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Get off the bridge

The Water Street Bridge is 80 years old, but it is only in the last two years since Republicans won a majority in the United States Congress that it has become structurally deficient.

Isn’t that odd?

Luzerne County has been in the top three to five, and sometimes number one, among Pennsylvania’s 67 counties in unemployment rates since the 1950s, yet it is only in the past two years since a Republican, Lou Barletta, defeated Democrat Paul Kanjorski for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional seat that Luzerne County needs jobs.

That’s odd, too, isn’t it?

Those statements are crazy on their face, but these are the types of things the NEPA Needs Jobs Coalition would have us believe.

The coalition staged a rally at the Water Street Firefighters Memorial Bridge on Thursday to declare, as they said in a press release, an “Economic Emergency for the 99%.”

Sounds to me like they are aligning themselves with the Occupy Wall Street gang. And that’s perfect. Somebody better hose down the bridge.

The press release also said “the Republicans continue to propose job-killing cuts that will further devastate our economy.”

Yeah, right. That’s what Republicans want. They want to kill jobs, yeah, man. They want to devastate our economy. Yeah, devastate it. Whoopee.

The Coalition says the Republicans stopped President Obama’s jobs plan. No, they stopped Obama’s plan to spend billions more paying off the union cronies that helped get him elected, just like he did in his first $1 trillion spending binge that was going to keep unemployment below eight percent.

Why don’t they go hold a sign in his face?

This NEPA Needs Jobs Coalition is the same crowd that “occupied” Barletta’s office a while back carrying signs like “Where’s the jobs, Lou.”

Well, NEPA Needs Jobs Coalition, where were you for the 20 years that Kanjorski was in office and NEPA was No. 1 in unemployment? Huh, where were you? I don’t remember any of you sticking “Where’s the Jobs” signs in Kanjorski’s face.

But, of course they wouldn’t, because Kanjorski is a Democrat. And that’s what this NEPA Needs Jobs Coalition is really all about. It’s about attacking Republicans and glorifying Democrats because Democrats want to take money from the mean old rich people and spread it around to the downtrodden poor people who the rich people walked all over to get rich in the first place, while the Republicans want to cut, cut, cut, because they hate poor people, old people and sick people.

I had to laugh when I saw the Coalition people holding “Fix Our Bridges” signs when half of them would run like vampires from a cross if you showed them a shovel.

The coalition’s press release said, “This bridge is a powerful symbol of our leaders’ failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer.”

What they really mean is help the 11 percent. That’s the percentage of workers unionized in this country and if the bridge did get fixed and the Coalition had its way no non-union contractors would be get anywhere near it. In other words: the heck with the 88 percent.

In fact the Republicans have a long-range plan for infrastructure repair the way it’s supposed to be done by using the 18 percent taxes on gas that go into the Highway Trust Fund.

But we never hear about that, do we?


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