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SWB Yanks have ‘Major’ experience

Anyone who is interested in Minor League baseball is generally only interested because they support the Major League club that that team is affiliated with.

Well, with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees, you get a nice taste of some major league talent.

Throughout the year, if you took a trip to PNC field you would have seen some veteran names you might recognize from the past.

The Yankees have had former Major League stars such as Carlos Silva, Mark Prior, and Kevin Millwood right here in our backyard.

Although Millwood and Silva are no longer a part of the Yankee organization, there are still some notable faces on the team. These players, though, are not there because they are “washed up.”

Most of our area being that we live in Pennsylvania, support the Phillies, which means that they will recognize the name JC Romero.

Romero is a left-handed reliever who has had a very successful career. He’s spent time with the Twins, Phillies, Red Sox, Angels and now the Yankees. Romero was with the Phillies as recently as May and after he was released, he signed with the Nationals.

Due to a clause in his contract, Romero became a free agent and, as of Wednesday, is now a Yankee.

Romero is exactly what the Yankees are looking for but his contribution at the big league level won’t come easy. The Yankees are going to make him prove himself at the Triple-A level before being promoted.

That means that for a nice amount of time we get to see a good Major League pitcher here in Scranton. There’s no doubt in my mind that Romero will be in pinstripes before the rosters expand in September. The Yankees need his left arm. That being said, make sure you see him live before you start seeing him help the Yankees win championship number 28.

The biggest reason why you should be flooding the stadium in Scranton, though, is right-hander Ivan Nova.

Nova has been with the New York club for a year and he has done a very nice job picking up the team in its need for starting pitching. He was having a wonderful rookie season before he was sent down and he has made a good name for himself in the big leagues.

You might ask then, if he was so good then why did he get sent down?

Well that is because of the wonderful setup we call the 25-man roster. With Sabathia, Burnett, Garcia, and Colon having good seasons, Nova became the odd man out when former 18-game winner Phil Hughes recovered from his injury. So to keep him fresh, the Yankees sent him down.

Nova is a great talent that is already proven at the Major League level. Teams would kill for that. He has a bright future and the minute the Yankees need a start it will be Nova to the rescue.

Not only should you go see Nova pitch now because he can be a contributor in New York later this season, but you should see Nova now because for years to come you’ll be watching him prosper into one of the better pitchers in the Major Leagues.

Tommy Romanelli is a WA Grad and a sophomore at LCCC. He writes for pinstripesplus.com. His thoughts on the SWB Yankees will appear in the Dispatch throughout the season.

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