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Scientifically superior probiotics


Experience four powerful benefits in a single capsule: DIgestive, Immune, Vaginal health and Urinary health support


From everyday balance to targeted care, discover how the right probiotic can help you thrive.

Baby & Kids

Wellness starts on day one. Learn how and why to add a probiotic to your child’s routine.


Which probiotic is right for my body?

Different women need different things. We have made it easy to understand the options and find whats made for you.

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Clinically backed probiotic strains to propel you forward.

With over 25 years of testing, our probiotics are proven to be effective in balancing the unique microbiomes of women, helping target and manage a variety of issues from occasional constipation to vaginal pH support.


What do the numbers mean?

Higher cultures (CFUs) and more strains give you more chances to improve your microbiome. We specialize in products featuring Women’s Care multiple strains with higher 25 Billion CFUs that are guaranteed, through the expiration date, offering a difference you $39.99 can truly feel.

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Baby & Kids

Do my kids really need probiotics?

It’s never too early to start. Probiotics are a gentle, natural first step to promote their digestive balance.

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