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Give your back some TLC

Rounded shoulders, slouched back, forward head. This is how most people spend their day sitting at their work desk or computer. Poor posture can cause tension and stress in your neck, shoulders, or back to accumulate. Often we are unaware of our posture – how we are sitting, how much tension we are holding in our shoulders, how tight our necks are – until the pain is unbearable. We wait until we are in pain before we take action to relieve it. Spending day after day with this kind of tension and stress can lead to chronic pain which can not only ruin a productive, feel-good day but eventually lead to more serious medical problems.

While we all know that regular exercise is important for overall health, stretching is an often overlooked component of our routine. For people with back pain, stretching exercises are especially important because they can help reduce pain and may even prevent future episodes of pain or injury.

Greater Pittston YMCA instructor, Judith Lettieri, will be leading a specialty class, “Healthy Back, Healthy Body,” that focuses on stretching and flexibility, primarily of the back. The back is the main support structure of the entire body. Along with your muscles and joints, it allows you to sit, stand, twist, bend, and keep you erect. For a healthy back, it’s important to keep it strong, mobile, and flexible. “Stretching benefits anyone, regardless of age or flexibility,” says Lettieri. “It feels good, it’s easy, and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment to see results!”

So give your back the TLC it deserves! “Healthy Back, Healthy Body” is held on the first and last Sunday of every month from 11:30-12:15am at the Greater Pittston YMCA. The first class will be held February 27. Please contact Kelly McCabe, Fitness Director, at 655-2255 ext 104 with any questions. Lettieri is confident her participants will see improvements in their overall flexibility. “Be nice to your muscles and they will be nice right back!”

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