashley Lopez 28-24 I know, I watch all the games

Matt Wilson 30-12 The post-game show features the Black-eyed Packers

Jamie Wolcott 28-22 Doesn’t Hines Ward have like a whole stadium named after him?

Danielle Yokoboski 24-21 Because by BFF likes the Packers

Mark Hoover 20-13 #7 by 7 for No. 7

Tony Sulla 17-10 D-FENCE

Monica Salerno 10-7 Free pizza if the Steelers win!

Robbie Schmidt 31-17 Free beer too?!?!

Matt Solovey 35-17 The Patriots didn’t cheat enough this year

Chris Zupko 28-24 For my boys at GI’s!

Bryan Riviello 25-19 Rodgers pulls a Favre and get picked in last minute

Matt Carroll 23-20 No chance for Pack without Bubba Franks!

Tony Bellenzini 28-17 Roll out the carpet for the 7-time champs

Shawn Bewick 28-24 Troy is the MVP

Dan Gavin 31-27 Rodgers gets run over by a Steel truck

Corey Joyce 34-24 Defense comes up with TWO pick-sixes

Gary DiMattia 38-35 Big Ben makes one more play than A-Rod

Fred Costanzi 34-23 Big Ben is your BenVP

Paul Lisowski 39-28 The Big Lisowski says the Dude abides

Maria Lisowski 49-31 It’s a big W in Big D!

Louise Pace 32-19 Steelers on pace for No. 7

Renee Musto 28-14 Husband stays retired

Shelly Brown 31-28 The Kosicks are all wrong

Patrick Spock Pisano 27-14 Sorry Mr. Rodgers, Big Ben doesn’t want to be your neighbor

Dorothy Dominick 21-14 Go PA team

Mittens Dominick 28-21 Sorry Dad, I personally know the refs

Robyn Struckus 28-21 They are healthier

Bella Struckus 33-10 Woof, Woof, I’m the cat’s meow in my Pitt jersey

Michael Struckus 15-10 Just because

Erin DeLeo 28-10 I’m three, I want my dad’s team to win

David DeLeo 34-10 Pittsburgh should be called title town

Michelle Dillon 28-24 Gut Feeling

Irene Janoski 24-17 I’m a Cowboys fan

Gus Janoski 33-19 Me too. At least it’s our stadium

Phillip Connor 35-24 And that’s it

Leo Morgan 27-24 Polamalu and Harrison lead D

Rita Morgan 20-17 Two Morgans can’t be wrong

Michael Kosik 28-24 From Endicott, NY, Just enjoy it

Veronica Pauska 31-17 It’s a hair thang

Donald Pauska 34-24 Because the winners get to party and no one likes to party more than Big Ben

Henry Kmetz 36-10 No contest. Rodgers will be rattled

Walt DelGaudio 28-17 Troy will be the difference

Scott Dudick 37-34 Terrible towels are better than cheeseheads

Al Strellish 28-24 For Number 7

Tammy Strellish 32-28 Go Steelers!

John Reese 30-20. The Steel Curtain is alive and well

Tina Macario 37-22 For Dominick

Kevin Comstock 24-17. Hines will tear them up

James C. Shandra Jr. 29-23 But it won’t be that close

Butch Shandra 24-17 No contest

Joe Arena 34-28 They’re the better team. Period

Phil Pisano 24-14 Experience wins

Debbie Williams 24-20 Black ‘n’ yellow

Isabella Pisano 29-0 Take that, Packers

Devin Shandra 27-13 Go Steelers

Charlene Arena 30-18 Support your state

Sharon Nenichka 24-21 As long as they win

Aaron Blank 37-20 In spite of my first name

Jessica Gorts 35-21 Long line of Steelers fans

Ashley Kramer 47-34 But I wish the Eagles were there

Stephanie Markowski 37-21 Steelers wear black. Black Eyed Peas will perform. It’s karma

Kimberley Naylon 28-21 It’s football, right?

Katie Smith 27-21 I hope they serve ribs

Brittany Tylutke 35-21 Although Aaron Rodgers is kinda cute

Amy Zurko 31-24 Steelers all the way

Teri Adkins 21-14 They’re my mom’s team

Katie Alfred 20-13 Just a random guess

Marla Chepanonis 14-7 They both play defense

Gabriella Dennis 27-14 I married into a Steelers family

Devon Harris 17-15 Big Ben cuts the cheese

Breann Kingsbury 22-21 What do I know?

Amanda Kocher 27-24 I’m going to a party of Steelers fans

John Lopez 20-6 But I don’t follow any sports

Ashley Marek 23-32 It’s that guy’s skinny jean size on the Miller Lite commercial

Jaclyn Strausser 27-21 My friend Keith said so

Keith Wasiakowski 28-24 I’m Keith

Aislynn Zajac 19-16 It’s just an excuse to party

Len Jasuta 27-17 Packers not versatile enough

MaryAnne Jasuta 10-7 Commercials will be more exciting than game

Tori Jasuta 24-20 Steelers spike the Packers!

Ed Kozlowski 27-14 Steelers EARN their scores

Mark “Woody” Argonish 30-24 Big Ben has a wine and cheese party in Dallas!

Joanne Cesare 41-10 Pittsburgh is closer to Old Forge

Dan Lello 10-0 The Mayor proclaims a Steeler win!

Richard Notari 24-13 Ben pounces for Pouncey

Diane Notari 23-20 Big Ben’s hands tick tock to No. 7 Ring Ring Ring!

Kamryn Notari 33-28 Uncle Rick’s Stillers send Cousin Artie’s team packin’!

Joyce DiSimoni 27-10 I must root for the PA team

Kassidy Puckett 35-21 All the way with William Gay!

Richard Carey 34-20 Big Ben 3-Time Super Bowl Champ!

Dave Scarnato 24-17 I can’t say no to Big Ben

Travis Grosz 32-28 The Packers will be sent packing

Stephan Ormiston 28-12 The Steelers will be “Troying” with them

Katie Kleiner 28-13 I can taste that Ale House burger now

Bryane McCarey 27-17 I have magical powers

Kyle J. Stevens 17-7 It’s all about the guacamole

Jonathan Hirt 24-17 Steelers will put a “hirt” on them

Kelly Brown 33-19 Tell me again why the game is in Dallas?

Chris Konczey 30-14 Can’t wait for that 10-hour pre-game show

Jim Packer 27-21 I know my name is Packer. Wanna make somethin’ out of it?

Michael Daniel Boyle 21-20 I might be a baby but I know what I’m talkin’ about

Samantha Ryzner 31-21 Steel Curtain comes down in Big D!

Chris Swenton 24-21 The Pack isn’t ready yet

Susann Keska 35-17 Big Ben is ready for the Pack

Jami Hines 21-17 I hope so anyway

Ron Rebovich 24-20 Seven for No. 7

Nick Lamberti 27-20 Steelers go on a Bender

Guy Fasciana 28-27 Big Ben is a winner

Chris Grabosky 17-16 A walk-off winner for the Steelers

John Mercincavage 27-24 Goose + Jager = Steelers win

Mike Bucci 21-17 Big Ben quiets the Critics

Linda "Polamalu" Bucci 28-24 Steeler Express is on the move

Frank Perfinski 28-21 We got the Steel

Pat Szumski 27-26 My friends wouldn’t talk to me if I picked the Pack

Msgr. Bendik 27-14 Steelers will STEAL the cheese and send them PACKING

Tommy Tigue 24-21 Steelers get number seven.

Trevor Tigue 31-24 Steelers defense holds in the end.

Kendall Tigue 40-31 Go Steelers, since my Detroit Lions aren’t there!

Chris Stackhouse 24-14 Quick, name the Three Rivers

Elaine Yozwiak 22-14 The Ohio is one of them

Art Savokinas 24-20 Let’s make it seven

Debbie Stackhouse 31-24 Grounded the Jets, Pack up the Packers

Sam Bellanco 31-17 Andy Warhol was from Pittsburgh

John Chiampi 24-13 Go Pittsburgh to the Lounge Fans

Tom “Nitro” Simko 34-24 It’s all in the wrist

Jerry Dziak 24-17 Black n’ gold tough, green and gold wimpy

Joe McCabe Sr. 24-21 Keep another Super Bowl in PA

Joe Frushon IV 18-0 Now that’s defense

Julie Frushon 35-20 Let’s go Steelers

Joe Frushon 21-17 Steelers nation rules

Judy Minsavage 24-17 A pass to Ward to win

Mary Lou Wrubel 38-21 Heart the Steelers

Steve Simko 33-24 The towel will be terrible for the Pack

Ginger Murphy 28-17 Big hair battle

Sarah Donahue Tribbet 21-7 Cheese is gross!

Paulie Ferentino 21-17, I’m only 3 and can’t spell Palamalu

Diane DeFrancesco 28-21 Get ‘em Troy!

Marie O’Reilly 21-14 Just a hunch

Michele Gray 28-24 Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Joe Sylvester 3-0 Aguilera butchers the National Anthem

Sam Diaz 31-28 This one’s for ”FAITH”

Michael Gutowski 24-20 SACK THE PACK!

Dawn Gutowski 23-14 Troy brings us joy!

Jeanne Gutowski 24-21 ”Ben” there - Done that

Evelyn Gutowski 19-13 Packers are slackers

Babe Gutowski 23-17 Cheeseheads go home!

Sharon Thorne 35-17 I’m sold on the black and gold

Tom (Fox) Moluski 33-23 That’s right Jackson

Debbie Bomber 31-27 See you at Woody’s

Pat Connolly 42-24 Meet me in St. Pete.

Martin Kearney 27-10 Rodgers belt buckles under pressure

Lisa Laniewski 28-27 B-B-B Benny beat the Jets!!!

Chuckie Sweeder 27-24 Don’t tell Artie Luke

Tony DiMatrtia 27-20 Ben to Wallace as time expires

Chris Ross 41-31 E-A-G-L-E-S

Debbie Karlak 28-24 Just because they are the Steelers

Gary Goodall 41-31 Steelers D cracks down.

Sheriff John Gilligan 21-17 It is so ordered

Bobby Semenza 20-17 In the words of my nephew Armando, “Troy Polamalu”

Nancy Jakuboski 21-20 Love the commercials

Bruce Bartusiewicz 35-20 Packers lose big

Donna Holly 28-24 Go Steelers from your no. 1 fan

Nick Tomasetti 21-10 The Steel Curtain

Kathy Sekelsky 21-17 Go Big Ben

Sandy Modlesky 35-17 Go PA!

Frannie Doran 17-14 Go PA!

Fran Falvo 24-21 PA rules!

Tammy Becthold 28-7 PA rocks

Ken Pesotini 24-17 PA rolls

Val Timonte 32-9 PA rocks AND rolls

JoAnn Rossi 21-14 I heart PA

Matt Szumski 21-17 Go PA!

Dennis O’Brien 24-19 PA all the way

Rosie McDade 35-28 Pittsburgh Rocks

Sean Walsh 27-24 Yens be happy

Jason Mills 21-14 What the experts say

Robin Sharr 28-21 Spring is coming

Ann Marie Morreale Let’s go Big Ben…Har Mar

Bob Devlin Sr 27-24 Any team from PA

Jade Devlin 28-10 Polamalu is ‘Head and Shoulders’ above the rest

Bob Devlin Jr. 35-17 Brett Keisel – Respect the Beard

Diane Devlin 35-14 I’ll go with the rest of the family

John Cebula 42-38 We’re huntin’ down those Packers

Tony Burns 28-24 7 will get 7 for Steelers

Nikki Kotula 21-7 Rock and fire

Mike Amitia 28-17 Packers start Packin’

Denise Adams 35-21 Go PA!

Judy Greenwald 21-3 Go PA!

Danae Kemzura 21-17 Love Polamalu

Ashlyn Golya 28-21 They got the beat

Anthony Golya 28-21 Cause my Mom says so

Kara Corbett 28-17 PA all the way

John Cituk 27-23 Cause Red said so

Paul McGarry 28-13 One for Jeremy

Betty Turco 27-13 Because I said so

John Morgan 28-23 I’m running for reelection to Exeter Borough Council

Ed Ameika 24-20 Clay rings Ben’s bell

Charles Jones 26-20 We have Superman (43)

Debbie Rachilla 21-17 Go Ben!

Annmarie Paddock 21-20 Ben and Troy will save the day

John Alaimo 30-26 Ring no. 3 for Ben

Maureen Alaimo 20-13 You’re in Steeler Country

Jennifer Alaimo Proud Pittsburgh fan

Jonathan Alaimo 42-0 Alaimos are all lined up

Mark Marriot 27-13 Steelers shut down Rodgers

Dave Kennoy 20-13 Dallas girls beware, Ben’s in town

Deanna Brown 38-21 Stairway to 7

Brad Lehman 27-10 Steel Curtain closes Mr. Rodgers Show

Laura Yadlosky 31-27 Steelers eat cheese

Bill Arnold 42-21 Black and Gold all the way

Jacki Randall 31-24 Steelers Ring in 7

Mayor Goldsworthy 28-24 Seventh Heaven

Jannet Goldsworthy 21-10 No cheese for you

Bernie Bradley 30-27 Go Steelers! Go Ben!

Jim Reino 27-10 Green & Gold Pack it in

Erin Glycenfer 33-27 Packers Pack it in

Dr. Bob Rostock 27-13 Don’t need to pounce to trounce!

Ryan Kennedy 24-21 Randle EL steal the show again!

Perry Roman 21-17 Tomlin gets’er done!

Theresa Zalepa 28-17 Steelers all the way!

Mike Ciali 27-17 Lombardi trophy to the Burg!

Audrey Kurtz 28-24 Black N Gold is awesome!

Becky Musto 23-14 Got to love those commercials!

Ellen Riddle 36-28 My home town!

Ann Smith 28-16 Who’s playing?

Dave Bradley 28-17 Steelers Fondy Cheeseheads

Daniel Sadvary 27-24 Harrison KO’s Rodgers in 3rd

Jerry Mecadon 24-21 And I’ll be at the game

Robert Grabowski 24-20 Too much experience in big games

Ron Yakobitis 24-21 7 x Champs!

Helen Yakobitis 27-21 The best! ...Black-N-Gold

Tim Marriott 31-24 Mr. Rodgers is going down

John LaNunziata 24-17 Pittsburgh and under

Cindy Timinski 21-7 For my cousin Dan Peck

Walt Shumlas 42-19 Because they bought me a jersey

Dave Jackson 24-17 Go Detroit Lions

Fran Granahan 31-10 For my friends

Jenna Gronka 24-21 Lucky #7

Paul Thomas 21-17 Keisel’s beard will win it all

Paul Jancouskas 28-17 The curtain will fall on the Pack

Lance Moscatelli 5-14 I love the Moose

Kevin Platukus 24-14 The hands are getting heavy

Bob Messina 24-21 #7 for #7

Steve Hoover 33-7 Sorry Sandy

Lisa Gillespie 7-3 For Kim, Jamie and Justin

Abby Thornton 24-21 Black and yellow, baby

Leza Thornton 20-17 Steelers send ‘em Packin’

Kevin Thornton 28-24 Dynasty is born

Kim Harper 27-24 Cause Denise said so

Steve Middaugh 27-20 Big Ben did it again

Frank Poder 21-20 The heck with Drew Whyte

Ron Turcotti 24-23 Glad it’s not the Cowboys

Stan Timinski 23-13 Two up on the Cowboys, nice

Greg Hall 34-27 7th title matches Ben’s jersey

Jason Narsavage 28-24 #7 all-time win list

Mollie James 27-14 Christine Aguilera is from Pittsburgh

Paul Ellsworth Jr. 28-17 Toss ‘em like garbage

Amy Ellsworth 32-24 I bought my first Steelers shirt

Amanda Yurek 28-21 Let’s go Big Ben rip the Packers

John Ridgeway 34-27 #7 in 7th year wins 7th

John Cecconi 28-17 7th heaven in 2011

Phil Lonegren 38-17 Forgone conclusion

Denise Barrett 30-17 If I knew, I’d be rich

Judy Mikolaichik 24-14 I like the commericals

Jeanette Colarusso 31-27 I love you Lou

Vince Ciccone 24-21 Wow, smoked wings

Ben Baiamonte 24-14 According to the turtle

Kelly Baiamonte 27-20 According to the elephant

Nick Mozal 31-20 A wise old Owl told me

Moe Mullarkey 27-17 Green Bay burnt by no. 88 Antonio Brown

Joe Donahue Sr. No Colts, no Eagles, at least PA

Joe Donahue Jr. 21-17 I have nothing to say except?

Sue Donahue 24-10 Whatever Joseph Jr. said

Erin Donahue 33-17 I could use the money for college

Elaine Booth 24-21 City of champions, go Pens

Kathy Franceschelli 28-17 It’s not the Eagles, but go PA

Paula Welsh 27-17 Steelers lucky they didn’t have to face Welsh Welker

Adria Alexander 28-21 Steelers don’t lose big games

Donna Paulish 27-24 Hines Ward’s smile doesn’t frown

Frank Cawley 3-2 I hate Green Bay

Megan Schneider 49-34 And the microphone smelled like a beer

Ed Byczek 21-10 And I begrudge them the ten

C. German 27-7 Why is there an “h” at the end of Pittsburgh?

George Audi 17-7 Black, black, black, black

Jim Greer 36-31 What defenses?

Greg Willis 28-21 What you talkin’ about Willis?

Mike Cummings 24-21 The name of the game is Troy … I mean defense

Roger Kuenzei 18-15 A kicker’s game

Paul Venetz 24-19 Luck is the residue of design

Tommy Licurgo 28-24 How about those Tar Heels?

Steve LaCoe 35-21 That’s the score I have in my block pool

Carm Sciandra 21-17 My kid says so and he’s the next Jimmy the Greek

Jason Donahue 31-20 Defense seals it in 4th quarter

Lucinda Mikus 27-17 Black and yellow

Lou Biscotto 41-34 If not Philly, why not Pittsburgh?

Mike LaNunziata Jr. 34-21 Stairway to 7

Mike LaNunziata Sr. 17-10 The Steel Curtain is back

John Parini 23-20 Get lotsa beer

Missy Karpavich 35-21 Gotta love a team with an end named Ziggy

Mark Davis 31-10 What happened to the Cheifs

John Stoss 33-26 Want ’em to have more rings than Cowboys

Tom Wilkins 33-16 We were hoping KC got by Ravens

Frank Shelman 28-6 Steelers get 7

Vanessa Considine 24-17 It’s Steel Curtains for GB

Melaine Murosky 32-26 Randel El makes a play

Bill Germak 31-28 My stadium, Cowboys fan

Tom Bubul 24-10 Biggest Viking fan in West Pittston hates the Pack

Chris O’Brien 24-14 City of Champyinz!

Joe Kopko17-14 Big Ben Does It Again

Jennifer Vacula 31-14 Go Ben!!!

Lorraine Marancik 28-21 Ben win this one for Uncle Moon

Joe Bartoli 27-21 Steelers are the Best

Richard Dushok 35-28 Steelers Rule

Kelly Brzozowski 35-21 Dig that crazy hair

Chris Hizynski 27-20 Steel Wheels

Mike Fanti 27-21 Run the Ball!!!

Mary Ann Oliveri 35-27 Make my Daddy prouder

Jason Moran 27-20 When green meets yellow, you’re a dead fellow

Adam Buckman 35-21 Sack Rodgers

Kody Karazia 28-6 Steelers All the Way

Jonathan Spees 35-14 Primanti’s sandwiches rule

Brandi Evans 21-20 They put, like, fries right on them

Taryn Marancik 28-17 Win it this Year! Cowboys will be back next year.

Madison Evans 21-20 Because mom said so.

Chris Evans 21-20 Have to go with the wife!

Dianne Kalinoski 27-20 Yeah, but Madison is a town in Wisconsin

Joe Glazenski 24-20 Better defense, better coach, better QB

Colleen McAndrew 21-17 Sorry Rodgers, still love you

John McAndrew 24-17 Polamalu and I have the same barber

Sandy Yaninas 24-21 Steelers know how to win

Mark Serino 27-13 After PSU bowl game a PA team needs a win

Vinne O’Hop 24-21 Randel El has the hops

Jason Tribbet 24-23 My wife hates cheese

Sarah Tribbet 27-14 Right, cheese is gross

Jason Miller 24-20 But I love cheese

Jay Lemoncelli 20-17 No comment, comments are for idiots

Sue Philbin 25-22 Love those Steelers

Gene Philbin 38-16 What time are the Giants on?

Donna Giancopolos 14-10 The home team will do it

Laura Brady 35-24 Whatya mean home, it’s in Dallas

Mister DeAngelo 24-14 Watch closely, there will be a quiz

Bob Bartoli 33-13 Is there going to be a spring?

Mike Fereck 19-16 Follow the bouncing ball

Rosebud Sanguedolce 30-7 I’m named after a sled

Cathy Dietrick 32-16 Isn’t the Heinz Ketchup guy from Pittsburgh?

Bill Watson 23-21 The Pack looks like WA and old prejudices are hard to break

Keith Malinowski 27-24 Big Ben to Heath Miller all game

Tom Colburn 6-3 Everybody is going to bring the pain!

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