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Random rantings

Teachers and school administrators – none of whom went to full day kindergarten and somehow grew up without becoming Charlie Manson – now tell us full-day kindergarten is a vital necessity or kids are headed straight to the juvie.

A Scranton administrator whined the proposed budget will eliminate the district’s three-year old and four-year-old preschool programs.

Why don’t we just put a principal in the delivery room to take the babies away from the get-go.

For 150 years we survived without full-day kindergarten and public preschool -- now we can’t live without it?

In states like Wisconsin the government collects union dues from state workers and sends the money to the unions. The unions contribute millions of the dollars to Democratic candidates’ campaigns. Then when these candidates are elected, or reelected, the union sits across the table with the politicians they help elect to discuss salaries, benefits and work rules and they have the nerve to call it bargaining?

Union supporters say polls which say a majority don’t want the government to end collective bargaining prove the public is on their side.

How many citizens would be on the state workers side if the poll asked a question like this:

Do you think your taxes should be raised to provide state workers with such things as 10 paid holidays, retirement at age 50, generous sick days which can be accumulated, and silliness like viagra prescriptions and birthdays as paid days off?

How about the hand wringing and the crying over the end to PA’s adultBasic health insurance program. The adultBasic income guideline for a PA family of three was $36,620. Families of three with an income less than that were eligible for adultBasic at a cost of $36 a month.

Let me tell you about a family of three where both parents work. Each parent makes less that $36,600, but combined the make more. They pay 10 times $36 for health insurance. Repeat: 10 times. And they don’t whine about it and certainly don’t expect someone else to pay for it.

I’ve written this before but it’s worth repeating. Folks calling for an extraction tax on the natural gas industry make it sound as though such a tax would be paid for out of industry profits. If such a law were to pass I can just see such folks pumping their fists and saying, yeah we stuck it to the evil gas company.

Unless these folks dry their clothes on a backyard line, heat their homes with wood and somehow make their own electricity, they are deluding themselves.

In the end who would pay such a tax? Who in the end pays virtually all taxes? The gas companies will simply pass the cost of the tax on to the consumer. If the gas is sold to a utility to generate electricity then the utility will pass the cost added by the tax on to the consumers.

How we ever got to where we cast coal, oil and gas companies as our enemy is beyond my comprehension. The energy companies are the greatest friend this county ever had. Cheap energy fueled the greatest economy the world has ever known. Cheap energy brought the highest standard of living to the most people here in the US than anywhere in the world.

So what do we do? Everything we can to increase the cost of energy. From drilling moratoriums offshore and in Alaska to holding up pipelines from the Canadian oil sands to demanding onerous regulations and taxes on fossil fuels to subsidizing inefficient, pie in the sky green energy solutions which solve nothing and add to the deficit.

And who does rising energy costs hurt the most? The poor, the very people the liberal fossil-fuel haters purport to care about.

Are you sick of hearing about the “less fortunate” whose lives are going to be destroyed by government budget cuts? If you have a job that gives you enough income that you don’t need the government to pay your rent, pay your doctor’s bills, feed you, keep you warm, etc. then you are nothing but fortunate.

That’s right, if you work it has nothing to do with your having a work ethic. It has nothing to do with pride or dignity. It has nothing to do with the choices you made that led you be employable. No, you’re just lucky, that’s all.

I read recently where one-third of our citizens are beholden to the government for their income. Some 40 million of us are on food stamps.

The government has spent $16 trillion on anti-poverty programs since LBJ’s Great Society. We had a war on poverty and poverty won. The $16 trillion exacerbated the very thing it was supposed to fix: poverty.

All we did was create a huge dependency of millions of people who have come to believe they are entitled to other people’s money. It’s disgraceful.

If that $16 trillion were left where it was, that is in the private sector, instead of taken under force of law it would have done far more to eradicate poverty than pouring it in to a myriad of inefficient bureaucracies.

How about the latest news about the Mohegan Sun Casino? You know that place Ed Rendell said would be a warm and fuzzy funhouse where nobody ever got hurt and would help our senior citizens.

A woman allegedly stole $107,000 and lost most, or all of it, at the casino. Who did she steal it from? Her aunt, a senior citizen.

Don’t worry auntie a $500 rebate on your property taxes is on the way.

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